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   1. Parcelyte, The Beginning
   2. Lukie Cave
   3. Road to Gruberik
   4. Gruberik
   5. The Pirate Ship and the Auction
   6. Mera Volcano
   7. Karnack
   8. Tower of Guidance
   9. Mt. Ruhie
   10. Nazare
   11. Old Well
   12. Jida Village
   13. Old Well Continued
   14. Gruberik Revisited
   15. Meadow Road
   16. Ordens
   17. Tower of Dohain
   18. Ordens Again
   19. Windlands
   20. Daros
   21. Parcelyte and Gruberik
   22. Nimona Mines
   23. Gruberik yet another time
   24. Jungle Spire
   25. Narbick
   26. Jungle Spire Again
   27. Border Forest
   28. Gondarle
   29. Land of the Dead
   30. Border Forest Again
   31. Gratze
   32. Gratze Fortress
   33. Eristol
   34. In the beast's stomach
   35. Rangoon Town
   36. Eristol - Past
   37. Gratze Revisited
   38. Karnack
   39. Lugwa Tower
   40. Tower of Guidance Reopened
   41. Nazare
   42. Tower of Guidance - Final
7. FAQ
8. The Ancient Cave
9. Jobs Listing
10. Items/Weapons/Armors Lists
11. Cheats, Glitches and Stuff
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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ/Walkthrough

By Athanor

6. Walkthrough

40. Tower of Guidance Reopened
Items: Silver Sword, Silver Rod, Silver Plate, Escape Ball, Rune Rapier, Holy Shield, Miracle, Revival Armor, Bright Armor, Feathered Cap
Suggested Levels: 25

As you go north you'll realize the doors are open. Continue and when you reach the big wide room check the northwest wall. Break the crack and get the Silver Sword and Silver Rod. Now continue like you did last time until you reach the maze room.

Push the blocks south and continue to reach a pole. Whip across and go south to next room. Go upstairs and get the Silver Plate. Continue east and upstairs. Pull the switch, whip across and whip on the switch to reach next room. Get the Escape Ball east (the room there is where you come back if you fall down) and continue north. Push the middle pillar right as much as possible, go south of it, whip, push it up as much as you can, push the other pillar left, then push the first one down on the switch. Continue pushing the last one left. Go back south and whip to get the Rune Rapier. Now you need to exit the room and do the same process, except this time go through the door.

Here break the crack. Go north, push the right block, then the one above, push the other up, the next left, the other south and finally the last one right to get the Holy Shield. Now go back to previous room and follow the path to next room. Go southeast, up the stairs and fall down. Go north and get the Miracle and Revival Armor. Go south and upstairs. Make your way back to the room where you fell. Go west, whip, whip north. Push the pillar left, then the other right once. Whip north and east. Go around and whip south, where the first pillar you saw was. You wont see it, but still hang on it. Get the Bright Armor. Whip north, push the pillar, push the west pillar on the switch corridor, go back a little and whip west. Push the pillar up on the switch. Now get to next room.

Oh no! A dead end! Nah, not really, just bash with Bau and proceed. Now you'll meet with the path you took at the beginning of the game (maybe you recognize this room). Go north and downstairs. Break the crack and get the Feathered Cap. Go back 2 rooms and this time go south to next room. Same old gimmick, proceed. Now make your way to the top of the tower.

Now for the stone placement. Use the Gold Shard on the Moon Stone in the lowerleft hole ("When the door is opened"). Use the White Shard on the Cloud Stone in the upperleft hole ("That which is sealed in"). Use the Blue Shard on the Sea Stone in the lowerright hole ("The White Lands and Blue Depths"). Use the Green Shard on the Wind Stone in the upperright hole ("Shall be freed once again"). Now step on the circle. The screen should fade and you'll get to hear the prophecy.

Suddenly, soldiers approach. You'll get your first sight at Ragule (woha). You'll try to surround it, but fail miserably. Now fight "his minions".

* Boss: Monster Crony x2 *
HP: 900 each
EXP: 16000 each
GOLD: 6850 each

I swear, I saw 3 of them! Anyway, 2 is enough. They're pretty strong, with Slashes around 50. They can also lower the def of everyone, just don't care and keep attacking, it'll simply increase their damage by about 10. With only 900HP, they die pretty fast to some hitall skills, so use them and you should be fine.
After the fight, Rubius will kick some sense into all of you. If we are to kill Ragule, we need to free the other beast half, which is in... Nazare! So to beat Ragule we'll make someone super-powerful using the other half. And that someone is Eldin. Seems fine to me. Even if there is a big risk involved... So now Escape and get to Nazare.

41. Nazare

Items: Whatever you forgot before
Suggested Levels: 26

Weird, Nazare's not there anymore. Let's just go through Mt. Ruhie again.

Go north and talk to the guard. Fight them and proceed. Then go through the exact same way you did before. When you get near the exit, a soldier will throw a dragon at you.

* Boss: Serpentine Dragon *
HP: 1600
EXP: 27000
GOLD: 4500

My he's so cute... However, he can hit Deadly Hit you for about 40-50 and affect you with Deadly Poison. Depending on how your health goes, it may be better to cure it or not. Sometimes just Healing Plus or Hi-Potioning is better. And if you got Heal All then just don't care about the poison. Just be prepared to heal a lot.
Yup, the guy will run. You can ignore him or fight (aren't side quests wonderful?). Then continue to Nazare. However, you may want to head to Gruberik first to heal and save.

Seems Gratze's already here. Careful, you may get in a fight. So rush to the temple and see the Elder. Remember that inner chamber that was blocked before? Now head in.

You'll see the beast and a girl. The girl is Rubius' twin sister. She's the seal. Now Rubius will break the seal. Oh. The beast as awakened. Too bad.

* Boss: Beast Half *
HP: 1700
EXP: 32000
GOLD: 30000

His Fire Breath hurts for around 50-60, and so does his Meteor Rain. So heal a lot. I usually waited for 2 attacks from him, then Healed All. Fury is just as helpful as ever. Just waste your AP, and heal a lot.
So now Eldin gained the power of the beast. He doesn't looks much stronger to me... So head out of town, and make sure you save.

42. Tower of Guidance - Final
Items: Miracle x3, Ancient Shield, Strong Disc, Ancient Sword, Hi-Magic x2, Ancient Helmet
Suggested Levels: 26

No. It's not a joke. You need to climb up that crap AGAIN!!! So read above if you're not sure where to go. When you finally reach the summit, step on the circle.

Here just read what's written on all the arches (8 of them). The text is kinda hard to read, but do it anyway. Now go and examine the portal.

This is it. The final dungeon. Get both Miracles and continue to next screen. Follow the one way path, going down then up some stairs and to next screen.

Wow. There are a lot of stairs here. To lowerright one is a dead end, so take the upperright ones. Go up the left stairs, up again, north and follow the path to an Ancient Shield. Now go back to the stairs and this time go east and north to next room. Follow the rather one-way path until you meet a tree, go south and get the Strong Disc. Go back to the tree, and go west and upstairs to next room.

Go up the first stairs. Go up the upperright stairs and follow the path. Step on the elevator and get the Ancient Sword. Now go back to where you had the choice of many stairs, and go down the lowerright stairs. Follow the path, up the elevator and through the small arch. Go around the room, cutting stuff and getting the Miracle, the 2 Hi-Magic the Ancient Helmet. Go north of the room and south in the hole... Go north, upstairs and north to find Ragule.

As he attempts to kill you all, Eldin steps forward and stops the whatever he threw. Before you know it, you're in for a boss.

* Boss: Ragule *
HP: 2240
EXP: 0

Judging from the music you know this isn't the last battle. Anyway, this guy is not that tough if you unleash all you have. The problem is, right after this fight, you'll jump in a new, final one before even having time to heal. So when he's about to die try to bring your AP up a bit. Ok now for the actual fight. Double Hit can kill you, even at full health sometimes, so take care. Heal whenever you get it. If its Starburst then Heal All. Miracle Hit is not really to be feared, but you may consider healing. Just remember to refill as much as possible before the last hit.
After the fight, Odin will talk about he reappearing through the body of his descendant...

* Boss: Goldiark *
HP: 8000 (!)
EXP: 32767
GOLD: 30000

Ok, there's a REALLY cheap way to finish this guy. And that is drain all his AP, as most his moves need some, and he only has 500. So he'll stand there most of the time, doing nothing. The best way is with Rune Rings. When attacked you'll counter with an AP draining move. However, there's also the hard way. He can Mind Blast you, which never been good and will never be. He got some HitAll spells, so counter with Heal All. It'll be a long fight. You got Miracles, don't forget. Use them when you're out of AP so you can heal even more. Install your monster as soon as possible, before it dies.
Alright, ending time. I wont spoil it for you. So goodnight all, hope you had a nice time.

  Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

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