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1) The Introduction
  1.1) Emailing Me
  1.2) FAQ and NSFAQ
  1.3) Version History
2) The Game
  2.1) The Lights Go Out in ACDC (FlashMan)
  2.2) N1 Preliminaries I
  2.3) When Animals Attack (BeastMan)
  2.4) N1 Preliminaries II
  2.5) Squeaky Clean (BubbleMan)
  2.6) The Game is Rigged (DesertMan)
  2.7) Mother Nature's Had Enough (PlantMan)
  2.8) That Burning Sensation (FlameMan)
  2.9) Climbing the Ranks
  2.10) Construction Ahead (DrillMan)
  2.11) Peer-to-Peer Peril (Alpha)
3) The Extras
  3.1) I've Got a Secret...Area
  3.2) 200 Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  3.3) On the Clock
  3.4) 85 More Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3
  3.5) Super Navi-gation
  3.6) 32 Combinations of Fragments of Power
  3.7) The Beginning and the End
  3.8) Even More Fragments of Power
4) The Jobs  1, 2
5) The End

  5.1) Thanks
  5.2) Copyright
  5.3) Legalities

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Megaman Battle Network 3 White FAQ/Walkthrough


3) Extras

Like MMBN2 before it, there are tons of things you can do in MMBN3 after you beat Alpha. If you start up the game after you have cycled through the credits once, you should notice a yellow star next to "Continue". Now, you can go to Hades Isle and fight Blues! Also at Hades Isle is a gargoyle statue you can jack in to. Do so and take the teleporter to the main Net and you'll find a BugFrag merchant. Fork over 200 BugFrags to pick up NavRcycl, your first Giga class chip! You _will_ need this chip later.

To start your extra quests, go to the Undernet Server under Yoka Inn Hot Springs and walk up to the circle where you got the Forbidden Program. Check it again with at least 100 different Standard chips in your library to enter...

3.1) I've Got a Secret...Area

You won't get very far in this area without Serenade's Hammer, found in Undernet 7. Talk to a ghost Navi in the lower area to get all the answers you need about the Hammer, except what you need to do to get it. You must beat FlameMan Beta and also have at least 50 BugFrags. To do the former, first you must find FlameMan Alpha, who is in a dead end in Undernet 5. When you defeat him, jack out, jack back in, and go to Yoka 1. To ease your search, equip OilBody. I don't know whether or not you need to get his v3 chip to open the security cube, but try to get it anyway. Neither of these forms have any new tricks, aside from 1400 HP and 1800 HP, respectively. Go to Undernet 5 through SciLab 1 and exit through the north exit. Follow the conveyors to the left portion of the area, then take the path away from the main area and unlock FlameMan's security cube. Follow this path up to Undernet 7. Turn right at the fork, then give the Spikey there 50 BugFrags to gain access to the Hammer. When you have it, go back to Secret 1. In Secret 1, you can smash the monolith to your left with the hammer. You will have to fight a ten-virus endurance match, though.

Battle 1: Mettaur3, Mettaur3, Mettaur3
Battle 2: Poofball
Battle 3: Yurt, Yurt
Battle 4: Swordy, Swordy2, Swordy3
Battle 5: Mettaur3, Mettaur3, Mettaur2
Battle 6: Poofball, Viner
Battle 7: Yurt, Metrod
Battle 8: BrushMan2, Fishy3, BrushMan2
Battle 9: Megabunny, Mettaur3, Megabunny
Battle 10: N.O-2, Metrod, Wind Omega

Behind this monolith is the Door of Wisdom, which opens when you defeat Mr. Quiz, the Quiz Master, the Quiz Queen, and the Quiz King, found in Yoka Inn's hallway, behind Yoka Hot Springs, on the third floor of the hospital, and on top of Hades Isle, respectively.

Mr. Quiz: 3, Mettaur, 9, 380 Zennys, 3 (RegUp3)
Quiz Master: 8th, Lion, 2, Stuffed Animal, Backward, 3, Teachers' Lounge, 3, 300 Zennys, Clay Statue (HPMemory)
Quiz Queen: Shadow, Pi, Slippers, Ohio, Age, Japan, Lamb, Gretel, Jupiter, Snake (Barr200 E)
Quiz King: It's free, 160, 5th, 2, Heat, 4, Silver gear, Robots, Battle Network, Bubbly Dance, Beast, Teacher, st.BEACH, Folding fans, Love & Loss (Navi+40 *)

Behind the Door of Wisdom is a chip for StepCros R.

Until you feel like taking on that monolith, take the bottom exit in this area around to the right side, up to the black tower guarding a BMD. These are Number Towers, the equivalent of Protectos. They are named, in this case, Number M-1, Number M-2, and Number M-2. You have to destroy them in sequential order, each with one-hit kills. If you hit a black one, it will hit you with a 1000 dmg Err/Del attack. If more than one is lit up, you need to destroy all the lit up ones. CopyDmg works wonders here. In this battle, hit the first tower with a strong PA, like LifeSwrd or HeatSprd, then use CopyDmg on one of the remaining Towers and quickly hit the other with another strong PA. Behind this Number Tower is 50,000 Zenny. Keep walking down this path to find another door. This one won't open unless you have 140 different Standard Class chips. Once you get 140 chips, walk through that door to confront DarkMan, the first guardian of the Secret Area.

HP: 1400

Fire Burst (Fire): When DarkMan is colored purple, he will shoot out flames at you in the fashion of FlameMan. (100 dmg)
Icewave (Aqua): When DarkMan is colored blue, he will shoot out an Icewave in the style of the Pengi family of viruses. (100 dmg)
Killereye (Elec): When DarkMan is colored orange, he will have an invisible beam ready to fire. The beam is just the same as the KillerEye virus family's. (100 dmg)
Shadow Slice: DarkMan will summon an axe to swipe at you that can only be destroyed with sword chips. Yes, those accursed Shadows are back. (100 dmg)
Bats: DarkMan will open up caves in your area which send out several 1HP bats. (50 dmg)

After defeating DarkMan, you can advance to Secret 2, whose guardian is YamatoMan. I refuse to call him "JapanMan". Go straight down this path to the teleporter at the end. If you want to reach the merchant, you'll need to take this teleporter, go down the lower path, and defeat three 400HP Numbers, numbered 1, 2, and 3. To defeat the first one, lose 400 HP and use Muramasa. To defeat the second one, use LifeSwrd. To defeat the third, use LifeSwrd or a combination of GrassStg and HeatSprd. Once you finish up here, take the teleporter back down and smash the monolith.

Battle 1: Spikey3, Metrodo
Battle 2: Yart, Deetle
Battle 3: LowBlow
Battle 4: StormBox, Fishy3
Battle 5: PoofBall, PoofBall
Battle 6: Totam, Metrodo, BrushMan3
Battle 7: Yart, BrushMan3, HardHead
Battle 8: Mashy, Moshy
Battle 9: Fishy3, Smasher
Battle 10: DemonEye, Dominerd2, BrushMan Omega

Take the teleporter at the end of this path, then go down the middle path through that teleporter. The lower path there has the Door of Trust, behind which lies a NaviCust program for HP+500! After the teleporter on the middle path, there lies a monolith at the end. Smash it.

Battle 1: Shadow (remember these can only be killed with sword attacks!)
Battle 2: Spikey2, Spikey2, Spikey3
Battle 3: Mettaur3, Mettaur3
Battle 4: LowBlow, Canodumb2
Battle 5: Shrimpy2, Gloomer
Battle 6: Ratty2, Ratty2, Ratty2
Battle 7: Yurt, Yurt
Battle 8: Mettaur3, Slimey, Slimey
Battle 9: Elewasp, Elewasp
Battle 10: Totem, Totem, RedDevil (another Shadow!)

Behind this monolith there is what appears to be a dead end. Walk along the right edge to find an invisible path. The BMD there holds AntiNavi M, so you can finally complete the BodyGrd PA! Walk back to the main path, then down the left edge to find another invisible path. When you get back on visible ground, go straight up to come upon another door. This one won't open unless you have at least one Giga Chip. If you followed the preliminary measures in the beginning of this section, you should be good for that door. If you're not, go back to Secret 1, teleport out, and jack out. Go to Hades Isle's gargoyle statue and buy NavRcycl. Go back to this door and pass through. You'll fight YamatoMan, who is the prime subject of poor translation.

HP: 1600

Spear Thrust: YamatoMan will thrust his spear down one solid row of your area. Dodge it by moving out of that row as quickly as possible. (150 dmg)
Spear Frenzy: YamatoMan will attack the first two columns of your area with quick spear jabs. Move to the back column of your area to dodge this attack. (150 dmg)
Spear Reflect: YamatoMan spins his spear to deflect buster attacks back at you. (150 dmg)
Battalion: When low on HP, YamatoMan will call in reinforcements that have 3HP each. They deal damage and steal panels. They will not stop until you have only your back column remaining. They do fall through broken panels, though. (150 dmg)

When you defeat YamatoMan, you can access the deepest area of the Secret Areas, Secret 3, the lair of Serenade, the UnderQueen. She is called male in the game, but that is also poor translation. When you enter the area, you'll notice a laser door. This will not open unless you have collected all the Virus Breeder viruses, save the Scutzes. Through this door is your main source for chips from here on in, the BugFrag Trader! This trader will give nearly any non-Giga-class chip in the game! Put 300 in there to prime it for something big after you beat Serenade. In the lower corner of the BugFrag Trader's area, there is a chip for Snctuary C. There is a hidden path along the left edge of this area with a monolith that's different from the others in that it's a 20-battle endurance match. Behind it lies the NaviCust program HubBatc!

Battle 1: Fishy2, Hardhead, Hardhead
Battle 2: Vinert
Battle 3: Mettaur3, Mettaur3
Battle 4: Eleglobe, Ratty3
Battle 5: Breaker, Breaker, Doomer
Battle 6: Mettaur3, Spikey3, Trumpy
Battle 7: Totun, Spiker
Battle 8: Swordy3, Swordy3, Shadow Omega
Battle 9: Fishy3, Trumpy
Battle 10: Volcanest, Spikey3, Metrodo
Battle 11: Mettaur3, Mettaur3, Trumpy
Battle 12: ErthJelly, Doomer
Battle 13: GoofBall, GoofBall
Battle 14: MoBlow
Battle 15: Pengon, Pengon
Battle 16: JokerEye, JokerEye, AlphaBug Omega
Battle 17: Yart, Canodumb3
Battle 18: Megabunny, Megabunny, Megabunny
Battle 19: N.O-3, Trasher
Battle 20: Slimest, Dominerd3, Scuttle Omega

When you're finished in the BugFrag Trader area, go back to the main area. Defeat the Number Tower (two Number M1s and a Number M2) with an AreaGrab and two LifeSwrds. Past those Numbers lie another monolith.

Battle 1: Mettaur3, Mettaur3, ErthJelly
Battle 2: Pengon, Shadow
Battle 3: Ratty3, Ratty3, Canodumb3
Battle 4: N.O-2, Trasher
Battle 5: Eleglobe, Eleglobe
Battle 6: Slimest, Slimest, Trumpy
Battle 7: Doomer, Doomer
Battle 8: Geetle, Geetle
Battle 9: Momogre, Heaviest, Momogre
Battle 10: Yart, BlueDemon (another Shadow!)

Past this monolith lies the most powerful Number Tower you've seen yet, but you don't actually need to defeat it to advance. It's not worth it, anyway, because the 'Frag Trader will eventually spit a Hole of some code anyway. But, if you insist, they're all Number G1s and they all have 650 HP. There are only two known ways to defeat these Towers. First, use GrassStg. Then, load up in this order, CopyDmg *, HeatShot J, Heat-V J, HeatSide J, and Fire+30 *. Use the CopyDmg on the top Tower and nail the bottom two with HeatSprd + 30. The damage is doubled because it's on GrassStg, making a grand total of 660 damage to all the Towers. The second, easier way involves you first losing 650 HP, then using CopyDmg on the top Tower and Muramasa on the bottom two. Either way you do it, behind these Towers lies a chip for Hole *. Follow the unobstructed path to the top of the large ramp. The door up here will ONLY open if you have all 200 Standard Class chips. Which brings us to...

  Megaman Battle Network 3 White

Megaman Battle Network 3 White

Megaman Battle 3 White roms

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