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I - Introduction
II - Game Story

III - Basics
A - The Game & The Menu
B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

A - The Name Game
B - Revision History
C - Thanks
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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (2)

Dinosaurs' Homes/The Excavation Site

"Welcome to the next segment of the forest! It's a good thing you can survive fights with puppies and crabs, Kakorotto, because if you couldn't then I would be forced to come right out and smack the tar out of you! In fact, you're so pathetically weak, I should probably do that anyways!"

::smacks Gokuu in the head::

"Ok, I feel better now. Anyways, you're located at the Lower-Right corner of the map, and are on a makeshift path created by the trees around you (you'll notice a rock to the left; keep that in mind for later). You might as well follow the path, Kakorotto, or else you'll NEVER get to feast your eyes upon me! And that would be a travesty.

*Special Note: If, at any time, you have to replenish your health or simply want to fight more enemies for more experience, leave the area you are in and come back. All the items and enemies will be restored, so you can fight (or collect) all over again. If you need more herbs or Senzu Beans, you can simply walk Down (off of the screen) and return to the first area to recollect those items!

"Just north of the entrance to this area is a small stairway leading up to an oversized Nest, which is currently being guarded by a Pterodactyl. Talk to the beast and it will relegate its story to you, talking of how it was born a poor black- ...wait, no, that's 'The Jerk' featuring Steve Martin! My mistake... This Pterodactyl just bawls its eyes out, then tells you its egg was stolen by some heartless beast. That sounds like a Quest to me, kiddies!

***** Quest #3: Found Dino Egg *****
Reward(s): 350 Experience

[No, that's not a typo - the game lists this as the 3rd Quest, not the 2nd. You can complete the quests in any order you like (or not at all, if you so choose), I just number the quests based off of the order they come up in the "Quest" menu.]

"So the dino lost its egg (or, rather, had it stolen from it), and it's up to Gokuu to find it. Gosh, I wish I could be a goody-too-shoes that does everything that people ask me to. Ah, no matter, let's just go find that egg. Climb down the stairs and turn left. You'll notice that the path continues on to the Left, and there is a stairway leading up to a green plateau. Take the stairway (and kill the wolf, if you like). The plateau continues left, with a stairway leading to another level (this one has rocks on it). All that lies past those stairs is another wolf, so skip it and continue left. I suggest you move slowly, as there are 3 wolves in a pack ahead. You don't want them ALL coming at you at once, so lure them out 1 at a time and dispose of them quickly. Past them is a stairway leading up; take it.

"This walkway banks left, then splits into two paths that head up through the trees (one of them has rocks in the way). It doesn't matter which one you take, since they both lead to the same place, so pick one and head up. The path immediately turns back Right, past TenShinHan (his name actually IS TenShinHan - I refuse to call him 'Tien') and Chao-Zu. Stop and talk to them both, as each conversation will net you 500 Experience (and most likely a level-up). 1000 Exp. isn't that easy a find at this stage in the game, so taking advantage of such freebies IS in your best interest. Continue past the Triclops and the Mime, heading right along the path. The Path will split again, one path heading Down past a wall of rocks. You can take out the rocks and trace the short path to a Flight Charge item (if you need it), or keep moving. It's your call, spud.

"A little further Right on this path, you will see another fork in the road; this split is a North/South split, the upper path having Weeds and Rocks in the way. Blow away the Rocks, kill the wolves, and grab the rock that is lying there. Double-back and take the Southern path this time. Just past the tree, you will see a cliff with a waterfall (ooh, pretty). You can cross past the waterfall if you have any flight charges, as the path is broken (you can't walk past). If you need any Flight Charges, you can simply walk to the path below the Waterfall, since there is a Green Flight Charge item there. Now that you can fly, skip to the other side of the Waterfall and head up the steps.

"At the top of the area, you'll see a Pterodactyl egg - and a Pterodactyl, this one not kind enough to share words with you. No, this dinosaur wants to make you bleed, so duke it out with the monster! Having trouble surviving? What I suggest is that you keep hurling Ki Blasts at it, and when it gets too close, fly past it, land, then turn and fire again. When you run out of Flight Charges, keep walking Left and Right (the Pterodactyl will move horizontally with you instead of trying to get closer) until the Charge returns, then grab it and fly off. If you find yourself in a dire situation, just fly past it, grab the egg, then fly off before it can catch up.

::waits for you to kill the Pterodactyl, or simply grab the Egg and run away::

"Good job, you've got the egg! All that remains now is to return it to the not-so-greatful mother, and she will reward you with...well, nothing. But you DO get 350 Experience for your troubles, as well as the experience from TenShinHan and Chao-Zu and any enemies you killed.

[To Summarize: Follow the winding path to where the Egg is, grab the egg, and return to the Mother. You don't HAVE to get the stone, kill the Pterodactyl, or talk to TenShinHan & Chao-Zu, but I highly suggest you do.]

*** Quest #3 Completed ***

"Let's walk left again, taking the stairs up again. This time, when you reach the split between the stairs and the path that leads downward (next to the tree), head down along the path and you'll discover a tent in a clearing, the tent sporting the Capsule Corporation Logo. Man, that company makes EVERYTHING. Anywho, you'll notice a partially-excavated Dinosaur next to the tent, and a wolf close by. Blast the wolf, ignore the tent, and trod all over the dinosaur if you want. You'll notice an island directly North (up) from the Tent with a man stranded on it; fly up there, land, and talk to the gent.

***** Quest #4: Saved Old Man *****
350 Experience
Speed Increase

"Here's an interesting situation. We have a man who hates water, yet is stuck on a small island in the middle of a river. He doesn't want to be flown, he doesn't want to swim, yet he wants off the island...I don't know how this guy got out there, and frankly I don't care. If I were there, I'd either nuke the man or simply blow away the entire river, making the man quake with fear (quaking is fun, kiddies). However, Kakorotto is a softy, and wants to help the man out. He suggests that if he had a bridge, he could get back...and, conveniently, there are 3 stone-shaped spots between the island and the main landmass where his tent is located. Gokuu, haven't you seen 3 rocks lying about? Of course you have! You picked one up in the northern section of this level, near where you got the Pterodactyl's Egg, another was next to the Pterodactyl's Nest, and you saw the 3rd one when you first entered the stage! Let's go collect those now.

"Returning to the beginning of the stage, you'll notice a funny looking plant directly in front of several trees (South of the Pterodactyl's nest). If you walk Up from the plant (on the right side of the two trees) you can pass underneath the leafy foliage and grab the rock. Return to the plant, then head straight left. There is a break between the trees, creating a small path that leads downward. Here is the 3rd stone. Now that you have all 3, return to the Old Man and create a bridge for him. He'll thank you for your efforts, give you some herbs, reward you with some experience, AND give you a speed increase (yay, Gokuu now moves marginally FASTER than a slug).

*** Quest #4 Completed ***

There is one more area to jump to in here, and it lies near the beginning. If you head directly left from where the road first split (straight left from the Pterodactyl's Nest), you will find a large Dinosaur's Skeleton lying on the ground (and a wolf nearby, but I doubt if the wolf did THIS). Past these bones are a river, which Gokuu will comment on a 'powerful presense' being sensed across it. Hey, powerful stuff usually mean good experience, so fly across the river and continue to the Left. Here, you will discover an incredibly powerful enemy, the Earthbound ('Scoliosis') Dinosaur. In all seriousness, I would suggest that you ignore the dinosaur for now, because he will positively ream you. Unless you resort to trickery, he is too darn powerful to take on, so follow the path to the Left Side of the Screen to the next area...

"...oh, if you DO want to try and fight the Dinosaur, your best bet is to hit him with some Ki Blasts, then lure him to the Right. Keep shooting him, then fly across the river and pelt him from the safety of the opposite shore. The Dinosaur nets you 600 Experience Points, so it doesn't take much to gain a level-up from him (provided you survive, that is).

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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