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I - Introduction
II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
C - Thanks
D - No Thanks

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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (8)

The Ginyuu Squad

"Immediately outside, you'll find myself standing about (oh, and those 2 little runts as well, Gohan and Kuririn). Talk to them if you wish, DEFINITELY talk to me (you'd BETTER), and then head Up and Left. As Gohan and Kuririn informed you, Freiza is lookin' to get the Dragon Balls, and now his elite fighting force 'The Ginyuu Squad' are here. By walking Up and Left, you'll find a funny lookin' purple dude with 2 horns - this is Ginyuu, a powerful fighter in his own right, with the ability to swap bodies with other people. Unfortunately, Ginyuu doesn't actually do that in this game (a pity), so you're relegated to simple combat.

"Talk to Ginyuu, and he'll tell you that he want the rest of his team to fight you while he works on a victory pose. Great, the guy's loopy as well as powerful...anyways, you might as well beat up the rest of his team, eh? I would suggest, before taking on the Ginyuu Squad, that you head left and clear out the enemies (and restock your Herbs, if you need it). Hey, if you have to run away, it's nice to have those other enemies out of the way so you can do so safely right? Head straight up to find Rikuum (Recoome), the first member of the Ginyuu Squad.

***** Quest #21: Defeat Rikuum (Recoome) *****
Reward(s): 40,000 Experience

"Rikuum won't seem interested in fighting you at first, but Gokuu pushes onward, prompting Rikuum to attack. From here, you fight. Beat up this nincompoop, please...after all, it's just another fight!

*** Quest #21 Completed ***

"Moving up, you'll see Baata at the end of a small pathway on top of a plateau. Talk to the blue-foo' and initiate another fight.

***** Quest #22: Defeat Baata (Burter) *****
Reward(s): 70,000

Uh...why is this a quest, anyways?

*** Quest #22 Completed ***

"Walk down the slope and head right to find the 3rd, Ginyuu Squad Member, Jiisu. You know the drill - talk and fight.

***** Quest #23: Defeat Jiisu (Jeice) *****
Reward(s): 70,000

Blah blah blah.

*** Quest #23 Completed ***

"Upon defeating the last member of the Ginyuu Squad (you can fight Rikuum, Jiisu, and Baata in any order, so long as you fight all 3), Ginyuu himself will challenge you.

***** Quest #24: Defeat Captain Ginyuu *****
Reward(s): 90,000 Experience
No more irritating fools
Gokuu progresses to the area where Furiza's ship is

"Dur hur hur. Lookit me, I'm a member of the GINYUU SQUAD! Aren't I coo! I kan spel reel gud, two! HO HO HO!!! 1337 5p34k 4-3VR! Man, I wonder if Ginyuu realizes that being the Captain of a bunch of complete dorks makes him an even bigger dork...

*** Quest #24 Completed ***

"With the Ginyuu Squad now toast, Gokuu says he wants a better challenge. He says he sees Furiza's ship off in the distance (lord knows how, since he can only fly a little ways off of the ground in this game), and immediately flies off, landing just outside of an outpost.

Furiza's Henchmen

"Here you are, Gokuu, standing just outside of a location simply LOADED with Furiza's henchmen. What's the most logical thing to do, being a hero and all? Why, simple - go on a killing spree, taking out everyone you see. Heck, it doesn't matter if they're simply a part of nature (Pterodactyls) or lowly soldiers who might have been drafted into Furiza's group without wanting to... you need to start killing people! I mean, you're the hero of the story, so it's perfectly justified if you kill MORE people than the villain could possibly hope to. Heck, you could even take them out in particularly gruesome ways, like drowning them in a firetruck by filling the cab with water, and it's perfectly acceptable - heck, it's downright ENCOURAGED - because you are the HERO.

" case you ever wondered why I dislike the 'good guys', this is why. They're such freakin' hypocrites, it's annoying. Well, back to the game!

"Gokuu, your only objectives left are to locate Furiza's ship, beat up Furiza himself, and NOT chuck this game in disgust. Let's ignore that 3rd option for now, since it would do little good for my FAQ. You start out in the Lower-Left corner of the screen, next to a building and a Blue Henchman. If you need to refill your Herb Supply, enter the building (there are 2 Herbs located within a pair of boxes, shoot them to open them), then exit and re-enter. Easy enough.

"Welcome to the world of Startropics, folks! Yes, that's right - the age-old Nintendo game where Mike Jones hopped from island to island, beating up enemies with a Yo-Yo, is back in full-force! However, this time you play as Gokuu, and you don't really hop from island to island as you do just FLY. Thankfully, though, there are Flight Charges located on each island, so you can't possibly get, who am I kidding, this isn't ANYTHING like Startropics! No, Infogrames decides to copy a less-than-stellar game (Lagoon) than one of quality like Startropics. Feh...well, start flying to the left, beating up anything you see and stopping to pick up Herbs and Flight Charges. Exit this area to find Furiza's ship.

"Ok, so here's the problem - this area is the last area that you can build levels in, so if you're not at level 25 then I suggest you GET there. The problem is that...well...this place is FULL of enemies, including the new-and- improved Henchmen. These guys are tougher than their teammates, and since there's a lot of 'em, you could be in for some trouble. Be prepared to do a lot of flying to the island area so you can refill your life and Herbs, then continue back again. If you kill all of Furiza's Croonies in this area (including the one on the island in the Upper-Right corner), you'll get a total of 240,000 experience. That means that no level-up should take THAT long to reach. Look at it this way - the most experience you need for any level-up in the game is 1,200,000 - that means you would only have to clear that screen 5 times in order to gain a level-up. C'mon, that would take what, 10 minutes? Yeesh, man, get in there and reach your maximum!

"After hitting your peak, fly through the hole in the Top of Furiza's ship. You'll find Vegita, Gohan, and Kuririn again, all decked out in Saiya-Jin armor. They inform you that you need to hop in the healing tank before Furiza arrives (lord knows why, since you SHOULD be at peak health right now). Make sure you have a full stock of herbs (and, if you have any left, some Senzu to go with it), and walk off the Right side of the screen to enter the healing tank area. If you're not ready, then walk through the door on the back wall. At any rate, it's time to fight on one of the toughest scourges in the universe...

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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