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- Gimli Character Guide (Aznsmarty07)
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- The Story of Middle Earth (summary) [**SPOILERS?**]
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

12. General Tips and Hints

Gimli Character Guide (Contributed by: Aznsmarty07)

Gimli is a bonus character that is unlocked when you beat the game with two or more characters. Unfortunately, he is only playable in single-player mode.

Gimli is the son of Gloin. His strengths are his hearty strength and skill with an axe. Also, he has the ability to find extra gems, an extra plus, and regenerate Spirit like Legolas. He basically mirrors Aragorn but with some variations.

Starting Stats and Skills
Primary Stats
Strength: 28
Accuracy: 22
Health: 21
Defense: 21
Courage: 20
Starting Skills
Healing Salves (1)

Active Skills

1st Tree:

Axe Throw (Level 2)-Gimli throws his axe for +1 damage / level. 3 Spirit
-Not the best ability, though a long-range attack is helpful. Basically a waste, unless you go for a Berserker Gimli.

Whirlwind Attack (Level 6)-A massive spin attack that does +1 damage / level. 6 Spirit
-Hey, just think Aragorn's Spin attack. Gimli slash, hurt lost of melee enemies. Not my favorite, some people may like it though.

Berserk Fury (Level 10)-Increase Toughness and damage by +1 / level. 10 Spirit. Corrupt
-Probably Gimli's best active skill. Again, it mirrors Aragorn's Rage of the North, except Gimli's defense increases as well as his damage. Also, beware of corruption.

2nd Tree:

Healing Salves (Level 1)-Heals 25 hit points +7/level. 8 Spirit +2 / level.
-Gimli's healing. Surprisingly, Gimli's healing actually increases the amount of hit points recovered per Spirit as you raise it's level, but you need more to heal. Here's some more math:
Level 1: 8sp for 25 hp, 3.125 hp/sp
Level 2: 10sp for 32 hp, 3.2 hp/sp
Level 3: 12 sp for 39 hp, 3.25 hp/sp
Level 4: 14 sp for 49 hp, 3.5 hp/sp
Neat huh? This is the only character whose sp/hp increases, though you have to admit it isnt that great of an increase. I personally think it's a waste, but then again there is the Spirit of the Forge which regenerates Spirit, so you decide.

Battle Cry (Level 5)-A fierce scream that stuns enemies around Gimli. 12 Spirit +1 / level
-Again, think Aragorn's commanding presence. I don't think the stun is that good for the Spirit required. Avoid this ability, unless you have some crazy extra points to waste.


1st Tree:

Strength of Beard (Level 2)- +10 hit point bonus / level. -Alright, a couple of extra HP. Better than leveling up the Health stat, but then again it costs more for a Skill point. I recommend to just use it to unlock the other two, or dump a couple of extra points in if you want.

Orcslayer (Level 3)- +2 damage to orcs / level
-Yeah, extra damage. Orcs are common, so put some but not too many points into this skill. Or, just get better weapons and ignore this one.

Headsplitter (Level 5)-Increases chance of critical hits 10% + 3% / level.
-This seems so much like Critical shot for Legolas. Dump at least 3-5 points into this guy, more if you level up a bunch.

2nd Tree:

Gemfinder (Level 2)-Gimli finds 1 extra gem / level -Great, who doesn't need gems? Doesn't seem like a lot, but think of all the guys you kill and each dropping one extra gem. Tedious work, but it adds up. I recommend only a few points into this one.

Dwarven Resilience (Level 7)-10% chance +2% / level of blows glancing off.
-Nice little extra defense. A quick fix if Gimli seems to be dying too fast. Put maybe 3-5 points into this one.

Spirit of the Forge (Level 10)- While still, Gimli recharges Spirit.
-Hooray! Gimli's ultimate ability, stand around and recharge extra Spirit like Legolas recharges health. Pretty nice, plug maybe 1-3 points in depending on how much Spirit and spells you like to cast.

Primary Stat: Strength
Other important Stat(s): Health, Defence, Courage (?)
Least Important Stat(s): Accuracy, Courage (?)
Playing Strategies

Gimli has mainly two paths, either no spells or minimal active Skills, or Berserker. Going minimal skills reduces the amount needed for Spirit of the Forge, which you unlock pretty late anyway, and allows you to put more stuff into things like Headsplitter, Strength of Beard, Gemfinder, etc. If you go Berserker, watch out for the corruption, and Spirit of the Forge will become a little more important. Actually, they aren't very different, it just depends on if you want to take 5 or more points out of your Passive Skills and stick them into your Active skills to make Berserker worthwhile. Just be careful, that corruption can catch up and Gimli has no way of reducing corruption except at its normal, slow rate. Gimli has no Single Player Campaign.

^ The above Gimli Guide was written by Aznsmarty07

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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