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I - Introduction
II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
C - Thanks
D - No Thanks

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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

III. Basics

Let's cover some of the basic stuff, first, so you'll at least have a general idea of what to do in the game, eh?

A - The Game & The Menu

Gokuu's health and Ki are depicted as 2 bars located in the Upper-Left corner of the screen. The Green Bar - with the "K" next to it - is Gokuu's Ki, which he uses for his Ki attacks, and the Red Bar - with the "H" next to it - is Gokuu's Health. If Gokuu runs out of Health, Gokuu dies and the game is Over. Enemies are combatted by using a Ki attack on them or punching them, whichever you'd prefer to do (although you can avoid them, this will not kill them). You can tell when Gokuu is being damaged by an enemy, as he will flash red - of course, this holds true for when Gokuu damages his enemies as well, since they flash red also. An opponent is dead/defeated when they slump to the ground and cease to move anymore.

When Gokuu succeeds in defeating an enemy or completing a quest, he gains experience points. These points go towards an overall total, which - after earning enough points - Gokuu gains a level-up. When Gokuu goes up to the next level, he takes less damage from his enemies, has more health and Ki, has a higher number of Flight Charges he can carry, and can attack his opponents with more force than before. Occasionally, after completing a quest, Gokuu will gain a Speed-Up - this simply means that Gokuu will now move around faster, and can actually outrun certain foes. The amount of Levels that Gokuu can gain, however, tops off at 25, so once you hit that point there is no use in continuing to fight enemies (unless, of course, you LIKE beating up enemies!). You'll know when Gokuu gains a level, as a menu box will appear and inform you of what level you have attained.

The Menu Screen has several options which you can pick. Here is a bad ASCII picture, depicting the Menu:

|                                                        |
|  ____________________________________________________  |
|  |                                                  |  |
|  |  Level:  [Whatever Level Gokuu is At]            |  |
|  |                                                  |  |
|  |  Experience: [How much experience Gokuu has]     |  |
|  |                                                  |  |
|  |  To Next Level:  [How much Exp. Gokuu needs]     |  |
|  |                                                  |  |
|  ----------------------------------------------------  |
|  ____________________________________________________  |
|  |                              ||                  |  |
|  |  O Quests                    || HP:              |  |
|  |    Inventory                 ||     [Current HP] |  |
|  |    Attacks                   || Ki:              |  |
|  |    Save                      ||     [Current Ki] |  |
|  |    Options                   ||                  |  |
|  |    Credits                   || Time:            |  |
|  |    Exit                      ||  0 0 : 0 0 : 0 0 |  |
|  |                              ||                  |  |
|  ----------------------------------------------------  |
|                                                        |

Although a little self explanitory, I might as well cover what's said above. "Level" is what Level Gokuu is currently at, and Experience is how much Exp. Gokuu has amassed throughout the game. Below these is the amount of Experience Gokuu must raise before he can gain another level. The Box on the Lower Right gives numerical ratings for how much HP and KI Gokuu currently has, as well as just how long you've been playing the game. In the box on the Lower Left, we have several options which you can scroll through with the directional pad. Select the option you want A BUTTON, or Cancel with the B BUTTON.

~"Quests" shows which Quests Gokuu has completed in the game.
~"Inventory" shows what items Gokuu has obtained. If you need to use a Senzu or some Herbs, you may select them from this screen by moving the Cursor next to them and pressing the A BUTTON.
~"Attacks" shows which Ki Abilities Gokuu has learned at that point in the game.
~"Save" allows you to save your game. Upon selecting it, you will be prompted to select a Save File (there are 2 to pick from); you may select one with the A BUTTON or press the B BUTTON to cancel. If you are overwriting another Save file, the game will tell you this and ask you if you really want to do so.
~"Options" lets you change some of the settings of the game. These settings are Text Speed (Low, Medium, High), Music Volume (1-10), and Sound Effects Volume (1-10).
~"Credits" shows you who worked on the game.
~"Exit" is what you select to exit the menu screen. You can also exit it by pressing the B BUTTON.

Great, now let's get to the controls!

B - Controls

Punch/Talk/Speed Up Text/Pick Up Items. By simply pressing the A BUTTON, Gokuu will punch in whatever direction he is facing. This is one of your 3 modes of attacking, and is a staple to Gokuu's survival in the game. By moving next to a non-hostile person, you can initiate a conversation with them by pressing TOWARDS them and pressing the A BUTTON. Upon initiating Dialog, you can speed up the text by holding down the A BUTTON, and can skip to the next box of text by pressing the A BUTTON again. Finally, Gokuu can pick up items that are on the ground by moving next to them and pressing the A BUTTON - much like as if you were trying to talk to someone.

Ki Attack/Show All Text. By pressing the B BUTTON, Gokuu will use one of 3 Ki attacks. Although he only starts with 1, Gokuu eventually learns 2 more Ki attacks to select from and utilize in battle. Also, if Gokuu is in a Conversation with someone he can display all of the text they will say by pressing the B BUTTON, and can then progress to the next screen of dialog by pressing the B BUTTON again. This can make your conversations a lot quicker.

Ki Ability Selection. Gokuu, throughout the game, learns 3 different Ki Attacks, but can only use one at a time. In order to select a different Ki Attack, you can cycle through the trio by pressing the L BUTTON. Pressing it will select the next Ki Ability that Gokuu has learned.

Flight Mode. By pressing the R BUTTON, Gokuu will initiate Flight Mode. During Flight Mode, Gokuu can soar above (most of) the landscape, flying above enemies and (most) obstacles on the ground. While Gokuu is in Flying Mode, he cannot be harmed by any enemy attacks, so he is relatively free from harm while doing so...although he cannot attack his foes either, so it's a trade-off (kinda like Oliyuke's Resiliant Sphere, although Gokuu can recharge his Ki while flying). Unfortunately, Gokuu's ability to fly is severely impaired by the fact that, when flying around, he drains his "Flight Charges". These charges, representated by a number in the Upper-Left corner of the screen (this temporarily replaces your Health/Ki bars), quickly drains when Gokuu moves about. Since you start out with an extremely low Maximum of Flight Charges, you'd best not use it unless it is absolutely necessary (or simply don't move while flying). You can replenish Flight Charges by picking up one of 2 different Flight Charge items.

Menu. By pressing the Start Button, you will be taken to the menu screen.

Flight Charge Display. By holding the Select Button, you can see how many Flight Charges you currently have. The game displays both your maximum and current amounts, so you don't have to worry about flying to find out.

Moving. Use the Directional Pad to move Gokuu around, whether it is in the Flight Mode, on the ground, or simply moving the cursor up/down in the menu screen.

Simple enough that I don't believe any of those require further explanation, yes?

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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