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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

5. Battle Tactics

In any Robattles, you may need to pay attention to different things to gain easy victory. This section shall brief you with the major things you may need to consider in each Robattle.

+ Team Building +
This section tells you on what team to use when Robattling. As you could only use three medabots per battle, you will need to choose your team of medabots wisely. It is not a must to use this same team of medabots to Robattle as each Robattle can be different from the others.

* Recommended Teams *

1) Mixture Type - This type of team is a mixture of both defensive and offensive medabot. This one is my favourite. Equip any medabots with defensive (armor) medaparts to protect the weaker medabots from being destroyed. Medabots in this team are also equipped with short range weopens to increase their offensive.

2) All rounder Type - This team features a female medabot equipped with healing medaparts and armor. The other two medabots will be equipped with short range attacks. This is one of the best to use as you could heal and attack at the same time. Not to mention your healer gets to protect herself when being attacked.

3) Healer Type - This team is build almost same as the allrounder type, except that the healer is equipped only with healing medaparts (without any defenive medaparts). Though this is a great team, but the healer will be easily destroyed as healers HP are small.

* Not Recommended Teams *

1) All Defense - This team consists of medabots equip with only defensive medaparts. Since they can't attck they will be ended up getting swipe by the enemy.

2) All Healer - This team only consists of medabots with healing medaparts. Though good in recovering, this team will be easy for the enemy to destroy.

3) Hardcore shooters - This team is almost same as the beserker type team except that they are equipped with
only shooting medaparts. This team will be slow on agility and might have a low success rate (except for Metabee of course)

4) Beserker Type - This type of team consists of three male medabots equipped with short range techs (beserk, etc, etc). While this team is really offensive, but it lacks of healing and defensive techs. Besides, it might have a low success rate for certain types of medabots.

+ Attack Type +
This section shall discuss about the different attacking types in this game. Each attacking type has its pros and cons.

* Grapple Attack *
Short Range attacks will only attack the nearest enemy to it. It does not let you choose or aim any enemy you want. Short Range attcks are

STRIKE - Deals quite a big damage to enemies. Does not create CHAIN REACTION though.
BERSERK - The best short range attack. Deals an amount of damage. Has a high possibility to miss though.
Effect - This attack is not recommended as it damages enemy and either paralyzes, burn, freeze, or slow down speed of your medabot. It does not deal a lot of damage and isn't really usefull unless you want to paralyze them.

* Shoot *
Long range attacks has a high chance to miss. However, these attacks let you choose which medabot you would want to attack. The attacks are

SHOOT - Not the best as it couldn't deal a lot of damage to enemies, but it is not bad either. Doesn't create CHAIN REACTION.
AIM SHOT- Powerful and could deal a lot of damage. This attack is the most offensive for all of shoot attacks.
PRESS - Has a high success rate to hit but they are quite weak
LASER - Has the highest damage but their success rate are low.

* Heal *
Healing attacks are

Heal - Heals HP of your medabot only
Angel - Repairs your destroyed medapart and heals at the same time

* Defend *
The defense attack are

ARMOR - Protects other medabots from being attacked, but the damage inflicted shall minus your defending medabot HP
DEFENSE - Defend other medabots in your team and render any weak attacks useless
REFLECT - Reflects any attack back to the attacking enemies.
FORMATION- Set a trap for a certain attack (grapple/shoot). A good defensive but yet offensive style.

* Support *
TIME - Speeds up certain types of medabots
SCOUT - Raises allies chance of hitting

* Interrupt *
Cancel - Renders a certain attack (bomb,etc) useless

+ Robattle Fields +
Medabots are affected by the different terrain you Robattle in. To get the most optimised speed in a terrain you might have to change your leg medaparts to get the most speed out of it. This is especially important when you (are force to) join the Medaroad Race. Here is the list of terrain and its best leg medaparts to use in. The leg medapart terrain mode can be seen at the side of a medabot when Robattling (the coloured box at the side a medabot in Robattle).

Terrain : Plain
Leg part: Red (Two-Legged medaparts), Light blue (Medaparts with wings)

Terrain : Woods
Leg part: Red (Two legged medaparts)

Terrain : Rock
Leg part: Yellow (Many-Legged medaparts)

Terrain : Seashore
Leg part: Dark blue (Medaparts with flippers)

Terrain : Wilderness
Leg part: Light blue (Medaparts with wings)

Terrain : Street/Inside
Leg part: Pink (Medaparts with wheels)

Terrain : Desert
Leg part: Light blue (Medaparts with wings)

Terrain : Valley
Leg part: Yellow (Many-legged medaparts)

Terrain : Saibar
Leg part: Almost any legs will be great on this terrain. It depends on your attack too.

Terrain : Water
Leg part: Dark blue (Medaparts with flippers)

TIPS : An all-rounder leg medapart is the green one (floating medaparts). Although its speed won't be as great as the listed above.

Leveling Up Skills
Here is the tricky part. Each medal has a different set of skills. Of course to get the best out of a medal, use medaparts which has the same skills as the highest skill value in your medal. You could check your medal skills at the medals menu and selecting a medal. The skills page will look like this:

---------- -----------
---------- -----------
---------- -----------
---------- -----------

Note that you might see small boxes below them. The boxes indicate the amount of usage of your skills and how close it is to level up. The numbers at the side indicate the level of a skill.

By using a skill (eg. SHOOT) more often, you will level it up more quickly.

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