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1. Introduction
2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
11. Secrets
12. Contact Info
13. Credits

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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (14)

Robattle #46
Medatrainer: Rubberobo Gang
Head HP : 35
Comments : He is quicker this time on this terrain. But, he can be stop by setting a grapple trap first and have the others attacking.

Talk to Seaslug and he will have you as the sub-leader of Rubberobo. Another Rubberobo will be ordered to challenge you. Smack his medabots hard. They will give you the title but found out that you ARE Ikki, not a Rubberobo. Seaslug will Robattle you.

Robattle #47
Medatrainer: Seaslug
Head HP : 45
Comments : Seaslug's medabots are now faster than the previous battle. again set a grapple trap and have all your medabot attacking.

You will be captured, but a Rubberobo will come to tell that their hideout has been busted by Select. Search the front of the weird statue to reveal a hidden passage. Ikki will enter it anyway. Follow the passage while Robattling any ANTACKERs blocking your way. Talking to the children here will let you know that the ANTACKERS feed and play with them. Of course the kids actually serves as food for the Queen.

Keep robattling any ANTACKERS which block your way and keep following the path. Then, enter the door to find out that the "Queen" is actually another of those Rubberobos. After Robattling the ANTACKERS for the last time, open all the chest for some money and a new female tinpet!!!

Now, equip a SCORPION DOG head medapart to melt the statue. If you don't have it, just head back to where the kids were and buy one from the convenient store there. Beware that it is gonna cost you. You will reveal a door and a Rubberobo after melting the statue. The ANTACKERs will realize that they were manipulated by the Rubberobos all this time. Enter the door ahead twice.

7.25 * The Ancient Ruins *
Head up the stairs and search the hole. Dr. Armond will come to tell you his plans of searching the Ancient Ruins for the Fuyin Stone. He will have Ikki to search for it seeing that Ikki would want to know the secret of Medabots hidden in the Ancient Ruins. He will also have the Rubberobos whom he sponsored to race with you (nevermind they won't find anything). Exit down and right.

Just follow the straight forward path nabbing a BLASTO on the way. Use it to blast the rock blocking your path. Keep following the path while the Rubberobos chase you. Nab the ARMA-HEAD on the way and use it to remove the rock ahead. Keep following the path and step on the star tile to be begin a Robattle with those Rubberobos.

After the Robattle, the earth will begin to shake and you will be warped to the a new world.

7.26 * Into a New World *
Terrain Type : Seashore, Water
Medabots : Pingen, Kappalord, Flatstick, Fireflash, Sharkkan, Kuraba, Moai, Papyrak, Ambiguous, Oceana, Redlace

Search the door below and you will change into your best warrior costume. Head around the star tile and search the medabot above. Then head to the star tile and the Gillgirl with some Rubberobos will be warped to this area too *sigh*. More trouble for Ikki. They will touch the medabot while Ikki tries to stop them. Again, you will be warped into a new place, Kodine Kingdom. Seems that you have to play the Great Hero for the people of Kodine Kingdom.

Exit up and head to the middle of the room. The old man will call you and then walk away. Now, eat the food on the table. The scene will move to Gillgirl and Co. whom were thrown into the sea.

Exit the Kodine Temple for good. Head down to be brief about the Blue Hawaii. Attempt to exit left and you will see a Rubberobo bribing the villagers for candy. Yes, they are the ones behind the Blue Hawaii. Robattle with his FLATSTICK. Once he lose, take the Rubberobo to the prison (located at the right of the temple. Lock him up and exit the prison.

Okay, time to get permission from the Princess. Exit right. walk to the right and nab the female tinpet before talking to the Princess. Prepare for a Robattle.

Robattle #48
Medatrainer: Margarita
Head HP : 25
Comments : Be sure to equip and legs with flippers to your medabots. Her chaos effect could be annoying. It will make your medabots confuse and begin to attack just anyone including themselves. If you have any strategy for this please tell me.

After the Robattle, she will kindly give you a flower necklace with a GHOST medal. Ikki will tell her about the Rubberobos and here a comes a Rubberobo. Well, attack him of course. After he loses the Robattle talk to Margarita to explain about the Rubberobos. Then send him into the prison.

Head back to the temple and talk to Margarita. She will explain to you about the Fiyun Stone and the origin of medabots. Follow her to the door to talk with the chancellor. Enter and take a seat opposite him. He will tell you that the Blue Hawaii was actually the Princess medabot and not Rubberobos. Looks like Ikki have mistaken all the time. Enter the room above only to find the princess missing. Talk to the Chamberlain once again. Exit down twice. Now, search the medabot to find Maragrita, Princess of Kodine Kingdom.

Exit Kodine Temple and head down. Ikki will be approached by the Oracle. Now exit left and talk to Margarita. She will be angry that Ikki will be going back after he finishes his duty. Follow her when she runs away. At the junction, head left and follow the path. Robattle any Rubberobos who try to stop you. Keep following the path until you meet two Rubberobos surrounding Margarita. Talk to them and Robattle them.

Backtrack to the junction and head up instead. Follow the path at the right once you reach an island. Robattle any Rubberobos who try to stop you. Keep following the path and exit up. You will see more Rubberobos in the next screen. You will see a Rubberobo suck into a fish mouth. Agree to dive in to save him.

Ironically, the fish will turn into an island. It is just an illusion created by Cafe Ole, Margarita's medabot. Head up and battle with him.

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