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I - Introduction
II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
C - Thanks
D - No Thanks

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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (3)

The Forest Houses

"Hey, some actual signs of intelligent life (even moreso than Gokuu, too!). You start out roughly in the center of the far-right section of this map, next to a path leading South and some stairs leading North. Take the Stairs, killing the Wolf as you go, and enter the House at the top of the screen. Inside you'll find an old man whom informs you that he can help you, but you must first 'calm the forest' before he can aid you. Well, let's start helping people!

"Travel down, along the path this time, and you will pass a large house with a boy next to it. Cory (that's the kid's name) is wondering where his friend Sue is. Upon entering the building, you discover that Sue's parents are worried about where she is as well. Great, Gokuu's going to embark on another one of his quests...

***** Quest #2: Saved Lost Girl *****
Reward(s): 500 Experience
Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened

"Follow the brown path all the way to the Left side of the map, past another house, where the path will shift directions and head up to a set of Stairs (don't bother with the stairs that are blocked by weeds). Walk up this path and you will find Yamcha and Puar; as with TenShinHan and Chao-Tzu, talk to them to receive 500 Experience each. You'll also notice a Pterodactyl flying along, and it may attack you. Hey, 300 experience is nice enough, provided you don't get yourself killed, so you might as well take it out too. Continue along the path as it winds back to the Right, ultimately turning Up and opening onto a Grassy level with a pond. Take out the wolves that are up here and turn Left, where you will see Sue standing next to a box (blow up the box to reveal a Green Flight Charge). Talk to Sue, then return her by talking to her father. You can talk to Cory, too, and he'll be a little unhappy that Gokuu helped her out. Gee, thanks for the gratitude, kid.

*** Quest #2 Completed ***

"By talking to Cory again, he'll grumble about wanting to get Sue something. Gokuu asks what, and he suggests flowers. Hey Gokuu, didn't you see a grove of flowers near where Sue was (in the Upper-Left area, next to Yamcha and Puar)? Yeah you did!

***** Quest #5: Flowers for Sue *****
Reward(s): 400 Experience
Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened

"Simply head back to where you found Sue, but this time take the path beneath where she was standing. Blow up the rocks and weeds that are in the way, and take out that annoying Pterodactyl again, then continue on to the dead end. Gokuu will comment on how he can fly to the grove on the other side, so fly straight up and land amidst the flowers. You don't need to burden yourself, so just pick one (Gokuu, you pansy, I KNEW you liked flowers! Wuss!). Return to Cory and he will be delighted at the flowers you brought, that you brought for him to give to Sue, that is! Honest!

*** Quest #5 Completed ***

"The old man tells you that there is STILL some unrest in the forest? Man, what a picky guy! Oh well...head Left from Sue's house, walking along the path, and you will find another little boy standing next to a pond. This little boy is complaining about how his big brother, Cory, beat him in a fight, then took his Toy Boat and threw it out into the middle of the pond. Man, that Cory is a Jerk.

***** Quest #6: Recovered Toy Boat *****
Reward(s): 200 Experience
Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened

"Gokuu, do you REALLY need an explanation of this? out to the middle of the island, grab the boat, then give it to the kid. Man...

*** Quest #6 Completed ***

"Ok, NOW what? Talk to the old man and he will tell you that the forest isn't quite yet at rest yet. I'll make HIM rest...anyways, talking to him a second time will reveal that his cat, Neko, has gone missing. Go find that kitty, then!

***** Quest #7: Returned Kitty *****
Reward(s): Taiyo-Ken (Solar Flare)
Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened

"Let's go find a lost kitten, then! Exit the Old Man's house (and kill the Wolf again), then fly to the Left across the gap between this landmass and the next (they are separated by trees). If you don't have any energy to fly, then travel South, down the stairs, then Down and to the Left until you see a plateau with a Green Flight Charge on it. Shoot the weeds in front of it, climb up, grab your powerup, and return to the area just south of the house. Walk left, ignoring the path leading down, then turn and head Up (killing another wolf) until you come to 3 rocks. Blast the rocks and walk past them to find Neko; talk to the kitty to get it to follow you, then fly back to the Old Man's house (there is a Green Flight Charge near Neko if you require it). If you would prefer to walk (although I can't fathom why), you can simply head back to where you found Sue, this time travelling Right from the green area instead of Left. The man will be happy to see his kitty returned, and Gokuu will finally be rewarded.

*** Quest #7 Completed ***

"Great, so Gokuu can use a new attack (which I consider the most effective attack in the game) and can finally progress onward to Raditz. If you want to, go right ahead; however, if you would prefer to gain another level or two by fighting the Dinosaur (use the Solar Flare trick!), that works as well. When you want to go to Raditz, Gohan and Piccolo's location, simply walk through the Dinosaur's mouth.

Raditz' Space Pod

Remember, when you enter this area, you can no longer leave, so make absolutely sure you're ready!

***** Quest #8: Defeat Raditz *****
Reward(s): 4000 Experience
Gokuu dies (hey, for some of us this is a reward!)

"This area is rather straightfoward - there are herbs and Flight Charges strewn about the area, and Piccolo, Gohan, and Raditz are walking around. Feel free to talk to Piccolo and Gohan, and only talk to Raditz when you're ready to fight him. When you talk to him, he will initiate combat with you, trying to attack you, so be prepared! I suggest being at level 7 or 8 before taking him on, or else you will easily fall with just 2 hits.

"After beating that trash-level weakling, Gokuu will die from Piccolo's Mankaksopoppo (aka the "Special Beam Cannon")...

*** Quest #8 Completed ***

King Yemma & Snake Way

"Well Kakorotto, you're dead. Now that I've completed all that I wanted to do, I'm going to walk away now."


"Ok, so YOU want to keep going, that's fine. I might as well help you, even though that means you'll ultimately face off against me, Vegita, in the game. Let's pick up with Gokuu's death (it's so much fun to say that).


"You'll find yourself standing in front of the oversized guardian of the gateway to Heaven and Hell, Enma-Daiou (which, by the way, means "Great King Enma", but I suppose it can be sightly slurred to be "Yemma"). According to Yemma, Raditz has already gone through and headed off to Hell, but Kami has a special task for you. See, Nappa and I are coming to Earth now, and no one is strong enough to face off against Nappa (let alone me). Thus, Gokuu has to travel down Snake Road to arrive at King Kai's planet so he can receive special training. You might as well head out to the road then, Gokuu! Walk to the right, off of the screen, to exit.

"Well, here you are on Snake Road, the extra-long path leading to King Kai's planet. If you have any Flight Charges left, feel free to use them to hop parts of the track; however, you will eventually run out, so ultimately you'll be forced to just walk the distance. About halfway down the Road, you'll find a bluish lady with bright red hair. This is the Snake Queen, and she lives on Snake Road (as hard as that might be to believe). Unfortunately for you, Gokuu, she's not very nice, and actually wants to eat you - so when you talk to her, be ready to fight!

***** Quest #9 Defeat the Snake Queen *****
Reward(s): 3500 Experience

"Uh...well, beat the Snake Queen. Gosh, THAT was hard...

*** Quest #9 Completed ***

"After walking a certain distance on Snake Way, Gokuu will - for NO apparent reason - start to lose his balance, and fall off of the Road. Good job, Gokuu, now you've REALLY done it.

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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