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2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
11. Secrets
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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (18)

Robattle #59
Medatrainer: Shrimplips
Head HP : 30
Comments : Speed aren't his medabots advantage. Use any leg medapart with flippers and he will lose.

Open all the chests to receive money, a male tinpet and a medapart. Head down to meet with Seaslug. The Phantom will come and give him a push into the soda water. Then a Robattle will begin.

Robattle #60
Medatrainer: Seaslug
Head HP : 45
Comments : Not too great in agility so any legs with flippers and you will be fine. Careful of his attacks as they could do FLOW damage.

You will receive some medaparts and a SWITCH. Transform your medabot to swim in the soda water below. Swim around to pick up rusted parts, a NINJA medal and Erika's medal. Head back up and talk to Erika. Then head up till you hit the box. Walk to the right till you hit the wall. Face up and press A. You will open switch on the conveyor belts. Head up to the uppest chain escalator and walk into it.

Terrain Type : Saibar

You will be in a labotary. Talk to the scientist opposite the machine with a tube. He will give you medapart SINGER. Head down and talk to the Phantom Lady. The Phantom Renegade will come into the scene and trigger more conversation. There will be an earthquake and Dr Meta-Evil runs to tend his secret-most-powerfull medabot. Phantom Renegade will follow along to stop him.

Before you move any way equip your medabots with with the best medaparts you have and SAVE your game. This will probably be the hardest fight ever in this game. Have a defender or healer in your team. You are gonna need one.

After that, head up and you will see Robo-Emperor emerged. Luckily, Phantom Renegade shall take care of them. But the modified version of Robo-Emperor will blast the Phantom away, revealing his secret identity and Kirara's too. Henry will tell Ikki that if the Limiter is removed, the medabots will go insane. Then, you will see Robo-Emperor blasting Dr Meta-Evil.

It will corner you and replicate. Looks like you have to Robattle your way out and it is not going to be easy.

Robattle Finale 1
Medatrainer: Mega-Emperor
HP : 70
Comments : They start with full medaforce tank ready to blast you anytime. Their medaforce also are a real pain in the ass. You wouldn't have time to charge for medaforce so keep attacking and have a medabot to defend.

The battle is not over yet. It will Robattle you another time.

Robattle Finale 2
Medatrainer: Mega-Emperor
HP : 70
Comments : Just use the same strategy as before. However, they will be more detructive than before.

Dr Meta-Evil will be disappointed of his failed experiments. Head up and talk to Kirara or Phantom Lady. She will ask you to run as Dr Armond has release the self destruct mechanism.

Head up and search the tubes for another lunatic Robattle. Please SAVE before this because this IS the hardest Robattle in the game.

Robattle Finale 3
Medatrainer: Babbyblu
HP : 60
Comments : This battle will be almost the same as the battle before. So use the same strategy as before. Note that their medaforce could suck your HP and regenerate their HP. Use medaforce if your medaparts are destroyed. Don't forget to put a healer in your team. Basically, BABBYBLU does not attack much but MEGA-EMPEROR will not show you any mercy.

You will receive a full set of his medaparts once you win. Now, exit left using the lowest escalator. Backtrack to Sammantha and talk to her to tell her that this place is going to blow up. Head up the stairs above. Go around this room and talk to the Select troops. You will exit from the Rubberobos hideout. Exit the castle completely.

You will have a cutscene of firecrackers blowing up instead of REAL bombs. After some conversation with Erika, Karin and Dr. Aki, attempt to exit down and you will see the credits roll. There is a cool music too.


Of course there is an after ending quest which is covered in the next section of the walkthrough.

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