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1) The Introduction
  1.1) Emailing Me
  1.2) FAQ and NSFAQ
  1.3) Version History
2) The Game
  2.1) The Lights Go Out in ACDC (FlashMan)
  2.2) N1 Preliminaries I
  2.3) When Animals Attack (BeastMan)
  2.4) N1 Preliminaries II
  2.5) Squeaky Clean (BubbleMan)
  2.6) The Game is Rigged (DesertMan)
  2.7) Mother Nature's Had Enough (PlantMan)
  2.8) That Burning Sensation (FlameMan)
  2.9) Climbing the Ranks
  2.10) Construction Ahead (DrillMan)
  2.11) Peer-to-Peer Peril (Alpha)
3) The Extras
  3.1) I've Got a Secret...Area
  3.2) 200 Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  3.3) On the Clock
  3.4) 85 More Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3
  3.5) Super Navi-gation
  3.6) 32 Combinations of Fragments of Power
  3.7) The Beginning and the End
  3.8) Even More Fragments of Power
4) The Jobs  1, 2
5) The End

  5.1) Thanks
  5.2) Copyright
  5.3) Legalities

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Megaman Battle Network 3 White FAQ/Walkthrough


1) Introduction

Hiya. I'm PPM, and this is an English MMBN3 walkthrough; at the time I'm writing it, only the second complete one on GameFAQs. I've written some other walkthroughs for the Nintendo systems, but they're not important right now. I've always been a big fan of the Megaman series, but this is the first walkthrough I've written for it.

If you want a quick way to navigate this walkthrough by scenario, hit Ctrl+F and search for the number in the Table of Contents for what you want. For example, if you were looking for help with Alpha, you'd hit Ctrl+F and type in "2.11". It would bring you to the ToC, then here, then to the beginning of the Alpha scenario.

1.1) Emailing Me

 -- Chip locations not listed in the chip sections
 -- Virus names not listed in the chip sections
 -- Corrections for chip effects or other things
 -- Praise
 -- Legitimate questions NOT answered in the FAQ/NSFAQ or walkthrough
 -- Other contributions which would improve this walkthrough

 -- Questions concerning chip locations listed in the chip sections
 -- Hate mail
 -- Legitimate questions that ARE answered in the FAQ/NSFAQ or walkthrough
 -- Illegitimate questions (meaning off-topic and such)

My email address is ppm42 AT yahoo DOT com. Replace "AT" and "DOT" with the necessary symbols. I type it like that to avoid webspiders. Note that if you do not get a response from me immediately, I have not forgotten you! More than likely, because of SoBig, my mailbox rejected your email because it was full. If that happens (you should get an email back regarding it automatically), wait a little while and send your message again. I clear my mailbox several times a day. One final note: If you do decide to email me, please put "MMBN3" or something similar to that in the subject line, or I'm liable to delete it accidentally.

1.2) FAQ and NSFAQ

NSFAQ means Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions. There are some things I don't directly address in the walkthrough that I feel should be addressed. This is to keep people on the boards from asking questions for which the answers can easily be found in the FAQs.


Q: How do I get HiCannon J?
A: If you're going for the Z-Canon2 PA, use N1-FldrA from the Folder Kid during the N1. That comes with the Z-Canon2 PA. If you're going for a J-code folder, I can't help you. But there are much better chips than HiCannon J to put in a J- code folder anyway.

Q: How do I get M-Cannon P or S? I've done nothing but fight Canodumb3s and can only get O, Q, and R!
A: To get M-Cannon S, you need to S-rank a Canodumb3 with Cust style. M-Cannon P is not in this game.

Q: Where do I find a Wind *?
A: Search Yoka 1 for WindBox viruses, fight well enough to get a chip, and you should get Wind *.

Q: Where do I find a Yo-yo1 G?
A: 9-S rank Yort viruses in the Beach areas.

Q: Where do I find a IceBall M?
A: Run around Hades Isle Comp with Fish in your NaviCust to find ColdHead viruses. Fight well enough to get a chip and you'll get IceBall M.

Q: Where are Team1 and Team2 *?
A: Team1 * is in Yoka 1, but to get there, you need to take the teleporter in the Lion's Head at Yoka hot springs. Talk to the Navi there with Humor in your NaviCust twice to tell him a joke he really likes. As a reward, he'll give you Team1 *. For Team2 *, there is a Navi in Beach Square trying to act tough for a role in a TV show. Talk to him with BlckMind in your NaviCust and, as a reward, you'll get the chip.

Q: Okay, so where's Humor?
A: It's the reward for Job 16.

Q: What are all the VarSword combos?
A: Check the other walkthroughs, because I don't know all of them. I only know the one I recommend using throughout the entire walkthrough: Back-B-Forward-B.

Q: What's this "Virus Lab Door Comp"?
A: Walk up to the doorway to the Virus Lab and hit R. If you're in the right place, you should be able to jack in.

Q: I'm having trouble getting chips. Help me!
A: That's more like a command. Anyway, when you get off the boat at WWW Island, walk straight up. You'll find a hidden jack-in point. In that area, you'll find a BMD with the Collect NaviCust program. Install this to ensure that you'll always get a chip after battle.

Q: Why didn't I get Bass GS from Forte GS?
A: That chip can only be gotten from Gameshark/Action Replay, or from Capcom- sponsored events.

Q: Where's the next Capcom-sponsored event?
A: Tokyo.

Q: Where was the last one?
A: Tokyo.

Q: When will there be one in America?
A: Never.

Q: So I can't get Bass GS legitimately?
A: No. Leave me alone.


Q: Why do you say "Forte", "FlameMan", and "YamatoMan" instead of "Bass", FlamMan", and "JapanMan"?
A: I prefer Forte over Bass, FlamMan is the result of poor translation, and JapanMan is just plain offensive.

Q: Why do you call Serenade "she"? The game calls him "he"! OMG u n00b!!!11one
A: The Japanese version uses a pronoun for Serenade that doesn't specify gender. It's my personal belief that Serenade is meant to be female (I mean, just look at the Giga Chip!), and since the Japanese version is obviously the better translated one, I'm following that and my own beliefs for Serenade's gender. If you can't deal with that explanation, feel free to read over this question with your fingers in your ears, chanting "La la la, I can't hear you".

Q: What the heck is a yamato, anyway?
A: A spear. Now tell me what a kuwanger is and we'll be even.

Q: y do u type otu thngs w/ all the lettrs? this is fstr!
A: I hate you.

  Megaman Battle Network 3 White

Megaman Battle Network 3 White

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