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3. About the game
4. Review of the game
5. Game's basics/Tips
6. Walkthrough

   1. Parcelyte, The Beginning
   2. Lukie Cave
   3. Road to Gruberik
   4. Gruberik
   5. The Pirate Ship and the Auction
   6. Mera Volcano
   7. Karnack
   8. Tower of Guidance
   9. Mt. Ruhie
   10. Nazare
   11. Old Well
   12. Jida Village
   13. Old Well Continued
   14. Gruberik Revisited
   15. Meadow Road
   16. Ordens
   17. Tower of Dohain
   18. Ordens Again
   19. Windlands
   20. Daros
   21. Parcelyte and Gruberik
   22. Nimona Mines
   23. Gruberik yet another time
   24. Jungle Spire
   25. Narbick
   26. Jungle Spire Again
   27. Border Forest
   28. Gondarle
   29. Land of the Dead
   30. Border Forest Again
   31. Gratze
   32. Gratze Fortress
   33. Eristol
   34. In the beast's stomach
   35. Rangoon Town
   36. Eristol - Past
   37. Gratze Revisited
   38. Karnack
   39. Lugwa Tower
   40. Tower of Guidance Reopened
   41. Nazare
   42. Tower of Guidance - Final
7. FAQ
8. The Ancient Cave
9. Jobs Listing
10. Items/Weapons/Armors Lists
11. Cheats, Glitches and Stuff
12. Legal Stuff

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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ/Walkthrough

By Athanor

6. Walkthrough

1. Parcelyte, The Beginning
Items: Potion x6, 100G, 10G, 5G from making bed

In the intro, you see the Eldin's father, Rand, departing somewhere with a stranger. Eldin then surprises a conversation and is worried about is father. Several years later, you wake up, Torma next to you. After the rude wake, listen to your mom, get the clothes (so they WERE naked in bed...) and get out. When the mayor talks about you and Torma ruining is flowers, answer Yes twice. This'll save you 50G. You'll HAVE to pay it later, but losing 50G now is just too much, while later it won't be much.

Ok, now we're fully in control. If you go to the church you can save your game. You can also revive dead members, cure poison or remove curses. Now, before heading to the castle, there are a few items to get in town. Go back to your house and break the jar to get a potion. Go upstairs and talk to the jelly. He's an alchemist: they hide around the world. Find them to get recipes you can use at the Blacksmith in Gruberik. Get out and visit the mayor's house (just below your house). In the closet is 100G. Now go to the inn (south a little) and break the pots to get 10G. You can pick a potion in the grass just south of the inn. Now, visit the items shop, but enter from behind. The closet holds a potion (strange music for a mindless item?) You can also make the bed and get 5G. Now slightly north, cut the grass below the mailbox, head through and get the potion. Inside you can get another potion.

Now its time to head to the castle. Go west until you reach it. Inside, meet Torma. Name yourself, and choose your color. You'll also get the compendiums. These record everything you ever get. Explore the castle and get a potion. You may also want to go shop now you have Torma. You may wanna get a club and a pot for both. Now, just go back to the castle and into the Lukie Cave

2. Lukie Cave
Items: Potion x2, Sharp Bone, 5G x2, Charred Newt, Cave Disc x2, Earth Fruit
Suggested Levels: 1

When you enter the dungeon, go north until you reach a narrow passage and a larger room. Go west to another room. Cut all the grasses and you'll find a Potion and a Sharp Bone (aka 3 bucks). Go back to the large room and go north until you see a man. Cut the grass and talk to him for some tips about enemy movements. In the next room, head north until you see a stone plate and a blocked door. You need a stone to open the door. Exit east to reach the next room. Cut the grass to the north to get 5G and continue west. You'll get trapped. Kill all 3 enemies for the doors to open. Take the eastern exit. There, cut the single grass patch to the north to reveal a switch. However, it doesn't stay pressed when you move out. Go west, take the pot (A) and drop it on the switch. Pass through the door to the west and head north. Cut the grass to get a Charred Newt and open the chest to get the Stone Fragment. Puss the crates to the left (A while holding left) to make it to the next room. From there, head south (next room), south (where the man is) and west to make it back to the stone plate and blocked door. Go to the stone plate and use the stone. Ta-da! The door opens. Now, if you leave the dungeon (only a few rooms south) the door will stay open.

Pass through the door and you'll reach the first real puzzle of the game. To get to the stairs, do this: puss the central block north 2 times, cut all 4 grass patches than puss the central block either left or right. Easy? Well... yes :P. Go down the stairs. A guy will rush at you, just don't listen to him. Push the barrel down on the switch (if you push it on a wall and can't get it out, you're an idiot :P Leave the room and come back). Cut the grass patch next to the switch the reveal another switch. Pick the brown jar (the gray ones can be broken with your sword) and put it on the other switch. You may need to spin without moving. To do so, hold R. Go through the door. The 3 chests are empty. Cut any grass patch to reveal a chest containing a Cave Disc. Head to the previous room and go south.

Here, you will have to switch guys (press L) and press B to go across the gaps. Once you crossed the first gap, pick the pot and drop it on the switch north. It will make a pole appear to the east. Use it to cross the gap. Go north then west to the next room. Cut the grass patches to the west to reveal another whopping 5G. Go south. Cut the lone grass patch to the west to reveal an Earth fruit. In the only unopened chest is a Cave Disc. Cut all grass patches. One of them houses a potion, another a hole. Fall in it. Down there, follow the path until you come to a wall with vines. Don't go up, this is the way to the exit. Instead, go to the room to the north. Fight the bat to open the door. Make sure you are fully healed before you open the coffin, as its time to fight your first boss.

* Boss: Goblin *
HP: 145
EXP: 250
GOLD: 100

Well, you have no other means than regular attacks to beat this guy, so no real strategy applies. If you haven't bought any armors (which is more than likely) he'll deal around 10 damage. Attack all the time and heal when you get low on HP. He can put you to sleep, so be careful. His sleep lasts about 2 rounds. Be sure to have AT LEAST 2 potions. He/It might take some time, but is really easy.
After the fight, Torma will read some stuff. With this in mind (or not), climb the vines. To exit the dungeon, do this: cross the first gap to the right, cross the other one to the right, northeast to next room, up the stairs, cut the grass patch to the right, puss the block twice, cut the grass south of you, south to next room and continue south until you're out.

Once you're out, the guard will escort you to the king. He'll ask you to complete the legend: the words are city, slumber and will open. Congratulations. You are now official hunters.

Now lets get outta here. Save, then rest. The next place to go is Gruberik. Go south and leave the town.

3. Road to Gruberik
Items: Potion, Antidote, Field Disc x3, Helm, 10AP Potion, Chopping Board;
Suggested Levels: 3

On the first screen there's nothing of interest (except for the ATM sign), so head west until you reach the other. On this screen, head north where there is a lot of flowers and grass. Cut the grass and the last one will reveal a potion. Follow the path west until you see 2 fences with 4 grass patches between. Cut them to access the fenced area. There, cut the 5 grass patches to reveal an Antidote. Get out of the fenced area and follow the path east the north to get to the next screen. There, head north, push the barrel left and throw your whip north on the pole. Cross the gap west, go south and pick the jar, go northmost and drop it on the suspicious-looking rock. This will lower the pole just below you, but raise 2 others. Go south and cross the gap east, north like you did before, and north again. Pushing the barrel on the switch is useless. Head north until you see a fence and 4 grass patches. Cut them to find a Field Disc. Head north across the bridge, east and on to the next screen. *Note: If you continue north and cross the gap west, you will see a cave blocked by spider webs. This is for later.*

On the next screen is a house. Go in. In the first room, break the jars to get a Pot. The man in the other room is looking for someone with a big hammer. Hum... Break the jar to get a Field Disc. Exit the house and continue east. On the next screen, there are 8 grass patches blocking the way north, but they lead to a cave blocked yet again by spider webs. Who's causing all that trouble? We'd better find it and kill it. Continue east until you get to some plants on the wall. Cut them and enter the cave. Inside is a Field Disc. Go back out and follow the path east, north, west. When the path starts going north, continue west and cut the grass next to the well for an Insect Egg (restores 10AP). If you go down the well, you'll find a chest, but it is blocked by a skeleton. Head north to the next screen. Here, if you head east, you'll find a big spider web blocking the path. Instead go north to the next screen. There, go north and cut the plants on the wall until you find the entrance. Inside, you realize this is the "lair of the beast". Go north and prepare to fight...

* Boss: King Spider *
HP: 200
EXP: 365
GOLD: 400

Still, the only thing you can do is attack, and by now you should be able to do it pretty well. I suggest level 4 but must people should be here at level 5. So it will be quite easy. Even if you didn't bought any armors, he will rarely hit over 10. I used a single potion here. If you have difficulties fighting him, level up once more and you should be able to kill it easy, really easy.
Now that you whipped some spider's butt, much of the webs are gone. *Note: The 2 caves I stated earlier with webs blocking the way still can't be accessed. There are still webs blocking the way*. Go south twice to leave the cave, and south again until you see the path on the ground. Follow it until you see a single grass patch with some flowers around to the left of the path. Cut it to get a Chopping Board. Continue north until you reach another screen. From here, go north all the way to reach the next town, Gruberik.

*Note: From now on, when you leave an area, you will come to a world map. Use UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to choose an area and press A to zoom there. Once on the area map, choose a location (red is a dungeon, blue is a city) and press A to go there. Press B to return to the world map. Obviously, you can only go to areas you already been.*

  Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia Ruins of Lore roms

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