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I - Introduction
II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
C - Thanks
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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (6)

Nappa and the Irrepressable Vegita (Me!)

"Are you ready to fight? Make sure you've filled your stock of Herbs (and have as many Senzu Beans as possible), because Nappa and I aren't very easy to overcome!

***** Quest #17: Defeat Nappa *****
Reward(s): 20,000 Experience

"Talk to Gohan and Kuririn to find that they are the only ones left alive. to Nappa to initiate the fight with him, then duke it out. He's a little slower than Gokuu, but is extremely powerful and can throw Ki blasts at you. Do be sure to beat him, as this request is kinda sorta required to beat the game...

*** Quest #17 Completed ***

"Upon beating Nappa, the man himself (that would be me, Vegita) will step up to the plate. Gee, is that a quest? Yeah, I think it is.

***** Quest #18: Defeat Vegita *****
Reward(s): 30,000 Experience

"Here I am, are you ready? Imagine Nappa's think about the fact that you're fighting someone much stronger, even faster - if you haven't gotten all of the speed increases, then he's just as fast as you (if not faster) - and much, MUCH cooler than you are. Sadly, though, it is required for me to lose in order to move on in the game. Very well, you can win this fight...the fight is fairly simple - you pound on me for a while, then I say how I'm not going to go any easier. Then you have to point on me again. When I fall down, you win.

*** Quest #18 Completed ***

"Yay, Gokuu beat me. Of course, as I quickly demonstrate, I wasn't ACTUALLY beaten (ha ha!), and power up to my Oozaru (giant monkey) form to tick you off even more. This form stomps on Gokuu, causing Gohan and Kuririn to freak out. This is followed by that irritating Monk, Yajirobee, cutting my tail off. Unfortuntely, the mini-orb (which transformed me into my Oozaru form) is still floating above, which causes Gohan to transform as well. Gohan thrashes me, causing me to finally lose. From here, Gokuu is sent to the Emergency Room, while Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma give chase to me as I escape to Namek. Gokuu, once healed, also heads towards Namek. This, logically, takes us to the next leg of your journey...

Namek, Part 1

"Welcome to Namek, where the water is green, the ground and trees are blue, and everything is stronger than what you found on Earth. Man, maybe it's because those Namkians are green, eh? I mean, it's not easy being green... (bad pun)

"All right, so where do we go from here? Well, by travelling up (through the small path), you will find a Namekian standing next to a ruined house. This Namekian has been traumatized by Frieza's attacks on the planet, and can only think of the trees and how they need to be saved. Great, a friggin' tree-hugging, Gokuu, don't help him, no-

***** Quest #19: Save the Saplings *****
Reward(s): 7,000

"...phooey, stupid goody-goody. Gokuu, you ARE allowed to say no. You do NOT have to help everyone you see with every problem the have, ok? Yeesh! Well, this quest can be a little confusing if you don't know what you're looking for or what to do with them - which are, of course, 3 Namekian Saplings that need to be planted in the ground. Let's go get the first one, then. Travel Right, past the Pterodactyl on the upper ledge and beyond the crying Namekian, until you find one of Freiza's Henchmen (he's blue) standing next to a Green Flight Charge and the first Sapling. Kill the henchman (which can be difficult due to his strength, so be careful), then walk up to the tree and take it (just like you were picking up an item). Since you can grab all 3 trees before having to plant them (unlike the Spirits in the HFIL, which had to be taken one-at-a-time), you might as well continue on and get the remaining 2 before returning.

"Grab the Flight Charge if you need it, and fly straight up onto the higher ground. Continue your path upwards, walking around the large rocks until you find a small path leading to an even higher level (it has a rock, removable by a Ki Blast, blocking the top). Shoot the rock out of the way, and take out the Pterodactyl and Dinosaur located up there. Further up on this plateau, you will find a Green Henchman standing next to a Red Flight Charge and the 2nd Sapling. Kill one and grab the other two (I think you should know which from which), and continue along the path as it turns to the Left.

"Along this path, you'll come across another Pterodactyl along the narrow ledge. Press onward, taking out the 'dactyl as you go, until the ledge opens up into a larger area. Here you will find another Dinosaur, another Pterodactyl, and another Green Henchman guarding the 3rd (and final) sapling. "3 of these things are not like the other, 3 of these things are kinda the same...but 1 of these things is not like the others, which one could it be? It's time to play our game!" (End Sesame Street song.) Grab the tree, then return to the Namekian house.

"You'll find 3 holes in the ground around this house. Simply walk Up around them and act as if you were picking up and item from above; Gokuu will plant a sapling in the hole. You get 7,000 experience, and a feeling of great accomplishment...after all, you just successfully relocated 3 trees for no bleedin' reason at ALL! Way to go, Gokuu, you're so good at wasting time I think I'm going to remove an EYE! G'AHH!!!!

[In Summary - the 3 trees are located in the Upper-Left, Upper-Right, and Lower-Right corners of this screen. Find them and place them in the 3 holes around the Namekian's house.]

*** Quest #19 Completed ***

"Aside from the token level-building (which, by the way, these enemies give MAD experience, so I would suggest doing so), there are quite a few herbs located throughout this area. The best place to restock is one of the 2 Namekian houses with a Child located inside. One is Up and Left of the Saplings you just planted, the other is off to the Right (Up from the crying Namekian, Right from the breakable Rock and Pterodactyl, and Up-Left from where you found the first Sapling). Walk into either house, then exit (causing all monsters and items to be recreated on the screen), pick up an herb or two, then re-enter (and exit) the house. Since there are herbs close to either house while monsters are not, you can safely replenish Gokuu's life and restock his herbs without danger of being attacked.

"Oh yeah, one last thing - inside of the house that the Sapling Namekian was next to resides another Namekian. This one apparently has his composure perfectly intact, as he recognizes you as not one of the ones that attacked the villages or his people. He laments his inability to protect his temple or its artifacts, and how they desperately need to be replaced. Oh joy, Gokuu's going to go on ANOTHER Quest...

***** Quest #20: Namekian Artifacts *****
Reward(s): 30,000 Experience
Speed Increase
Passage to the Ginyuu Squad Opens

Well, your first step is to...step into the next area! If you want to gain levels, feel free to do so. In my boredom, I worked Gokuu up to level 25, but I wouldn't suggest going THAT far...level 17-18 is plenty. When you're ready to move on, head to the Upper-Left corner of the screen (where the 3rd Sapling was) and take the pathway up into the next area.

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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