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1) The Introduction
  1.1) Emailing Me
  1.2) FAQ and NSFAQ
  1.3) Version History
2) The Game
  2.1) The Lights Go Out in ACDC (FlashMan)
  2.2) N1 Preliminaries I
  2.3) When Animals Attack (BeastMan)
  2.4) N1 Preliminaries II
  2.5) Squeaky Clean (BubbleMan)
  2.6) The Game is Rigged (DesertMan)
  2.7) Mother Nature's Had Enough (PlantMan)
  2.8) That Burning Sensation (FlameMan)
  2.9) Climbing the Ranks
  2.10) Construction Ahead (DrillMan)
  2.11) Peer-to-Peer Peril (Alpha)
3) The Extras
  3.1) I've Got a Secret...Area
  3.2) 200 Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  3.3) On the Clock
  3.4) 85 More Fragments of Power 1, 2, 3
  3.5) Super Navi-gation
  3.6) 32 Combinations of Fragments of Power
  3.7) The Beginning and the End
  3.8) Even More Fragments of Power
4) The Jobs  1, 2
5) The End

  5.1) Thanks
  5.2) Copyright
  5.3) Legalities

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3) Extras

3.2) 200 Fragments of Power (5)

S161: Geddon3
 -- Turns all panels to swamps (poisoned while standing)
 -- Secret 1

S162: CopyDmg
 -- Use on one enemy and attack another to injure both
 -- NumberMan Trader, code 01697824

S163: Invis
 -- Become invisible for a little while
 -- SciLab 1

S164: Shadow
 -- Only can be hurt by swords for a little while
 -- Shadow, Secret 2

S165: Mole1
 -- Invisible when not attacking
 -- Momogra, Hades Isle

S166: Mole2
 -- Invisible when not attacking
 -- Momogro, WWW Island DrillMan Tank

S167: Mole3
 -- Invisible when not attacking
 -- Momogre, Undernet Areas

S168: AirShoes
 -- Can step on cracked panels without breaking then
 -- Virus Lab Door Frame

S169: Barrier
 -- Prevents 10 total damage
 -- ACDC 2 merchant

S170: Barr100
 -- Prevents 100 total damage
 -- HospComp 4

S171: Barr200
 -- Prevents 200 total damage
 -- 3rd Floor Hospital

S172: Aura
 -- Prevents all attacks of less than 100 damage
 -- Behind BubbleMan security cube in the Undernet

S173: NrthWind
 -- Immediately removes all auras and barriers from enemy
 -- UnderSquare merchant

S174: Mettaur
 -- Mettaur drops down and, at press of A, sets off a shockwave
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus found in ACDC 1, behind WWW door)

S175: Bunny
 -- Bunny drops down and, at press of A, sends off a ZapRing (Elec)
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is reward of job 19)

S176: Spikey
 -- Spikey drops down and, at press of A, shoots a HeatShot (Fire)
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is found in Hades Isle Gargoyle)

S177: Swordy
 -- Swordy drops down and, at press of A, swipes its sword
 -- Range/Element is dependant upon type of Swordy chosen
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is found at dead end on Undernet 1 blue level)

S178: Jelly
 -- Jelly drops down and, at press of A, sends off a Wave
 -- Element is dependant upon type of Jelly chosen
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is found at dead end in Beach 2, near WWW Door)

S179: Mushy
 -- Mushy drops down and, at press of A, poisons the grass
 -- Will not work if no grass panels
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is found behind counter in SciLab 2)

S180: Momogra
 -- Momogra pops up and, at press of A, smacks enemy in front with shovel
 -- Will not hit if no enemy in front of it
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is found where you fought BeastMan)

S181: KillrEye
 -- KillerEye drops down and, at press of A, zaps the enemy (Elec)
 -- Direction is dependant on type of KillerEye chosen
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is found near chalkboard in Principal's Comp)

S182: Scuttlst
 -- Scutz drops down and, at press of A, fires a projectile
 -- Element is dependant on type of Scutz chosen
 -- Virus Breeder (Virus is found in Secret 1 and Secret 3)

S183: Hole
 -- Opens up a Hole which lets you use Dark chips
 -- Secret 3, behind 650 HP Number Towers

S184: HolyPanl
 -- While standing on HolyPanl, damage is halved
 -- BrushMan, Undernet 1

S185: LavaStge
 -- Turns the stage into Lava Panels
 -- If non-Heat, take 50 damage when stepping on panel
 -- Yoka 1 BugFrag merchant

S186: IceStage
 -- Turns the stage into Ice Panels
 -- If non-Aqua, move in one direction until object is hit

S187: GrassStg
 -- Turns the stage into Grass Panels
 -- If Wood, recover HP while on panel
 -- ACDC Square merchant

S188: SandStge
 -- Turns the stage into Sand Panels
 -- Slows down movement
 -- Undernet 5 blue level, behind DesertMan's security cube

S189: MetlStge
 -- Turns the stage into Metal Panels
 -- Panels cannot be broken
 -- Beach Square merchant

S190: Snctuary
 -- Turns all of your panels into Holy Panels
 -- Secret 3

S191: AntiDmg (100)
 -- If hit, throw three shurikens at enemies
 -- Undernet 4 merchant

S192: AntiSwrd (100)
 -- If hit with a sword, slash back at enemy

S193: AntiNavi
 -- If enemy uses a Navi, steal it and use it against enemy
 -- Secret 2

S194: AntiRecv
 -- If enemy recovers HP, do damage equal to that instead
 -- Job 14 reward

S195: Atk+10
 -- Add 10 to the attack power of the preceding chip
 -- Starting folder

S196: Fire+30
 -- Add 30 to the attack power of the preceding fire chip
 -- Lion's Head at Yoka Springs

S197: Aqua+30
 -- Add 30 to the attack power of the preceding aqua chip
 -- Job 9 reward

S198: Elec+30
 -- Add 30 to the attack power of the preceding elec chip
 -- Higsby's normal stock

S199: Wood+30
 -- Add 30 to the attack power of the preceding wood chip
 -- Yoka 1 BugFrag merchant

S200: Navi+20
 -- Add 20 to the attack power of the preceding Navi chip
 -- Undernet 2 BugFrag merchant

Once you get all 200 of these chips, in addition to getting your second star, you can now fight Serenade, the UnderQueen!

HP: 2000

Reflect: If you shoot at Serenade, she will reflect your attack back at you. (100 dmg)
Mystic Spark: Serenade will shoot a projectile that behaves like IceWave, except it covers all three rows. (100 dmg)
Divine Wrath: Serenade will stand stationary while several projectiles attack your area. The projectiles may crack tiles, tiles may crack randomly, and there may be bursts of wind. The yellow squares show where the next attack is going to be, so get out of the way before it hits you! (100 dmg)

While Serenade may seem invincible, she has one fatal flaw. If she has no panel above or below her to move to, she will not reflect any attacks. The obvious solution here is to use Geddon2 to trap her within your range and pummel her until the panels come back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Once you defeat Serenade, you will finally be regarded as the King of the Undernet! If you haven't yet fed the BugFrag Trader 300 BugFrags (you'll know when you've hit that number), do so. When you do, teleport out from Secret 1 and jack out. Jack back in and go to the compression path just before the BugFrag Trader. SAVE! You are in for one of the toughest battles of your life. Walk up to the BugFrag Trader and, after a cutscene, you will fight the awakened Bass GS, who now has the assistance of Gospel!

HP: 2000

-Updated Attacks-
Air Burst now does 300 damage.
Air Explosion now does 300 damage.
Power Crusher now does 300 damage.

-New Attacks-
Gospel Claw: A giant claw will seek you out, not unlike Alpha's claws. The yellow panels show where the claw will strike. Avoid it, naturally. (300 dmg)
Gospel Cannon: In the style of the Gospel chips from MMBN2, Bass will use Gospel as a cannon and shoot flaming breath (non-elemental) in the same pattern as FlameMan's Fire Breath Spread. Dodge it in the same fashion as you would that attack. (300 dmg)
Gospel Force: A huge air burst appears. Get out of Bass' row and as far away from him as humanly possible. Avoid this at all costs! (500 dmg)

Bass GS has a LifeAura of 200 this time! Use some really strong chips or PAs, like LifeSwrd, Heat/BublSprd, or NOBeam, to get rid of it. He will regenerate the aura after using Air Explosion and any of his new attacks. Stun him (if you can) before execution of those attacks. You're in for quite a difficult fight either way...

When you finally defeat Bass GS, you will get your third star and second Giga Chip, Bass. Also, the Time Trials have been opened for your fourth star.

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Megaman Battle Network 3 White

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