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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (4)

Home For Infinite Losers (aka Hell)

("Before I even go into the HFIL section, I should mention the fact that Gokuu cannot fly over the Spiky Rocks that line the paths. If you want to get around, you either have to follow the path or simply find a section where there are no Spiky Rocks to fly past.)

"Gokuu managed to fall all the way from Snake Way - which is in the upper- regions of the afterlife - down to the very bottom, the Home For Infinite Losers (which, by the way, was originally just "HELL", but FUNimation decided to edit the letters HELL into HFIL, thus avoiding any religious persecution from overly-protective parents). Well, you've royally messed up now that you're in Hell, Gokuu, so you'd better get crackin' on finding a way out! Start out by walking South, taking out the Wandering Spirits you encounter (they may be tough, but they also give 1,000 experience, so you'll want to beat as many of 'em as you can!). When the road Splits Left/Right, head Right, then turn back Down (you'll want to grab the Flight Charge you pass). Your downward path will eventually come across the HFIL Health and Fitness building (with an Herb next to it). You can't enter the building, but you should make a mental note of where it is - you'll be returning here a few times. Walk around the front of the building, heading Left.

"Hey, it's a blue Oni! [An "Oni" being a Japanese demon that likes playing tricks on people - in the Dragon Ball world, however, Oni's simply work and live in Hell]. Talk to the spectacle-sporting imp and see what's up in the business world of the underworld, and he will tell you his beleagured tale of how he's going to lose his job unless he retrieves the spirits he lost.

***** Quest #10: Gather the Lost Spirits *****
Reward(s): 500 Experience per Spirit (1500 total)
Required to Exit HFIL (Hell)

Note - you can only have 1 Spirit with you at a time, so once you get one, return it.

"As the Oni informed you, he lost 3 spirits. Guess what your quest is, then? That's right, go find those lost Spirits and bring them back to Captain 'I can't do my job very well because all Spirits look the same'. Turn back and head back Right, travelling in the direction you first came. When you reach the split in the road (where I initially told you to turn right), this time go Left. The road will split again, this time going Up and Down - head Up (if you want to, go down and fight a Spirit for some quick experience). Along the way, you'll notice a Spirit that is completely motionless on the Higher Area on the Right. This is the Spirit you're looking for, but you can't simply fly up there. Don't worry, you'll get to him in just a bit, so continue up.

"You will come to a dead-end (get it? You're in Hell, and you found a dead-, no one likes my jokes)...however, this dead-end does not have rocks at the top of it, which means you can fly through the opening and land on the Higher Ground (make your Stevie Wonder/Red Hot Chili Peppers jokes now). From here, you can walk Down along the left side of the screen to locate an Herb, as well as fight the Spirit on the Right. At any rate, talk to the Spirit you saw motionless, and it will tag along with you. Return to the Blue Oni and talk to him to return the spirit.

"Great, apparently there are MORE lost souls out there. Well Gokuu, let's find another one, eh? Starting from the Blue Oni, fly up onto the path (no rocks) on the Left Side of the Health and Fitness building. There are 2 Spirits here; fight them if you want, but don't let them doubleteam you (this is where the Solar Flare attack comes in handy). If you want, follow the path behind the H & F building, blow up the rocks that block the path, and grab the Senzu Bean there. Double back to where you fought the 2 spirits, this time heading South along the path created by the screen and the Rocks. This path turns at the corner of the screen, heading Right (with a Green Flight Charge), then turns back Up (next to a pair of blue rock formations...and yes, that IS King Yemma's Fruit on the Right). Here, the path will open up on the Right as well as continue Up; there is no reason to head Right yet, so keep moving up (and take out the Spirit while you're at it). North of another pair of Blue Rocks (and a Green Flight Charge) is the 2nd Spirit, so talk to it and return it to the Blue Oni for more experience.

"The final Spirit is quite a walk away, and there are several ways to get to it. However, I believe the quickest route to be this: travel Right, in front of the H & F building, then turn back Up (heading back to where Gokuu first entered this Place). This time, walk Right, path the large Blue...uh things (they look like stone trees, I guess) until you come to the Fountain of Blood. Not a very pleasant site, but this IS Hell. Why WOULDN'T Hell have a fountain of blood? Gokuu, being as smart as the ground he's walking on, thinks it's a pool of juice. Yeah, that's right Gokuu - it's juice. Why don't you go drink some, eh? ...better yet, don't. For all I know, you might actually TRY.

"Keep walking Right until you see the Red Oni. He'll tell you that if you can catch him, he'll show you how to get to King Kai's...and promptly disappear. Don't worry about the amazing disappearing Imp, Gokuu, and keep moving Right - your priority is that of the missing Spirit! A little further to the right will be a wall with Spiky Rocks along the top edge...except for one portion that is opened up (and even has a Green Flight Charge next to it). Float to the upper level, fight the Spirit, and head to the Right to find the final Spirit next to a blue flame, in between 2 purple...uh...landmarks. Fight the other spirits if you wish, and return the Spirit to the Oni. If you want to take a different route, then you can explore the area around the Blood Pool to find a couple more sprits (and some herbs), as well as a path to the South of it that has more spirits to fight.

"Returning the Spirit nets Gokuu another 500 Experience and completes the quest.

*** Quest #10 Completed ***

"Gokuu, always thinking with his stomach, immediately asks this Oni if he has anything to eat. The Oni informs Gokuu that the only food here is King Yemma's fruit. That's another quest, folks, although it is a rather small one...before completing this one, I would suggest travelling around and beating up all the other Spirits for the Experience.

***** Quest #11: Eat Yemma's Fruit *****
Reward(s): Exiting the HFIL (Hell)

"If you talked to the large Blue Oni (with purple hair), he'd tell you that the tree contains King Yemma's fruit, and no one but Yemma himself may eat the fruit. Talk to him again and he'll say that he MIGHT let you up the stairs if you help his friend by the Health and Fitness building. This, of course, is referring to the "Gathered Spirits" quest, so you have to solve that. After returning the souls, the Oni will tell you that the stairs leading up to the Tree are guarded by the Red Oni's magical barrier, and cannot be removed as long as he keeps it there. He can lower the barrier, though, if you distract the Red Oni. Go track down the Red Oni and talk to him; Gokuu will be told that you have to be fast to get to the end of Snake Way, and the Red Oni will then run away so quickly that Gokuu won't be able to see him leave.

"Well, that was easy enough. Now that the Red Oni is hiding, your friend has made the barrier Disappear. Return to the tree, walk up the stairs, and eat Yemma's fruit.

*** Quest #11 Completed ***

After eating Yemma's fruit, the Red Oni will reappear, telling you that you can't eat that fruit. Gokuu, as dumb as he is, knows that this is his opportunity, and catches the Red Oni. The Oni, realizing that he was tricked, opens up the exit to Snake Road for Gokuu...unfortunately, the path takes Gokuu back to the BEGINNING of Snake Way!

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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