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I - Introduction
II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

III. Basics

D - Items

There are 4 Items that appear frequently (or semi-frequently) throughout Gokuu's adventures. Those items are:

Senzu Bean: These little, green bean-shaped items are tough to find but well worth the reward, as they completely restore Gokuu's health. You can only carry up to 3 at a time in the Inventory Screen, though, so make 'em last! Senzu Beans appear on the ground looking like little, green curls (resembling beans). Sometimes they are hidden under rocks or behind weeds, so make sure you blast those out of the way if you're in need of health!

Herbs: Herbs aren't quite as potent as Senzu Beans, but they are just as important. Herbs replenish up to 1/4th of Gokuu's health, so they might not completely get you out of a tight situation. However, the trade-off for such a comparitively low yield is that you can hold 6 Herbs at a time (twice as many as Senzu Beans), and Herbs are far more commonly found. Look for darker patches of grass on t he screen and see if you can pick 'em up - if you can, they probably are Herbs! Some herbs have berries in 'em (red spots), so don't ignore those, either! They're just as good, honest!

Green Flight Charges: Flying can drain your Flight Charges in a hurry, so if you need to do some floating about and you're out of charges, you'd best pick up one of these! Green Flight Charges recharge up to 10 Charges, although they aren't too terribly common in the beginning of the game. They appear on the screen as Orange Orbs with a green interior and a White Wing inside.

Red Flight Charges: First appearing on Snake Way and making occasional appearances on Namek, the Red Flight Charges act just like the Green ones in terms of recharging your flying abilities. The difference between the Green and Red ones, however, are that the Red Flight Charges return 20 Charges instead of just 10. If you need more flyin' time, this is the way to go!

Aside from those 4, there are also "Quest Items" that you need to pick up in order to progress throughout the game and complete certain quests. Here are those items and brief descriptions.

Master Roshi's Magazines: Roshi has 3 magazines lying about on his island for you to find. Each look like small square objects with different covers on them, and are required for the "Roshi's Magazines" quest.

Stones: There are 3 stones that are located in the Forest, all 3 of them being stand-out items (meaning they don't look like part of the background). These items are required for the "Saved Old Man" quest.

Pteradactyl Egg: It's small, it's bluish, it's round, and it's going to hatch into a ferocious flying dinosaur (eventually). Of course, since it's an egg this also means it has a mother (please don't e-mail me with "The Chicken or the Egg" philosophy, please), so you'd best find that egg and return it. The egg is required for the "Found Dino Egg" quest.

Toy Boat: Well, it looks like a small toy boat, with a white sail on top of it. This item is required for the "Recovered Toy Boat" quest.

Flowers: There are 5 different patches of flowers, all of them located within he same grove. Go ahead, stop and smell the roses, Gokuu, you deserve it. After a long days' work of saving the world and trying to stop your brother from hurting your son, you need a break. These flowers look like small patches of grass with Flowers protruding, and are required for the "Flowers for Sue" quest.

King Yemma's Fruit: After falling into the Home For Infinite Losers, Gokuu will be quite hungry. What better pick-me-up than a nice, healthy apple? Of course, this Apple is Sacred and can only be eaten by King Yemma, but Gokuu is hungry enough to not care. By helping one Oni, talking to another and tricking a third, Gokuu can finagle his way to one of the apples. The apples, by the way, yield infinite energy to the person eating them for 30 days, and also allow them to not be hungry for the same duration. This item is required for the "Ate Yemma's Fruit" quest.

Capsule Corp. Capsules: The Capsule Corporation is a giant in the world of commercial industry, creating "capsules", small containers of technology that can hold larger objects within their tiny frames. Gokuu finds 2 of such Capsules in the game, one of which being on the ground. This capsule appears as a small, grey-ish oval, and both are required for the "Found Capsules" quest.

Namekian Saplings: Frieza and his goons have been wreaking havoc on Namek while trying to find the Dragon Balls, and have caused a lot of destruction to the planets' inhabitants - including the plantlife. Three Saplings have to be moved from their locations to a safer one near a Namekian's home, appearing on the map as short trees with Dark Blue foliage (darker than other trees). All 3 saplings are required for the "Saved Saplings" quest.

Namekian Artifacts: As instructed by a Namekian, Gokuu has to restored a recently-defiled temple's artifacts. These artifacts are 3 oversized gems of different colors, red, blue, and green. 3 Large stones of bright color are a little difficult to miss, n'est pas? They are required for the "Namekian Artifacts" quest.

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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