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1. Legal Stuff
2. Version History
3. About the game
4. Review of the game
5. Game's basics/Tips
6. Walkthrough

   1. Parcelyte, The Beginning
   2. Lukie Cave
   3. Road to Gruberik
   4. Gruberik
   5. The Pirate Ship and the Auction
   6. Mera Volcano
   7. Karnack
   8. Tower of Guidance
   9. Mt. Ruhie
   10. Nazare
   11. Old Well
   12. Jida Village
   13. Old Well Continued
   14. Gruberik Revisited
   15. Meadow Road
   16. Ordens
   17. Tower of Dohain
   18. Ordens Again
   19. Windlands
   20. Daros
   21. Parcelyte and Gruberik
   22. Nimona Mines
   23. Gruberik yet another time
   24. Jungle Spire
   25. Narbick
   26. Jungle Spire Again
   27. Border Forest
   28. Gondarle
   29. Land of the Dead
   30. Border Forest Again
   31. Gratze
   32. Gratze Fortress
   33. Eristol
   34. In the beast's stomach
   35. Rangoon Town
   36. Eristol - Past
   37. Gratze Revisited
   38. Karnack
   39. Lugwa Tower
   40. Tower of Guidance Reopened
   41. Nazare
   42. Tower of Guidance - Final
7. FAQ
8. The Ancient Cave
9. Jobs Listing
10. Items/Weapons/Armors Lists
11. Cheats, Glitches and Stuff
12. Legal Stuff

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Lufia: The Ruins of Lore FAQ/Walkthrough

By Athanor

6. Walkthrough

36. Eristol - Past
Items: Wind Fruit, Power Source, Revive, Magic Source, Hi-Magic, Aqua Fruit, Mind Source, Meat Cube, Solid Milk, Magic Source, Sea King Helm, Surf Staff, Pure Water, Sacred Fruit, Revive, Healing Disc
Suggested Levels: 23

When you enter you can either rush to the Labyrinth or wander around aimlessly. Your choice. At the inn west of town is a Wind Fruit. The bookcase beside the closet also holds an "alchemist". The Weapon/Armor shop has nothing much interesting if you bought the Zircon stuff, but you may want to get some cheap stuff if you didn't bought it all. Now the house just west of the shops holds another "Alchemist". The house northwest is a church, you might consider saving. Also break the pots for a Power Source. In the house northeast you can get a Revive. The elder also says you look like his daughter. Upstairs is a Magic Source and a Hi-Magic. Now go north to the Labyrinth.

Here follow the same path as last time until you reach the 9 jars. Get the Aqua Fruit then continue west next room. Read the plate and proceed. You'll realize it's the same dungeon as before, but the water is somewhat lower. Get in the water, west, out with the ladder, ignore it and continue north through the door door. Get the Mind Source and go back to the ladder you ignored. Go down and next room.

Get out and north to next room. Break the crack on the wall and proceed. Break the right crack, then continue to get a Meat Cube. Go back, break the left one, any of the 2 above, again and get the Solid Milk. Go back 2 "rooms" and break the leftmost crack. Continue and get the Magic Source. Go back previous room and fall down the middle hole.

Go up the ladder and follow the path south until the junction. Go west and enter the first door. Press the switch, then continue west to another door. Get the Sea King Helm. Now go back to the junction and south to next room. Get in the water and go southeast in the opening. Follow the path to next room. Go west, cross the bridge, and go south next room.

Here simply follow the path to next room. Whip across, then north next room. Get in the water and up the ladder. Push the crate, skip the ladder, push the other crate and go through the door. Get the Surf Staff, Pure Water, Sacred Fruit and Revive. Now go back and up the ladders and next room.

Go north and through the door. Go south, down the ladders and in the opening west. Follow the path until you reach the same boss you fought before (or should I say, after?) Well, don't stand there, go fight it!

* Boss: Kraken *
HP: 1480
EXP: 15000
GOLD: 4500

It's the same boss you fought last time, but a little beefed up. Use the same strats: begin with a SlashAll or a RapidFire to get rid of both See Giants around it, then plague it with lighting. Its attacks are kinda more powerful than before, and it may hit for around 50 with its Tsunami. So be careful, heal and use what's most powerful.
Now go through the door and get the Sea Stone. Now, if you followed everything right, you should have 4 shards and 4 stones. Break the crack and get the Healing Disc. The ladder leads to a beast area, but there's nothing there now. So go back to the ladders, climb them up and go west, down, break the crack and go through. Follow the path to the Time Portal. Nice, now we can go back to the present! But as soon as you appear, a pirate says Gratze as taken away everyone from Gruberik. But strangely, if you head for Gruberik, there're still people there... Anyway, head for Gratze.

37. Gratze Revisited
Items: Crystal Robe, Revival Armor, Stun Gun, Pure Water, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, 100G

Go north to the city. It seems like Parcelyte attacked. There are lots of dead soldiers around. Anyway just head back to the fortress.

Here just take the same route as you did before. When you reach the pipe, get on and follow it to the junction. Go south and down, east and into the prison. There you'll meet... yup, Cashwell and his son. Torma's not sure what to do, so he asks Eldin, which doesn't say a word, but Torma seem happy anyway. So just go east to the last jail. Seems like Marin's there. Dekar cant seem to do anything, so lets find the "Jail Key".

So now go back to the entrance. Oh, a guard... Ain't gonna tell you AGAIN how to do it, should be a joke by now. Just some easy exp. After the fight he'll run off. Chase him around.

Outside you'll see him on the pipe. Just go back to the junction and go east all the way to the other junction, south and down. Go west and back on. You'll see the soldier again. Go inside, up the right elevator and out. Cut the wire and go south. Follow the path (the new chest is a Faux Chest so ignore it), go up the ladder and continue. Go south at both junctions.

From now on it's pretty much the same as before. You'll eventually see Tappa (remember him from the beginning? You know, the only blue guard) He killed the gratze guy for you. Just continue same way you did last time. Go back to the first room with invisible platforms. This time fall down. Go southeast. You'll see the soldier. Follow him. However, before going inside, go right and get the Crystal Robe, the Revival Armor and the Stun Gun. Now go in. Here you'll find lots of guards. You can go straight to the one behind the bottom bed, or kill everyone else. I'd do it cause they give 24000 exp and aren't really tougher than normal enemies. After you fought the right guard, pick the Jail Key.

Now you may consider Escaping, since it's faster than walking all the way back. So get back to the prison. Open the doors using the Key to get some nice treasures (Pure Water, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, crappy 100G from that crappy Cashwell). Also, in the cell with the pirate, bash the skellies to reach the Music Box. This is part of Bandino's Jobs. Check the Stuff section for more info.

When you unlock Marin, Dekar will leave you... Now just get out and you'll be back at Parcelyte.

She said to meet up at the church, so head there. You'll see everyone you saved. Save yourself and get out of town. Head for Karnack.

38. Karnack
Items: Mind Source, Life Source, Dark Fruit

The landscape kinda change. Now they're in rainy season. Around town you'll hear a new tower has appeared in the desert, though im sure you noticed it already on the map. The shop got new stuff, you may wanna check it out. East of town is a fish, its an alchemist. Near the tent where the Chemist lives are some jars, break them for a Mind Source and a Life Source. Also, there's a Dark Fruit in the jars west. Now, when you feel ready, head for Lugwa Tower

39. Lugwa Tower
Items: Bolt Shield, Wind Shield, Magic Source, Life Source, Strong Disc, Terror Ball, Escape Ball, Sacred Fruit, Pure Water, Wind Fruit, Nectar, Rainbow Veil
Suggested Levels: 24

Once here just go right and get the Bolt Shield. Now go left all the way and through the small door. Go north and down the ladder, then get the Wind Shield. Get downstairs and bash the skeleton heads to eventually get a Magic Source. Also, you can get a Life Source from the eastmost jar. Pull the switch around, then go north and pull the other switch. Sand will rain all over the place (hope you got the stuff first). Anyway head north. Take the Blue Flame and head back to the Tower's entrance.

Go north and in. Neo Goblins around here come in group of 3 and can drop Power Sources. I almost get one every fight! Its worth trying. Break the pot north for a Strong Disc. Go up the left stairs. Go south and east for a Terror Ball. Head back to the 1st floor and up the right stairs. Go south then north. Break the skulls and proceed northwest to a chest. It's actually an alchemist! Now head back south all the way and go east. Break the crack and go downstairs. Get the Gold Flame then go back upstairs. Head west and upstairs.

Go west and navigate the simple maze to reach 3 jars. Get the Escape Ball and head back to the stairs. This time go east and east at the split to eventually get a Sacred Fruit. Head back and go west and in the room. Step on the switch. The invisible platforms will show themselves, and you'll have to remember where they are. Footsteps on the visible ones may help you guide your way. In case you got problems, do this: from the switch, go 2 west, 4 north, 2 east, 1 south, 2 east, 2 north, 1 east, 2 north, 1 west, 1 north, 2 west, 2 south, 3 west, 1 south, 2 west, 2 south, 2 west, 4 north, 3 east, 1 north and upstairs.

Get the Pure water from the chest. Go west and get the Nectar. Go east a little and south to next room. Get the White Flame and head back. Continue east a little and get the Holy Edge. Head back to the stairs and east and break the pot for a Wind Fruit. Now go up the stairs. Follow the path to next screen.

You'll be pretty high, though I don't remember climbing that much... Now go up that spiral tower. You need to go in at some points so you can reach the statues. Examine them with Rubius, then head for the other one. Eventually, you'll stop looping and get sent to a new statue. Go and examine it. The path will reveal itself. Go up to the pad and you'll reach a new place.

Climb the ladder, get the Rainbow Veil from the chest. Put the flames at the correct place, White being Peace, Blue Life and Gold Prosperity. Now a monster will appear. Fight it.

* Boss: Dark Guardian *
HP: 1800
EXP: 27000
GOLD: 4500

This boss ain't tough, he's just SO DAMN ANNOYING. He heals itself for 360! Just use whatever you got and hope he attacks instead, since his attacks are nothing to fear. Maybe 40-50 max damage. He can also Mind Blast, which is bad. And that's about all.
After the fight, you'll get a song... As Rubius said, let's head for the Tower of Guidance.

  Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore

Lufia Ruins of Lore roms

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