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III - Basics
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B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
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F - Quest List
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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

III. Basics

C - Ki Abilities

Gokuu can do more than punch his opponents. One of the hallmarks of the Dragon Ball world is the characters' ability to utilize "Ki attacks", the body's ability to channel energy into damaging blasts of heat, light, etc. Gokuu is no exception to this, although he has been seriously downgraded in the games' terms - he starts off with only 1 Ki attack, and has to learn the others by completing tasks as the game progresses. Each Ki attack has varying levels of strength, depending on how long you hold down the B BUTTON before releasing the attack. Let's talk about each attack individually, as well as where you get 'em.

########## Ki Blast ##########

Gokuu's starting Ki ability is the Ki blast, a single ball of Ki energy that is hurled in a horizontal line along the directon Gokuu is facing. The attack itself has several levels of power, the level being determined by how long you hold the B BUTTON down. A Weaker Ki Blast is a puny ball of energy that quickly fizzles out a short distance from Gokuu's body, and does paltry damage; I would not suggest using this often, as having a projectile attack with little damage and practically no range is a little detrimental to Gokuu's fighting ability. A Medium-sized Ball travels a good distance further and does moderate damage, roughly 2/3rds as much as one of Gokuu's punches. The Strongest, Largest Ki Blast will continue travelling indefinitely, and hits about as hard as one of Gokuu's Punches. At weaker levels, though, Gokuu has to put more energy (i.e., more of his Ki Bar) into this attack to make it hit the higher levels of power; once Gokuu hits a high enough level, Gokuu will become proficient enough with the attack to not even bother with the Medium-sized ball (although the Weak blast can still be used, if you put absolutely no effort into the attack).

As with Gokuu's Kamehame-Ha, this attack grows in strength along with Gokuu's level. However, the attack cannot do any more damage than a certain set level - meaning no matter how much energy you puut in the attack (past a certain point), it will not do any more damage. Therefore, it does you absolutely no good to power up a Ki Blast with all the energy in your Ki Bar, since most of that bar will be wasted on an attack that could have done the same amount of damage with less energy behind it. Still, having a fairly-damaging projectile is quite nice, especially against pesky enemies that won't stay away.

WHEN/HOW DO YOU GET THIS: Gokuu starts with it.

########## Taiyo-Ken/Solar Flare ##########

Learning Japanese: the attack "Taiyo-Ken" is the correct title of the Solar Flare attack. The word "Taiyo" means sun, while the word "Ken" commonly means "Attack" - thus, the title "Sun Attack" would be most accurate, while Solar Flare is close enough. Technically, though, Solar Flare would be "Taiyo no furea" (the romanization of "Flare" being necessary).

The 2nd Ki Ability Gokuu learns, and (in my opinion) the most effective, is the Taiyo-Ken/Solar Flare ability. Although it goes against my principles (that being to use the original, CORRECT name), I shall endeavor to refer to the move only as "Solar Flare" so as to not confuse anyone. This attack is fairly straightforward - Gokuu charges up a ball of energy, then releases it as a flash of light. After doing so, all enemies (even those off-screen) will be stunned for a short while, allowing Gokuu to attack them or flee at his leisure. The amount of time each enemy is stunned depends on how much energy Gokuu puts into the Solar Flare attack.

The reason I consider this to be Gokuu's most effective Ki ability is because he can use it to escape from enemies, or simply wail on them with moderate safety the entire time. Since most enemies will stay a certain distance before moving in to attack Gokuu, you have a window of opportunity to charge up a quick blast, stun your opponent, and then either get away or attack them. Since the Solar Flare attack also works on bosses, you are free to charge up a blast, move in and punch a few times, then still move to a far-enough distance to charge another blast up. It's almost pathetic how easy the game becomes when you learn this attack, since you really don't require any other abilities besides this (and Gokuu's punch, of course).

One thing that I find irritating about this attack, however, is that the length of time your enemies remain stunned does not change depending on your level. Enemies will always remain stunned the same amount of time for the same amount of Ki used, ALWAYS. Also, there is a small amount of downtime between uses, so you actually have to wait a few moments before you can throw out another Solar Flare. It may seem unfair, but it does stop enemies from throwing Ki Blasts when you use it!

WHEN/WHERE DO YOU GET THIS: Upon aiding the various townsfolk in the Forest Village and returning the Old Man's cat, you will be taught this attack by the Old Man himself. Just how the Old Man knows this attack is beyond me...

########## Kamehame-Ha ##########

Gokuu's last Ki Ability to learn is the fabled Kamehame-Ha, a powerful Ki blast that took Kamesennin Mutenroshi (aka Master Roshi) 50 years to devise. In the series (and manga), Gokuu was able to learn the attack simply by watching Roshi perform the attack, but for some odd reason Gokuu doesn't know it in the game until roughly 2/5ths through. Strange.

The Kamehame-Ha is like the Ki Blast in design - it is a beam of energy that travels horizontally in the direction Gokuu is facing, and can power up to a more powerful version by holding down the B BUTTON longer. As with the Ki Blast, the Kamehame-Ha has 4 levels of damage - weak, medium, strong, and "Gokuu starts yelling, it's so darn powerful" - the difference between the attacks being how much damage the attack does and how wide it is. The Kamehame-Ha, pound for pound, is much more damaging that Gokuu's fists OR the Ki blast, so if you need to do a lot of damage in a pinch, this is the way to go. Plus, it's neat to hear Gokuu yelling "Kamehame-HA!!!" in the game when you power it up to its srongest level.

Unfortunately, the Kamehame-Ha does not have nearly the same range as the Ki Blast. In each phase (weak, medium, strong), the attack will only travel across a small portion of the screen. Thus, your enemies have to be moderately close to Gokuu if he is to hit them. This is perfectly fine if you wish to use the attack in conjunction with his Solar Flare attack, but by itself you are lookin' to hurt yourself.

WHEN/WHERE DO YOU GET THIS: After completing King Kai's training, he teaches Gokuu this attack. Strange, since Gokuu was supposed to have learned the attack years before this...and why doesn't King Kai teach Gokuu how to use Kai-ou Ken or how to make the Genki Tama? Eh? Eh?

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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