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1. Introduction
2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
11. Secrets
12. Contact Info
13. Credits

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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (4)

7.9 * Swept Away By The Currents *
Terrain Type : Seashore
Medabots : Dragonfly, Noctobat, Flatstick, Kappalord, Octoclam, Sharkkan, Firflash, Pingen

A medabot will then come and ask you if you enjoy swimming. After that, you will fall unconcious. When you wake up, you will find yourself in an old lady's house. She ask for your help to retrieve back a stolen letter. You will then automatically exit the house. They are new medabots here. So, don't forget to collect medaparts for your medabots.

Go one screen up and keep going up till you see a fork leading down. Head down the fork. Talk to the medabot there for a medapart (HEAVYWEIGHTER). Now, go far up. Talk to the medabot between a cliff and a tree, and prepare for a robattle. It is easy and same as those random medabot encounter.

After that, go right and cross the bridge. Then, walk all the way down and exit to another screen. You will budge into a conversation. After that, you will Robattle with the guy who made you fall into the river.

Robattle #9
Medatrainer: Rubberobo
Head HP : 45
Comments : His medabots attacks could be a headache. Besides if you are playing the Metabee version, you will find out that you will keep missing your target. Use aim shot to him 'em hard!!! Rokusho users follow the same.

Now, more of the Rubberobos will come and surround you. Then, the Phantom will come and save you from trouble. The Rubberobo gang will then run away. After that, the Phantom's medabot will come and pick him up and fly away. Talk to the medabot in front of you before picking up the letter which look like a file on the right. Now, talk to the medabot again to get a free ride back to the old lady's area. Walk left and return the letter to the medabot. Then, enter the house and talk to Grandma for a prize!!!

You will receive a new Tinpet as your prize. Note that you could only take one of the two prizes. The left one is a skeleton of a male medabot while the right box is a skeleton of a female medabot. Choose wisely on which you want as it will determine the easiness of the next areas you going to visit after this. I chose a male Tinpet as I have many medaparts for the male Tinpet. You will also receive money. Take note also that she will present you with BRASS medaparts if you pick the female skeleton medabot, and some money!!!

Exit the house and talk to the flying medabot. It will bring you back on track again.

7.10 * Back On Track *
Terrain Type : Rock
Medabots : Floro, Kintaro*, Dr. Bokchoy, Octoclam, Sharkkan, Poison Copy, Churlybear, Oceana, Dragonfly, Noctobat

Go up and talk to Karin. Prepare for a Robattle.

Robattle #10
Medatrainer: Karin
Head HP : 45
Comments : Her medabots ain't powerful. Just keep shooting/hitting them and they will lose. Her medabots have healing and defensive ability though.

She will give you a medapart RIGHT ARMOR if you win.

NOTE : Hopefully you didn't sell any medaparts as the part ahead needs certain medaparts to carry on or you might need to restart your game. I will be listing them below so just make sure you have them

1. BATTLE RIFLE (left arm medapart)
2. PSYCHO MISSILE (head medapart)
3. HEAVYWEIGHTER (right arm medapart)

If you do not have anyone of them than please collect the through random Robattles.

Now, go left and read the sign board. A medabot will turn up from the river and give you a ride to a cave just below the guarded house

7.11 * In The Heart Of Odoro Marsh *
Terrain Type : Rock
Medabots : Poison Copy, Spidar*, Kintaro*, Dr. Bokchoy, Dragonfly, Noctobat, Magdosnake, Gorem, Haniwa

Head far up and you will see a treasure box. Open it and you will get a medapart BATTLE RIFLE. Now go down a little and then go right. You see Sloan blocking you from going further ahead to the right. Talk to him and prepare for a Robattle.

Robattle #11
Medatrainer: Sloan
Head HP : 55
Comments : He is harder to beat now. So be careful and plan your move carefully. He is still slow and speed is his medabot's disadvantage.

Keep walking right and you will feel a earthquake (Sloan must have push the rock to stop you). Go up (whichever lane you take ends up at the same place). Turn right and then down until you see a rock blocking your path. You need to use certain medaparts to break this rock. For now you need to use CYANDOG's BATTLE RIFLE to break the rock. Just equip it on any of your medabot and "search" the rock. You will automatically call your medabot out to break the rock.

Head down and you will see another rock. Use PSYCHO MISSILE to break the rock. Head down and follow the wall down-right. You will come to another boulder blocking your path. This time use HEAVYWEIGHTER to break the boulder.

Go around the walls and down the stairs which you can already see. Now, head up and then northwest. You will meet Sloan again. Talk to him and prepare for a Robattle.

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