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1. Legal Stuff
2. Version History
3. About the game
4. Review of the game
5. Game's basics/Tips
6. Walkthrough

   1. Parcelyte, The Beginning
   2. Lukie Cave
   3. Road to Gruberik
   4. Gruberik
   5. The Pirate Ship and the Auction
   6. Mera Volcano
   7. Karnack
   8. Tower of Guidance
   9. Mt. Ruhie
   10. Nazare
   11. Old Well
   12. Jida Village
   13. Old Well Continued
   14. Gruberik Revisited
   15. Meadow Road
   16. Ordens
   17. Tower of Dohain
   18. Ordens Again
   19. Windlands
   20. Daros
   21. Parcelyte and Gruberik
   22. Nimona Mines
   23. Gruberik yet another time
   24. Jungle Spire
   25. Narbick
   26. Jungle Spire Again
   27. Border Forest
   28. Gondarle
   29. Land of the Dead
   30. Border Forest Again
   31. Gratze
   32. Gratze Fortress
   33. Eristol
   34. In the beast's stomach
   35. Rangoon Town
   36. Eristol - Past
   37. Gratze Revisited
   38. Karnack
   39. Lugwa Tower
   40. Tower of Guidance Reopened
   41. Nazare
   42. Tower of Guidance - Final
7. FAQ
8. The Ancient Cave
9. Jobs Listing
10. Items/Weapons/Armors Lists
11. Cheats, Glitches and Stuff
12. Legal Stuff

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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ/Walkthrough

By Athanor

7. FAQ

This FAQ is divided in 3 sections: Monsters, Battle/Levels/Jobs/Equipment and Other. If you got any questions, just send them to [email protected]

Q: How do I get rid of a monster I caught?
A: Go to the Hunter's Guild in Gruberik. There they can store monsters for you.

Q: How do I know if my monster is ready to evolve? How do I do it?
A: Check the Monster screen. There'll be "CAN EVOLVE" under the exp to next level if it can. Then feed it a fruit, usually the same element as the monster. However, sometimes different fruits will open different evolution paths.


Q: How do I know what level I am in a job?
A: Check the Status screen and press A to see your levels

Q: What's the best way to make quick, dirty money?
A: Buy 99 Blue Tea from Ordens' item shop for 100G each. You can sell them at the same place for 150G each!


Q: In the Ancient Cave, why are some shrines doing a "cancel" sound?
A: That's because your current job cant use these shrines. For example, Swordsman can use Ogre Rocks, but Mage cannot.

8. The Ancient Cave

The Ancient Cave is back, and in a slightly different version than before. As the levels are random, I cannot make a complete guide. However, here are some basic tips to help you.


You can find the Ancient Cave in Gruberik, west of the Marketplace. You can access if after the Auction event. Only Eldin can enter, and brings his DM inside.

Entering the cave at the beginning of the game can be risky, but terribly rewarding. With only 1 character inside, you will end up with several extra levels, and some good stuff to equip or sell.

To get out, you need to find some Providence. It's pretty rare, and all depends on luck whether you find some or not. You can find it on the 1st level sometimes, will some other you'll reach the 40th floor without getting one.

If you die, you lose everything you found (items and gold), all the EXP you got, including new skills, and everything you brought with you.


- Always save before entering the Ancient Caave, in case you get killed and don't wanna lose your stuff.

- You can only bring 10 items in the cave, pplus your equipment. You can bring as many of the 10 items you choose. So if you choose to bring potions, try to bring 99 of them.

- You can only use items, magic and equip yoou character at the beginning of a level.

- You can also use items and magic in a batttle, if you happen to get into one.

- There are no roaming enemies, you can onlyy get battles in chests are other good-thingies holders

- Don't waste your time cutting grass

- Once you enter a new room, you cannot go bback to the previous, so make sure its cleared.

- Monsters get tougher as you progress throuugh the cave, but rewards also become better.


As you venture through the cave you may find something strange, a kind of suspicious object. It may be a skull, a light ball, anything strange. These are shrines, they can give you benefits, but beware, some have nasty effects. I wont go on detailing them, there're some good ancient cave faqs at Just go get one.

  Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia Ruins of Lore roms

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