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v1. Introduction
2. History
3. Disclaimer
4. Controls
5. Battle Tactics
6. Tips And Hints
7. Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
8. After Ending Quest
9. Elemental Series
10. Vehicle
11. Secrets
12. Contact Info
13. Credits

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Medabots RPG GBA FAQ/Walkthrough

By Sichiro_X

7. Walkthrough (9)

Robattle #27
Medatrainer: Ryo (again?!!)
Head HP : 60
Comments : His medabots has really cool slashing techniques. Use ATTACK-TYRANO hand medaparts with SPIDAR medaparts and he will be down.

You will Robattle Ryo again in the arena, which will be the same as the previous Robattle.

Robattle #28
Medatrainer: Koji
Head HP : 50
Comments : Won't be too hard to beat if you use the same strategy as before.

After this you will receive prizes. Woohoo! All that hard work really pays off. You will get the whole set of SPIRALLE medaparts. Oh yeah, you will also receive a new medal (KNIGHT in Rokusho). Please save as the Robattle ahead might be hard and I don't think you want to go through those mad Robattles again. Exit the locker room and talk to Dr. Armond in front of the counter. Then prepare for a Robattle.

Robattle #29
Type : BAYONET*** (Superb medaparts)
Medatrainer: Dr. Armond
Head HP : 45
Comments : I must admit, his medabots are really cool. I mean it. He has modified versions of Rokusho and Metabee which are really destructive and have a longer HP than Metabee or Rokusho. I still don't have a good strategy, but you could try using SPIDAR to set a trap for his beserkers and focus in taking off the leader. If you have a better strategy than this, please e-mail me.

He will ask you whether you wanted to be his assistant or not. It does not really matter which one you answer. He won't want to accept you anyway.

Exit the arena to meet with Erika. After a little bit of conversation she will follow you. Exit right and keep walking down. Then enter the left opening. Enter the Meda Coaster building.

Head up and you will have a fun roller coster ride. Now, exit the building and then head left to talk to the boy. Head up and search the middle bush. A Rubberobo henchman will come out of it. He will run away again.

Exit right. Head to the middle of the park (the fountain is the middle of the park) and then head up. Exit up. You will see Karin and other people heading into the castle. Erika will give you 3.00 pound and ask you to buy some drinks before entering the castle. Exit down and head right till you see a counter lady standing in front of a small booth.

Talk to the counter lady. You will pay her 3.00 pounds whichever you buy. I'm not sure whether it will affect the game in anyway, but I bought orange juice. There are lemon packs and oil for sale too.

Backtrack to Erika and talk to her to give her the drinks or if you bought others she ask you to keep it ????? Anyway, you will enter the Witch's Castle with Erika.

7.16 * Witch's Castle *
Terrain Type : Valley (1F/2F Milky Way, 2F Moonlight Chamber), Desert (2F Sunlight Chamber)
Medabots : Phoenix*, Paradiver, Dragonfly, Komandog, Magiclown, Snailoader, Flatstick, Orkamar, Kappalord, Face Lantern, Floro, Gloomeg

NOTE : The Terrain Type listed above does not apply to Medaroad Race later in this castle.

You will enter a lift and enter a new room. Welcome to the Witch's Castle. Do please refer to the Battle Tactics as you need to know what type of legs shall fit for each terrain. There will be a lot of race and leg types which will affect your speed when racing.

Go down and talk to Erika. She will then walk above and disappear. Here's some briefing before you try to do something else. The star tiles on the floor shall teleport you into different parts of the room.

To get out of this mess, just take the left most star you can get to. Now take the down most star tile you can get to. Then, take the left star tile and wholla you are out of here. Now, just head up and enter the door. You shall meet back Erika. Go around to the right and try to get pass him. He will stop you and ask you if you wanted to race him. Say yes to his question.

The terrain will vary (change) each time you enter the Medaroad Race. If you win it will let you pass through. Please look at the Terrain Mode in the Battle Tactics section in this walkthrough to get tips on how to win. Tap A as fast as you could in the race. After that, exit right. Again try to go around the medabot. It will ask you for another Medaroad Race.

The medabot will then let you pass through. Head right and then down. Talk to the girl and answer No for a Robattle. Exit down. Now follow the path back to the lift and talk to the witch. You will enter the lift. In the lift, there will be a blackout and some voice from the Dark Master. Time to swipe the Rubberobo army(?) for good although this is just an act *hint*. You will receive a cool looking warrior suit after you exit the elevator.

Head down and talk to the Rubberobo henchman. Then, Robattle him. As usual he will run away after losing the battle. Follow him and talk to Robattle him. Follow him again as he runs away, and again Robattle him.

Then, follow the witch into the next room. Now, head up and Robattle the Rubberobo henchman. Go around to the right and prepare for another Robattle with the Rubberobo henchman. Then go down and talk to yet another Rubberobo henchman. This time you are gonna race with him. After the race, follow the witch to another room and talk to another Rubberobo henchman for a Robattle. You will exit into the Moonlight Chamber.

Head up to the Rubberobo henchman who will be blocking your path. Robattle him and show no mercy. Then, follow the path to Robattle the same Rubberobo guy. Now head into the elevator. You will go to 1F. Ahain, follow the Milky Way path at your left and enter the door at the end.

Head up and the witch will talk to the Dark Master. Dark Master will then Robattle you.

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