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1. Introduction
2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
11. Secrets
12. Contact Info
13. Credits

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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (2)

Robattle #3
Medatrainer: Sammantha
Head HP : 30
Comments : Be careful of this one too. She may be east to beat, but she IS a little tough. She could paralyze you with her attacks too.

Tough! Three Robattles in one time. This time they will get really heat up and attack you together, but your medabot just made a clean kill in just one attack. Check out the animated scene.

Now you could enter the school. Be sure to train your medabot too. Level it up to level 5 and above. I do recommend level 10, though. This way you could evolve your medal and gain access to your very first Medaforce. Don't forget to talk to everyone. Some will even Robattle with you.

When you are ready, go upstairs and go to the right bottom most classroom. Enter and talk to Erika. Then, exit the school.

7.4 * Outdoor Hunt *
Outside, you will be greeted by a girl named Karin and your dog, Salty. Eventually they will go away and you are free to explore around. The shop you went before is a nice place to stop by. Though, not much medaparts are sold there, but this is a good place to sell parts and gain some money since this game doesn't let you gain money through each battle. However, I advice you to not to sell anything yet as the next journey requires a few medaparts to continue on.

Nothing much you can still do. So, go to the most northeast building which is a factory/warehouse. Try entering it and Erika will come and call you back to school again. Sigh, more troubles. Go back to the school again.

7.5 * Trouble In School Again *
Terrain Type : Woods, Plain
Medabots : Churlybear, Kintaro*, Cyandog*

As you enter the school, you will watch a robattle against a boy named Koji with Sloan, Spyke and Sammantha. Koji will win this battle and he will go into the school's building. You may enter the school's building, but watch out, Koji will be upstairs and he is tough, believe me.

Make sure you are really prepared for this. Training to level 10 or above is highly recommended.

When you are ready, go upstairs and then down. You will be approached by Koji and a Robattle will begin. This Robattle is different with each Medarot version.

Robattle #4
Medatrainer: Koji
Head HP : 50
Comments : This guy is a real pain. His slashes could inflict a lot (Metabee) of damage. Never mind if you lose. Just reset the game, load your save and try again till you win. Careful of his medabot's speed too.
Comments : His speed is fast, but not as fast as you. Take (Rokusho) advantage of that. Be careful of his shooting attacks. It could inflict a lot of damage sometimes. Still, he won't be a problem for your medabot. Not to forget, his head medapart is equipped with healing ability.

7.6 * Outdoor Hunt 2 *
Once the battle is over, there will be more conversations. Then, exit the school again. You may want to do a little training in the school but I doubt it. Level 10 is fine already for this one. Remember to do a little shopping if needed to.

Go to Erika's house (located just above your own house) and talk to Erika. Beacause you wanted to catch the harrassing medabot, you will change into girl's clothes. Follow her as she exits her house. A medabot will approach Erika and she will chase after it.

When you get control of Ikki, go northwest and talk to Erika again. Then enter the factory/warehouse beside her. Go up and you will overheard a conversation. Karen will come into the scene, and you will Robattle with the Rubberrobo.

Robattle #5
Medatrainer: Rubberobo
Head HP : 35
Comments : Pummel with everything you got. He is real easy.

After the battle and conversation, search the box at the northwest. There is a medal waiting to be owned by you. You will receive a tortoise medal in Metabee version or a snake medal in the Rokusho version.

Return to Erika's house and talk to her. That's get rid of the clothes. Now, we are back to normal.

Be sure to train your new medal if you want to use it. I didn't use it though since you are going to get a new medal which will be better than it.

Do any shopping when needed to.

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