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I - Introduction
II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

V. Enemies & Bosses

A sure-fire way to make any battle in the game a cinch is to use the "Solar Flare" trick. This trick is simple enough - Charge up a Solar Flare, punch your enemy a few times, then rush back far enough so you can charge another Solar Flare before they can attack you. If you need more distance, tap the B Button to do a no-effort Solar Flare (no Ki is used), stunning your opponent for a brief moment while you run away. I was able to take out Frieza without taking a single hit using this method, and most everyone else in the game fell just as easily (hey, everyone makes mistakes).

~A~ Enemies

##### Squirrels #####
Experience: 5

They're small, they're cute, they feed on acorns...and THEY'RE INCREDIBLY DEADLY! Squirrels are the lowest of the low in terms of enemies, as they're extremely weak and only give a paltry 5 Experience. Gokuu would have to kill 30 of these guys just to go from Level 2 to Level 3, for cryin' out loud! Heck, you could simply avoid them and not have to worry about anything, since they pose no threat at ALL to our can't even be damaged by them! I don't think I should list Squirrels under the "Enemy" category, but hey, they DO give experience when you kill 'em. Knowing the way this game is set up, you could probably get experience for knocking down a tree or taking a nap.

##### Snakes #####
Experience: 5

Imagine a squirrel, but make it longer, thinner, covered in scales, roughly the same speed...ok, just imagine a snake. Snakes are pretty much exactly like Squirrels in how they act and move, as well as how much experience they yield. Since these, too, are pathetically weak, you can ace them before they even get close to you. However, they can come packs, making them mildly irritating at times. Not dangerous, mind you, just irritating. Snakes are also like Squirrels in the respect that they do not attack (at least, not that I've seen), so you're safe from harm again.

Hmmm...although it hasn't yet happened to me, Jordon Blough ([email protected]) informs me that snakes CAN bite you. Hey, if I'm wrong, then so be it...but if I'm right, now you know who to complain to! (Just kidding, Jordan - thanks for the info.)

##### Crabs #####
Experience: 70

"It looks like Gohan has been feeding the crabs too much!" exclaims Gokuu as he stumbles upon the oversized crustaceans near his home. Crabs will actually, willingly close in on Gokuu to attack him, making them a lot more dangerous than your average forest-faring denizen (i.e., squirrels or snakes). Of course, they still aren't THAT dangerous, as you can bust 'em up with Ki Blasts from a far, then punch them when they get in close (or run away and recharge so you can continue throwing Ki Blasts). These guys give twelve times as much experience as Snakes & Squirrels, so they are vastly superior in terms of experience-gaining. Beat up on a few, Gokuu - you deserve it! Teach your son not to be friendly to the seafood anymore!

##### Wolves #####
Experience: 70

Wolves are rather pesky enemies. They're stronger than crabs, they do more damage than crabs, they're faster than crabs, and once they have Gokuu's scent then they will rush towards him and try to bite him to death! Don't let these little nippers nip you to "another dimension", make sure you take them out quickly! Blast them from afar, then punch them when they get in close. They're too fast to run away from (but if you feel like flying, go right ahead), so you'll most likely have to duke it out with them.

##### Earthbound Pterodactyls #####
Experience: 300

These guys are a pain. At every stage of the game that you can encounter these baddies, they do quite a bit of damage, take a lot of punishment, and have the ability to fly - meaning Gokuu can't easily hide behind objects and remain safe! The trick to Pterodactyls is to constantly try to keep them at a distance and peg them with Projectile attacks. If you have the Solar Flare ability, then charge up a shot, punch them or shoot them, then run away. If you need to beat a hasty retreat, throw out a quick Solar Flare and run like heck! The most effective strategy I know of for them (aside from the Solar Flare trick) is to simply walk a distance, fire a few Ki Blasts at it, then walk perpendicular to it (meaning if it's Up, walk Left or Right, and if it's to the Left/Right, walk Up or Down). The Pterodactyl will try to move to match your position, giving you enough time to walk further away - and allow you time to shoot it with more Ki blasts. Just make sure you don't walk yourself into a corner (and if you do, fly out of there!).

##### Earthbound Dinosaurs #####
Experience: 600

Big, tough, ugly, and extremely strong, these Dinosaurs are NOT to be messed with. Resembling a cross between a Tyranosaurus and a Triceratops, these beasties can easily take off over 1/2 your life with 1 chomp. If you wish to fight them, make sure you keep your distance from them (unless you're absurdly powerful), or else you will probably end up dying from the biting. It must stink to be these dinosaurs, though, since they have the worst case of scoliosis I've ever seen. They walk on their hind legs (since their front paws are to short to carry any weight), yet they are so bent forward that they give the impression of a dinosaur that walks on all fours. Maybe its weight is balanced out by its massive tail, or maybe it has the strongest proportional backbone in any case, they're tough in close (unless you have the Solar Flare attack).

##### Snake Queen #####
Experience: 3,500

Funny how this woman fights just like Raditz does, minus the Ki blasts. Oh well...the Snake Queen is a rough fighter, trying to stay close to Gokuu while pummelling him. Keeping your distance while attacking her can be difficult due to Snake Way's close quarters, but a Solar Flare can remedy this problem with ease. Heck, the Solar Flare trick can completely ruin the Snake Queen's day! If you want an easy 3.5 K experience, go beat down this phantasm (she IS just an oversized snake pulling a fast one on Gokuu) before continuing down the path!

##### Spirit Cloud #####
Experience: 1,000

They're cute, they're billowy, they look like clouds...and they will kill you if they get too many hits on Gokuu! These wandering souls are quite powerful pieces of fluff, slowly moving about and doing a rather high amount of damage for the undead. I suggest taking out every Spirit Cloud you can come across, since they give a very nice amount of experience (given the point of the game that you fight them). However, they can be rather troublesome, since you have no recycling herbs to grab if you're too low on life (meaning there are no points where you can leave the screen and come back, making the herbs reappear).

##### Namekian Dinosaur #####
Experience: 4,000

I don't really know how this guy managed to get to Earth, but here he is. Maybe Vegita and Nappa brought it with them, hoping it would create some undue carnage. Whatever the reason, this guy NORMALLY resides on Namek, but somehow managed to find his way to the Ice Field just outside of the City. Gokuu, if you want to fight this guy, go right ahead - it's great if you want to gain a few levels - but be wary, since he packs a VERY powerful bite. On average, the Namekian Dinosaur can bite half of your life off with a single well-placed chomp! Oh yeah, and the Namekian Dinosaur looks exactly like te Earthbound version. That's right, Infogrames didn't even attempt to palette-swap this guy to make him appear different.

##### Bank Robber #####
Experience: 1,000

Hey, there's only 3 of 'em, and technically they should be considered a "Quest" enemy, but I'm still gonna list 'em. These 3 yahoos just robbed a bank, and are now walking around, shooting things (namely Gokuu). They have black bowl- cut hairstyles, sport red bandannas across their mouths, and have guns. The funny thing is, their guns pack a decent wallop against Gokuu, so you can't simply rush in against them or else you might get hurt. Stun 'em with a Solar Flare, beat 'em up, and collect your rewards. Now, how is it that their guns can actually hurt Gokuu? Mean, as a kid, Gokuu was shot in the head with a gun, and the most he did was complain about it hurting (he then proceeded to pick up Bulma's car and throw it). These must be some seriously-powerful guns to be able to inflict damage on Gokuu!

##### Namekian Pterodactyl #####
Experience: 1,000

Well...uh...imagine it's the Earth version of the Pterodactyl, only it's tougher and gives more experience. That's about it, folks.

##### Frieza's Henchmen (various colors) #####
Experience: 10,000

These guys are quite irritating, simply because they are normal enemies that can decimate you in seconds! The jump in enemy-difficulty-level from your average opponent to these guys is a little steep...thankfully, though, the experience trade-off is well worth it. These morons either appear as Lizard- men, Dog-Men, or Blue-Alien-Thingy-Men, all sporting the same headgear (a funny lookin' helmet) and the same Saiya-Jin armor. If you treat these guys like you would a boss fight - that is, CAREFULLY - then you'll do fine, and soon have a high-enough level to effectively combat these fools.

##### Improved Frieza Henchmen #####
Experience: 30,000

These fellows differ from their weaker counterparts in the sense that they... uh...well, they're stronger. They wear the same armor and helmets, meaning the only thing that sets them apart physically are their faces. Isn't it fun to have trouble telling your enemies apart? I mean, they're so uniform and all... by the way, the Improved Ones either have Red Skin (looking kinda like Jiisu), Pale Skin (these are the "human" types), or funny-looking brown heads and no helmets. They all are roughly as difficult as the Ginyuu Squad's individual members, yet don't yield as much experience. Man, that stinks...

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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