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1) The Introduction
  1.1) Emailing Me
  1.2) FAQ and NSFAQ
  1.3) Version History
2) The Game
  2.1) The Lights Go Out in ACDC (FlashMan)
  2.2) N1 Preliminaries I
  2.3) When Animals Attack (BeastMan)
  2.4) N1 Preliminaries II
  2.5) Squeaky Clean (BubbleMan)
  2.6) The Game is Rigged (DesertMan)
  2.7) Mother Nature's Had Enough (PlantMan)
  2.8) That Burning Sensation (FlameMan)
  2.9) Climbing the Ranks
  2.10) Construction Ahead (DrillMan)
  2.11) Peer-to-Peer Peril (Alpha)
3) The Extras
  3.1) I've Got a Secret...Area
  3.2) 200 Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  3.3) On the Clock
  3.4) 85 More Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3
  3.5) Super Navi-gation
  3.6) 32 Combinations of Fragments of Power
  3.7) The Beginning and the End
  3.8) Even More Fragments of Power
4) The Jobs  1, 2
5) The End

  5.1) Thanks
  5.2) Copyright
  5.3) Legalities

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Megaman Battle Network 3 White FAQ/Walkthrough


2) The Game

2.8) That Burning Sensation (FlameMan)

Cut to Wily's lair. He's contacting some mysterious person and cluing him/her/it in on his Cybergeddon. Cut to ACDC Park, where Ms. Mari shortly arrives to tell Lan he's receiving a commendation for his work at the hospital. Head to SciLab when the cutscene's over. At the station, you'll run in to the man who helped you with the PresData. After a brief talk, go to the Virus Lab for your commendation. During the commencement, you'll hear that Mamoru wants you to pay him a visit. Leave for the hospital and a cutscene will start. Lan's hero thing is going to his head. He starts walking, then runs in to Mr. Match (an ex- WWW member if you haven't played the first two games). A short cutscene involving mistrust ensues, but an employee of SciLab breaks it up by saying there's trouble in Yoka 2. Go there and you'll have to delete some Navis. From Yoka Square, go forward to the end of the path, then take the upward compress path to find one Navi. You'll face some exceptionally strong viruses, a Yurt, a StormBox, and a HardHead. Once you delete them, go to the downward compression path and find another Navi who claims to be with the WWW. This one has two Mettaur3s and another StormBox. When you beat them, Mr. Match calls you to say that they're now in the Beach area. Go there via the CyberMetro.

Two of the WWW Navis are in Beach 1. One is on the central platform, before the security cube. He has two Deetles and a StormBox. The second is on the platform with the teleporter, in the lower area, where you teleported to save GutsMan during the N1 Preshow. He has a Slimey, a Fishy, and a StormBox. The last one is in Beach 2, on the large platform that has the portal to Beach Square. This one has a Mettaur3, a Gloomer, and a StormBox. Match emails you with information about the WWW again. They're in SciLab 1. There's only one Navi here, on the upper level of SciLab 1. He's on the large platform with the four orange doors. He fights with a Swordy2, a Swordy3, and a StormBox. When you win, three more Navis will appear. Match will send in FlameMan to burn them all. Lan finally trusts Match, then gets a mysterious email telling him to go to the ACDC Square BBS. Do so. The Navi there warns you about Match. Lan pays him no regard and finally decides to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, go to Mamoru's room. He's at the window. Talk to him to receive HospCode, which will come in handy later in unlocking the security cube in Beach 1. When you leave, Match will show up and ask you to install a program on the SciLab systems. Head to the Virus Lab when you're ready to help him, then talk to him to get your instructions. Go to SciLab 1 with FireData and talk to the program on the upper level near the entrance to SciLab 2. Jack out and Match will have another assignment for you. Take the HeatData to the program in the vending machine. Finally, Match tells you to take some FlamData to a program in your dad's computer. When you're done, Match sends you off with a LavaStge T chip. Would it kill him to do something less predictable maybe? As you walk away, Match gives an evil chuckle...

Head home and into your room, where a cutscene will start. The entire SciLab is burning up! Gee, do you possibly think Torchy McFiremeister had anything to do with it? Dr. Hikari and the rest of the scientists refuse to evacuate before backing up SciLab's files. Cut to Lan's room. You'll get an email from DNN reporting the fire. Get to SciLab and you'll get a call from Match congratulating you on helping him sabotage SciLab. Stock up on water chips for the rest of this scenario. You need to put out all the fires in the four main areas of the net, and EngyChng and Fish are essential. For the first extinguishing mission, jack in to your PC and enter ACDC. The list of fires in ACDC is as follows.

--ACDC 1--
1) First fork from your HP
2) In the middle of main street
3) Path leading to Dex's PC (BublSide F x1)

--ACDC 2--
1) The platform with Yai's HP (BublSide F x2)
2) Second fork along main street (Virus)
3) First fork near entrance to ACDC 3

--ACDC 3--
1) Past main street to the final fork
2) Dead-end near ACDC Square entrance
3) Side road near entrance to ACDC 1 (BublSide F x3)

When you clear all nine fires, you'll get a call from Match congratulating you on clearing the area. Jack out and go to Yai's house. Take the shortcut to SciLab Square and clear these six fires.

--SciLab 1--
1) Upper Area: Side path off of main street, near SciLab 2 (Virus)
2) Lower Area: Main purple platform
3) Upper Area: Side path off of main street, near main platform w/ orange doors (400 Zenny)

--SciLab 2--
1) Behind the counter near the entrance to SciLab 1 lower area (400 Zenny)
2) On a side path on the lower area of the main platform
3) On a side path on the way to SciLab 1 upper area

When you're done here, Match will call you again. When that's over, take the CyberMetro to Yoka. Get off at Yoka 2 and put out these six fires. If you're running low on Aqua chips, pick some up from the viruses here.

--Yoka 1--
1) Upper Area: Platform near Tamako's HP (Virus)
2) Lower Area: Pathway near BugFrag Trader (Virus)
3) Upper Area: Platform on which you fought BubbleMan (BublSide F x2)

--Yoka 2--
1)Same place where you found the first WWW Navi earlier in the scenario (100 Zenny)
2) Same place where you found the second WWW Navi earlier in the scenario (BublSide F x2)
3) Dead end near entrance to Yoka 1 upper level

Match will call you again. Take the CyberMetro to Beach 2 and put out the six fires there to rid the net of the fires.

--Beach 1--
1) After the teleporter on the path around the main platform (Virus)
2) Behind you after walking down to lower area
3) Where you saved GutsMan during the N1 (BublSide F x3)

--Beach 2--
1) Lower area, along the orange road near the compression path (Virus)
2) Upper area, near entrance to Beach Square
3) Lower area, near WWW door (Virus)

Match calls you to tell you that FlameMan is waiting in Undernet 3. To get to the Undernet, go to Beach 2 lower area and look for a teleporter guarded by a generic evil-looking Navi. Show him your Tally to get access to Hades Isle's isolated pathway to the Undernet.

In Undernet 1, take the fourth ramp downward, then the conveyor path to the right, then the fork upwards to get to Undernet 2. In Undernet 2, walk forward to the platform with the friendly purple Navi on it. Go to the left, then fork upwards and take the teleporter there. Take the teleporter above you when you rematerialize, then go down the ramp and back in to Undernet 1. Go down to the central platform and take the pathway to your right to go back in to Undernet 2. Follow this pathway to enter Undernet 3, where FlameMan is hiding. You'll feel an incredible power, but proceed undaunted. Follow the only pathway you can
follow right now to a large platform. The immense power you felt earlier will shatter it. Take the conveyor path nearby upward (pick up the BMD for an HPMemory) and follow the path back to the evil Navi who wouldn't let you through before. You'll have to fight him to get through. He fights with two Fishy2s and a Canodumb3. Fishy2s ignite the tiles they fly over, so be careful. When you beat him, he'll let you through. Take the conveyor path upwards and fork left. Go down, then follow the path upwards. That odd Navi is still following you...anyway, the path you're on will lead you right to FlameMan. Save before fighting him, because he's quite annoying.

HP: 1000

Fire Breath Line: He will shoot fire down the line in front of him. If there is no panel in front of him, no fire will be sent. (60 dmg) Fire Breath Spread: He will shoot fire which takes up the center panel of your first column, then the entire second and third columns. To avoid it, stand above or below the center panel in your first column. (60 dmg) Evil Flame: When the candles in the back of the arena turn yellow, two flames will appear on your side of the arena and rotate around the center panel. They disappear if the flame on the candle goes out. (60 dmg)

In the top and bottom panels of the last column of FlameMan's area, there are two candles with 8 HP when lit. If the flame is green (both flames start out green), an aura protects FlameMan which makes him invincible. If the flame is red, FlameMan will slowly recover HP until the candle is put out. If the flame is yellow, the Evil Flame attack will be used.

When you defeat FlameMan, Match will notice that his Navi is barely scratched and Megaman is battered. Just as he's going to destroy you, the immense power appears and destroys FlameMan. Oh, and now you have to fight it.

HP: 1000

What does it really matter? You can't break his aura at all, and this is a scripted fight anyway. You can't win.

After the scripted boss fight, that bizarre Navi who has been following you takes on Forte. His imminent death (the Navi's, not Forte's) is delayed by Wily, saying he's finally gathered all four Tetra Codes. Which is bad. Get to SciLab to see if your dad's okay.

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Megaman Battle Network 3 White

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