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   1. Parcelyte, The Beginning
   2. Lukie Cave
   3. Road to Gruberik
   4. Gruberik
   5. The Pirate Ship and the Auction
   6. Mera Volcano
   7. Karnack
   8. Tower of Guidance
   9. Mt. Ruhie
   10. Nazare
   11. Old Well
   12. Jida Village
   13. Old Well Continued
   14. Gruberik Revisited
   15. Meadow Road
   16. Ordens
   17. Tower of Dohain
   18. Ordens Again
   19. Windlands
   20. Daros
   21. Parcelyte and Gruberik
   22. Nimona Mines
   23. Gruberik yet another time
   24. Jungle Spire
   25. Narbick
   26. Jungle Spire Again
   27. Border Forest
   28. Gondarle
   29. Land of the Dead
   30. Border Forest Again
   31. Gratze
   32. Gratze Fortress
   33. Eristol
   34. In the beast's stomach
   35. Rangoon Town
   36. Eristol - Past
   37. Gratze Revisited
   38. Karnack
   39. Lugwa Tower
   40. Tower of Guidance Reopened
   41. Nazare
   42. Tower of Guidance - Final
7. FAQ
8. The Ancient Cave
9. Jobs Listing
10. Items/Weapons/Armors Lists
11. Cheats, Glitches and Stuff
12. Legal Stuff

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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ/Walkthrough

By Athanor

6. Walkthrough

33. Eristol
Items: Sea Disc x2, Water Armor
Suggested Levels: 21

Here, simply go north and enter the building. You'll find some inscriptions on the walls around here. Read them if you wish. Go left, upstairs (the inscription here is an alchemist!) and exit. Outside, follow the path until you reach the ground. East is another building, go upstairs and read the inscriptions. Rubius will think about something... Now just go north to the Labyrinth of Eristol.

Go north and downstairs. Go south, down the stairs twice and west. Push the block and proceed. Here, you'll need to walk and swim in the water. Read the stone plate with the Rubius and the door will open. Go east and get in the water, head north, out via the ladder and get the Sea Disc from the chest. Go back south, west and out, follow the path until you can go back in water (not via the ladder, but via the stairs) and continue north. Get out using the ladder and whip across on the pillar. Go north and the door will open. Go through. Go north, step on the platform, and go north down the stairs. Go south (not in the water) and go east in the water. Go south, west, out, south to next room.

Whip west, step on the platform, step on the bottom-left one, get back on the platform but walking north, step on the other platform walking south, go east and step on the final one. Go west to next room. Go east, get in the water, go south to next room, get out of the water, get on the stone bridge, go south, east, south until you cant go anymore, west, south and get off. Head to the next room. Go east in the water, east, out, south, push the block, west and downstairs. Go west and north to get out of the water and to reach the next room.

Go north, up the stairs and east to get the Sea Disc. Go back downstairs and in the water. Swim east, north, ignore the ladder, and go west to next room. Go through the next rooms until you reach one with a crack on the wall. Break it with Bau's hammer to continue. Climb the ladder and get the Water Armor. Go back to the room with the ladder I told you to ignore. Climb it and enter the right door. Go east, step on the platform and open the chest to get the Maze Key.

Go back to previous room and climb the ladder to the left. Enter the room. Go north and use the Maze Key on the door. It'll open. Go on through. Read the plate. If we proceed we'll be a sacrifice... hmmm. So continue downstairs. Go west, downstairs and north. You'll see a opening with a crack left. Bang it and go on. Go west then south to reach the next room.

Here you'll see the Time Portal. Before going in it though, you may want to go south and exit the area (don't worry you can come back quickly via the map) and go sleep, save and restock.

But before going through the warp, there's something we can do. You can wait later if you wish, as it involves fighting a boss. But I'll tell it here. Go back to the room with the crack left of an opening (2 rooms before the portal). Enter the opening. Go north to next room. Continue north and in the water. Go in the 2nd lion's mouth. Here go in the 3rd. This time go through the right one. Here you'll see a fish. Just go fight it.

* Boss: Proto Kraken *
HP: 1060
EXP: 15000
GOLD: 4500

Begin with a SlashAll or a RapidFire to get rid of both Drill Shells around it. I guess lighting wouldn't be bad either. Its tidal wave attack may hit between 30-45, but he wont get a chance to use it often. It can Heal Plus, and it's just plain useless since you'll be dealing more than 100 damage. It may also lower your def, which isn't really a problem since it'll die fast. Don't bother casting stats spell either, the battle is way too short. It's a rather easy fight overall.
Now head through the door and get the Blue Shard. Then either cast Exit or head back to the portal area.

When you're ready, jump in the portal.

34. In the beast's stomach
Items: Hi-Magic, Revive, Life Source, Hi-Potion, Core Mail, Void Disc, Insect Egg x3, Rotten Meat, Muscle Ring, Wedding Bouquet, Meat Cube, Antennae, Earth Ore
Suggested Levels: 22

Oh great! We've just been eaten alive by a/the beast. We need to get out. When you're back in control, go north, climb the nerve, and hit the "pillar" with Eldin's sword. Enter the "door". Cut the bubbles to get a Hi-Magic. Now follow the path north, going down the nerve, cutting the bubbles east to get a Revive. Fall in the hole in the middle of the room to get to the floor below.

You'll be in a room with acid. In each corner is a platform. Southeast is an Life Source, southwest holds a Hi-Potion, northeast is the way back to previous floor, and northwest is the way to go. Walk through the breach to reach next room. Here, you'll find some Anticores. They are so fast that even if you surprise them they'll attack first. Go north, in the tunnel, follow the path until you reach a pillar similar to the one you saw at the beginning. Ignore it for now and continue south to next room. To open the door, kill all 3 enemies.
This room also contains an Core Mail. Now go back to the pillar and hit it 4 times. Cross the bridge and continue to next room. Go west, down the nerve, whip all the way east (or walk if you dare), get the Void Disc from the bubbles and go north and up to next room.

Here, walk around, without falling down, cutting the bubbles and you should get an Insect Egg, a Rotten Meat and a Muscle Ring. Now fall in the northeast hole. Go north in the opening. Cutting the bubbles, you should find an Insect Egg and a Wedding Bouquet (what the...). Now go back to the previous room. Fall down. Go east, cut the bubbles and get the Meat Cube. Now go west, north and up to another room. Go south and you'll be back in the room with holes. Fall in the first hole you see on the west. Go north in the opening and get the Antennae. Go back up to the hole room like you just did. Now fall in the southwest hole. Go north in the opening.

You'll reach a room where you can only walk left or right (good ol' 2D). Hit the pillar and the room will turn upside down. Hit the right pillar and go through the door. Go west, fall down twice, go east, hit the pillar, fall down, go west, hit the pillar, go west, hit the pillar, go west and through the door. Heal, cut the bubbles and the last one will reveal the Parasitic Cell.

* Boss: Parasitic Cell *
HP: 1250
EXP: 20100
GOLD: 500

This guy is strong. However, it dies easily. I don't know what took me, but I putted Rami in. It can hit you all for around 50 and poison you at the same time. And Virus just kills anyone under 50HP (poor Rami...) I just had Eldin use Fury (hits twice) and Bau attack. It has no element, so I just had Rami cast whatever I wanted, though most of the time she was healing, and most of the time it was herself.
After the fight, go through the door. Hit the pillars, whip across, whip across again and go through the opening. Go west and through the door. Follow the path and climb the middle nerve. Get the Earth Ore and go back down. Go west and cut the bubbles to get an Insect Egg. Climb the left nerve to next room. Climb again and you'll reach Rangoon Town.

35. Rangoon Town
Items: 10G x4, Golden Cloak, Honey Stone

After the scene, let's explore a little. Directly north is the Item Shop. Northwest are 2 pots containing 10G each. The northwest house is the Inn. Northwest of it is a core, it's an alchemist. Now go back to the Item Shop. East are 2 pots with another 10G x2. Northeast is the Weapon Shop. In the closet is a Golden Cloak. The shop sells lots of weapons for Bau, so if you can't afford a Zircon Axe at Narbick you may wanna pick something. Now go southeast of town and enter the door.

Talk to the man. He'll mention Bau is a Wild Fencer. He'll also tell you a way to Eristol. Now he wants you to go gather his laks. So go upstairs, get the Honey Stone from the closet, get out and get in the hole.

Ok, this is a pretty quick dungeon, just 1 room and 3 laks to get. First go southwest and get the first lak. Go down the nerve and get the other. Now go east and get the last. Get out (no, Escape doesn't works. Don't even try)

Go back and talk to the man. Use the ladder and get out. Climb down the awfully long ladder and you'll reach the map. It's only a zoomed-in view, you cannot zoom out. So go to Eristol.

  Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

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