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III - Basics
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B - Controls
C - Ki Abilities
D - Items
E - Experience Chart
F - Quest List
IV - The Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
V - Enemies & Bosses
VI - Various

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Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

By Vegita Guardian Of Destiny

IV. Walkthrough (5)

Snake Way and King Kai's Planet

"Hey, at least you're back on track, Gokuu. Also, thankfully, there are several Red Flight Charges strewn about Snake Way, so fly all the way to the end (Gokuu won't fall off this time). Upon reaching the Tail, Gokuu will comment how he sees King Kai's Planet, and has to fly to it. Fly to Kai's planetoid (it's to the Left of the tail) and Gokuu will land on it.

"Well, it's time for some training with Gokuu! Head Up and Right to find King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory outside of their house. Talk to King Kai to get a brief history lesson on the Saiya-Jins, then you'll get your first assignment - catch Bubbles.

***** Quest #12: Catch Bubbles *****

"Bubbles is much faster than Gokuu, so the key to this Quest is to use the Flight Charges around you to replenish Gokuu's flying ability, then fly after Bubbles. Since you can fly a lot faster than you can Walk, you can easily catch up with Bubbles and punch him, ending the quest (yeah, it says 'Catch Bubbles', but you actually have to punch him).

*** Quest Completed ***

"King Kai then hands Gokuu a hammer and tells him to go after Gregory.

***** Quest #13: Kong Gregory *****
Gokuu learns the Kamehame-Ha
1500 Experience
Speed Increase

"This quest is pretty much the same as 'Catch Bubbles', except you have a Mallet that gives you a little more range to your attack. Fly after Gregory and thock him in the head.

*** Quest Completed ***

"King Kai then informs Gokuu that the Dragon Balls have been collected and he is going to be wished back. Good job, Gokuu, you're alive again...and soon, you're going to get to fight me!

"First, however, you are taken to Kami's Lookout. Walk up and talk to Kami and Mr. Popo, who tell you that the Saiya-Jins are already here (and Kami gives you some herbs). Head Left, then Up to find Korrin. Korrin will give some Senzu Beans. Now that you are (hopefully) adequately prepared, walk off the Left side of Kami's Lookout to return to Earth.

The Wasteland, City, and Military Base

"Here you are, Gokuu, ready to take on and a pair of Saiya-Jins. Of course, you have a definite course of action, so the first thing you do - logically - is NOT head to the place you're supposed to, instead travelling to an Icy Field in the middle of nowhere. Good job, brainiac. Your priorities are so out of wack, I'm surprised you didn't stop to take a nap, eat lunch, and watch some TV while you were at it. Well, you gotta make due with what you've got...

"Head straight Left from where you start out and you will find a Wolf and a Boy. You are supposed to kill 1 and save the other (you can guess which from which), so after killing the Wolf (I'll bet you thought it was the boy), fly up and talk to the boy. Gokuu, you're a little too helpful, you know that?

***** Quest #14: Save the Lost Boy *****
Reward(s): Capsule

"The boy tells you that he was chased up there by wolves, and that he wants to be taken home. A simple enough task, so head Down, exitting this area and entering the City. Oh, and be aware that there is a Namekian Dinosaur in this area. It looks like the Earthbound Dinosaur you fought earlier in the game, but this one is leagues more powerful than its Earth counterpart (however, it also gives 4,000 experience, so if you want a level or two...).

"In the City, Walk South across the street, then cross to the houses on the Right. Enter the first house (of the 2 houses, it is the one on the Left), and talk to the woman inside. This is the boy's mother, and will be happy that he is safely returned. Her reward to you is a Capsule Corporation Capsule. Don't worry, you WILL use this...

*** Quest #14 Completed ***

"A Capsule, eh? I wonder what this is order to find out, return to the Top of the area, where you first entered the City, and enter the house on the Left (next to the little girl and the man in a business suit). Inside, you'll find a researcher that is obsessed with Capsule Corporation Capsules.

***** Quest #15: Find Capsules *****
Reward(s): 1500 Experience

"The first Capsule is the reward for completing the 'Saved Lost Boy' quest (see above). You should probably complete that quest before beginning this one.

"Now you've got a capsule, you might as well make it a pair...exit the lost boy's house and cross the Street, heading Up at the Bank and walking behind it. You'll find several patches of Tall Grass, which you should shoot with a Ki Blast (or you could try out your new Kamehame-Ha to take out several at once). Underneath the grass is a Green Flight Charge and another Capsule. Take both capsules to the man in the house near the Entrance and he will trade take them from you. Your reward for helping him is 1500 experience.

*** Quest #15 Completed ***

"Your next stop is the Bank, directly south of the Capsule-Fanatic's house. The people outside will tell you that it was just robbed. Gee, I wonder who could have robbed the bank...possibly the 3 guys that are walking around, wearing bandannas to hide their faces, and carrying guns? Perhaps?

***** Quest #16: Stop the Bank Robbers *****
Reward(s): 1,000 Experience per Robber (3 robbers, 3,000 total) 1,500 Experience (completion of the Quest)

"Find all 3 robbers (which shouldn't be hard, as they are usually all in front of the bank) and beat them. Gosh, ain't that hard?

*** Quest #16 Completed ***

"All that's left to do is to travel Down, then Right through the military base. King Kai will contact you telepathically, telling you to hurry because the rest of Earths' Warriors are getting beat down. Before you go, though, you can blow up a few rocks in front of one of the buildings to replenish your Flight Charges, and talk to the Nurse to have your health restored. If you want to gain a couple level-ups before entering the fray, go fight the Namekian Dinosaur (kill it, leave the screen, then return). At any rate, it's time to face off against your betters, Kakorotto!

  Dragon-Ball-z: Legacy of Gokuu

Legacy of Gokuu


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