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II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (7)

Namek, Part 2

"After walking up the small path, you'll find...a very large temple with Porunga's face adorning the sides. Porunga, by the way, is the name of the giant, Namekian Dragon that sprouts from the Dragon Balls. This is the Temple that the Namekians had been talking about, but your priority is finding those artifacts. There is an herb here if you need healing, so grab it, leave the screen, come back, and grab it again (repeated healing! yay!). You can fly over the temple and skip a portion of the walking here, but assuming you don't have any Flight Charges (which, by now, you should have plenty), let's take the walking route. From the entrance of the Temple, start walking left. From here, you can either immediately walk Up, taking the small path, or you can walk to the Lower-Left and take a slightly longer route. Frankly, I don't see why you would take the longer route, since you have to fight the same enemies, it's longer, and there is more stuff in your way (making it harder to dodge and attack).

"Anywho, climb the small paths, taking out henchmen as you go. The path will wind to the Left, then double-back to the right, taking you above the Temple. As you walk, you'll notice a Red Gem on the level above you. If you can fly up there and grab it, then do so - it's the first Namekian Artifact - but if you cannot, you'll just have to keep walking Right. When you reach the Right side of the temple, where the path leads Down again, King Kai will contact you and tell you that TenShinHan, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Chao-Zu have all arrived to receive special training from him. He also tells you that getting the Dragon Balls would be good, so that you could wish Piccolo back to life. With Piccolo alive, the Earth's Dragon Balls would be restored again, and then they could be used to bring EVERYONE back to life. That's nice, King Kai, but what does this have to do with ME? Hello, Vegita here, ruler of all Saiya-Jins, powerful fighter, great cook...hello?

"Fine, he doesn't care. Jerk. Keep moving Down along the path, and it will eventually come to a dead-end...but there is a Green Flight Charge here, and a plateau directly above you with another Green Flight Charge as well. Might as well fly up there, eh? Take out the Pterodactyl on that level, blast the Rock on the Right to reveal an Herb, and grab the Flight Charge as you move up to the next level. There's another Flight Charge on this level, as well as another Henchman and a Path that leads Up and to the Left. As you could (and most likely would) assume, this path takes you to the Red Artifact. Now then, return to the Upper-Right section of this map, flying up to the final height. Here you will find a Green Henchman, a Dinosaur, a Green Flight Charge, the Blue Artifact, and a blastable Rock. This rock is concealing a Senzu Bean, so if you want to replenish your stock of those, leave the screen, fly back up here, and nab a few more. There is nothing else to do in this area, aside from gaining a few levels or getting those Senzu Beans, so progress into the Temple itself so you can find the last artifact and complete your mission.

The Namekian Temple

"This place is big, that's for sure, and is loaded with Teleport Pads of varying colors. The trick here is to know which teleporters to take, since they always take you to the same place, and simply following the right order. For simpler purposes, I will tell you how to get to each Teleporter, as well as what color it is.

"Start out by walking straight up, stopping in front of the oversized statue of a Namekian Warrior holding a 1-Star Dragon Ball (not real, though). Directly below this statue is a white square; this is the first Teleport Pad. If you want to grab any Flight Charges, there are 2 Red Ones on opposite sides of the room here. When you're ready, step onto the White Teleport Pad. This takes you to a Room with a hand holding a Tablet directly North from here. There are several tablets like this located throughout the Temple, and do nothing but hold Namekian Wisdom for you. If you want to read 'em, go right ahead.

"To continue - walk Down and Right around the torches, following the flames (take out the Henchmen if you wish). The path here will go Up and Right; you will want to take the Right path. Continue moving past the Green Teleport Pad (and the Green Flight's the Green section!), beat up the Blue Henchman, and Follow the Hall as it banks and goes Up. Your path will meet with another Namekian Statue Warrior, this one Holding a 2-Star Dragon Ball. Directly below the statue is a Namekian Statue of a Hand, pointing right. That's a clue, folks - there's a hidden passage in the Right Wall. Walk through the Wall to find a hidden area. What's inside this area? Why yes, it's the 3rd and Final Artifact! Now you can finish the blasted quest!

"Exit the secret passage and walk Down, returning to the Green Telepad you passed. This will take you to a new room, one with 2 teleporters - one green, one blue - at the bottom of the screen. Ignore these, heading up towards the next Namekian Warrior Statue (3-star Dragon Ball in hand). Take a left at the statue, entering another North-South Hallway. This hallway has a Namekian Hand Statue and a henchman. Head Down to the Orange Teleporter. In the next area you're taken to (with a Namekian Tablet directly Up from here), started heading Down. You'll see the next Namekian Warrior Statue (with the 4-Star Dragon Ball), and a Namekian Hand pointing Left. Ignore the hand and the statue and take out the 2 Henchmen, then move to Yellow Transport Pad (which is Down and Right from the Hand Statue).

"This puts you in a North-South hallway that quickly branches left, as well as continuing down. Start heading Left, ignoring the 1st passage leading up, the Orange Teleport Pad, and the 2nd passage leading up. At the end of this corridor is a White Teleport Pad; this is the one you want to take (you're almost there, folks!). Inside this room is a Henchmen that almost immediately attacks you, as well as 2 Namekian Statues (that do NOT attack you), holding the 6- and 7-star Dragon Balls. Walk straight up, between the 2 Statues, to another White Teleport Pad. Take it and you will be shifted to a room with an oversized statue of Saichourou (the Namekian Guru), with 3 squares of different color (Red, Green, Blue) around him. Hmm...Red, Green, and Blue - why, you have artifacts that match those colors! Move to each spare and press the A BUTTON next to them to place each Artifact. When you do, you'll gain your rewards and a new Teleport Pad will appear on the Left Side of the Screen (which is White).

[In Summary - Get the 2 Artifacts outside, and get the 3rd one by taking the WHITE teleport pad in the first Temple Room. Follow the Path Right and up, walking through the wall that is next to the Namekian Hand Statue, to find the 3rd Artifact. Take the GREEN teleport pad, then the ORANGE teleport pad next to the Namekian Hand Statue. From here, head Down and Right to find the YELLOW Transport Pad; take it to the next room. Walk Down, then Right as far as you can go to find another WHITE Teleport Pad. Take that, then walk straight up in this room to find yet another WHITE Teleport Pad. This takes you to the Artifact Room. If you ever get lost, keep trying Teleport pads - one will eventually send you back to the beginning of the temple, allowing you restart the area.]

*** Quest #20 Completed ***

"Gokuu comments on how he heard a sound coming from the left; walk left to find a new (White) Teleport Pad. There is another teleport pad in this room, in the Upper-Right, but you do NOT want to take that pad - it brings you back to the beginning of the Temple. Gokuu even comments in the game how he has a bad feeling about the pad...this should tell you NOT to take it, and instead take the White Pad instead. You'll be taken to a new hallway leading up. Move up through the corridor, grab the Green Flying Charge (and ignore the White Telepad, as it will just put you back in the Artifact Room), and head out of the Temple through the top of the screen. This takes you to the next area, in which resides:

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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