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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

6. Creatures

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers features many different types of enemies and creatures that try to impede your quest. This guide profiles the common ones and the bosses.

Common Creatures
Crows (Crebain): These are some of the most annoying enemies in the game. These crows don't attack very often and they don't do much damage, but they can increase the amount of your corruption. Letting one get away will greatly increase the amount of corruption your character has. Some areas feature dozens of these birds, while many other levels won't even have one.

Wolves (Wargs): These creatures look like giant (or small) wolves. They usually come in packs of a few, and can be dangerous to your character. Hitting them is fairly easy, and they will probably have trouble hitting you. Some wargs carry an Orc rider. To defeat them, you have to hurt them enough to knock down the rider and then you have to kill the Orc and Warg alone.

Trolls: These creatures are slow and stupid, so deafeating them is quite easy. If you are having trouble, one stragety is to hit them, run away, and right after they strike and miss, you hit them again... and repeat. This can help reduce the amount of damage you take from these enemies. Trolls can help you if you use them wisely; they can kill their comrade with their wild blows!

Orcs and Goblins: These are the foot soldiers in the game, and you will be predominately defeating these types of enemies. Some are faster than others, and some fire arrows and will flee when you come close. Don't let the enemies who fire arrows pester you while you defeat melee enemies, if possible you should try to kill the dangerous arrow firing enemies first. These creatures will vary through the game (more weapons, armor, damage... etc...), but they shouldn't pose too big of a problem for most people.

Urak Hai: Urak Hai are similar to orcs and goblins except for the fact that they are much stronger. They dish out more damage, take more damage, and look much more menacing. strategies that worked for you on Orcs and Goblins should work on the Urak Hai.

Wild Men: Wild Men look like men and are fairly weak. Defeating these low armored enemies is quite easy, but like all enemies they can pose some risk if you are surrounded.

Flames (Wisps): These appear in swampy levels, and they are pretty mysterious. Even though they look weak, nobody should take the task of defeating them lightly, because they can seriously hurt you. Many times several will appear at once, and that could be a fairly tough battle for anyone. Some of them can be killed in a single hit, but sometimes it takes several hits to kill them.

Drummers: These goblins in Moria act like indoor Crebain. While they are drumming your corruption increases, so eliminating these creatures should be a top priority for every character.

Ringwraiths: Uh oh. These creatures only appear if your corruption becomes so high that the eye begins flashing and pulsing. Ringwraiths are tough to defeat, seem weak to fire, and strike with massive damage with a sword. Defeating one in normal mode gives you 300 experience points.

Hero Creatures: Some creatures are colored differently from the others of it's type. These creatures are more tough and do more damage, so these creatures should be fought wisely.


Cave Troll (Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo)
The Cave Troll is found in the mines of moria. While fighting him, goblins will also attack you, some melee and some with bows. Concentrating on defeating the Troll should be your prime concern. Spikes will be falling during the battle, and it's almost impossible to dodge them so it's almost fruitless.


With Legolas and Gandalf, you obviously want to use your ranged attacks, a few hits with Overdraw will kill the Cave Troll. Aragorn can probably just charge him and flee to recover when hurt, or he can take Frodo's stragety, which should be just hit and run. One nice thing about the Cave Troll is the fact that the Cave Troll can kill his (or her, we don't know) comrades for you!

Cheap Tactic (Lord Ragnoroks):
When you first start the level, go as you normally would to the group by the tomb. After talking to them and the Cave Troll comes out, go to the bottom left corner of the screen and go up the stairs to the ledge. There will be a few orcs (not many). Stand above the pillar on the ledge. From there you can attack the Cave Troll without being hurt.

Balrog (Gandalf)
Gandalf has to combat the Balrog early in his adventure, and it can be very hard to defeat for many people.


You have to fight him in a tight constricted area, so you cannot just hide in a corner and shoot magic at him. You should run away and around him, shooting magic at him whenever you can. Engaging in melee combat would be foolish, because he can kill Gandalf in one or two good hits.

Note: (Henry Osterbrink)
When facing the Balrog as Gandalf, there actually IS a corner you can just stand in and shoot magic. Go just far enough towards the Balrog so that Gandalf will say his line (or else when you defeat him you will not be able to leave* and then run to the upper right corner, behind the hole in the ground, and if done correctly, the evil demon will hack and slash but not be able to hit you. This HAS worked for me, so please give it a couple of shots.

Fangorn Troll (Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf)
The Fangorn Troll is similar to the Cave Troll except that he isn't in a mine. Also, there won't be any spikes falling when you fight this creature.


Aragorn should try to defeat it quickly, because it has an ally. Aragorn can either do hit and run or try to stun it with his skills. Gandalf should stay away and fire magic, preferrably fireworks or a powered up zap. Legolas should just stay away and kill it with overdraws or just powered up hits.

Note: In The battle with the Fangorn Troll, instead of hitting and running there is a safe area in the bottom left corner. Go all the way to the left wall, and go directly down. There is a gap that your character can fit through, but the Fangorn Troll can't. The Fangorn troll's partner can fit through, so either defeat it before you get into the safe area, or when you get into the safe area fight it before the larger one. (metallica9819)

Lurtz (Aragorn)
Lurtz is the Uruk-Hai captain. He has the potential to deal substantial damage, and he has both a bow and a melee weapon.


Aragorn should do hit and run, but should never go so far away as to make Lurtz take out his very damaging crossbow. Stunning him can also be a good stragety for some people.

Lurtz look-alike? (Eowyn, Legolas)
Similar to Lurtz, it has a powerful bow and a melee weapon that can deal serious damage.


Eowyn has to fight in melee combat, and should take a similar stragety of Aragorn when he combats the Lurtz. Legolas should approach him like other enemies, but can't snipe him without a problem. The stragety for Legolas is to stay close enough to the creature to keep him from bringing out his crossbow. While doing that, you should peg him with quick hits. Another way to defeat him is with some overdraws, but you run the risk of him shooting you with arrows.

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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