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10. Gandalf Character Guide
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11. Eowyn Character Guide
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12. General Hints and Tips
- Gimli Character Guide (Aznsmarty07)
- Contributed tips, hints, extras
13. Story
- The Story of Middle Earth (summary) [**SPOILERS?**]
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

12. General Tips and Hints

Contributed (from others)

This section is for strageties or tips and hints that I don't already have in the FAQ. Email these to: [email protected]

Leveling Up in Moria (Moeloe of the Shire)

Leveling Up - I haven't played as Eowyn yet, but I know she doesn't use the Moria scenes, so this won't work for her. However, all the other characters do go through Moria, and this is where you can easily level up your character - although it takes much patience and sore fingers to do it.

Once you've split up in the first section of the Moria caves, look for the section called the "Mazes". The best way to identify a section if you don't know it is to save every time the scene fades to a new area. As you save the game, you'll see the title of the section you are now in. When it says "Moria Mazes", you're in the right place.

At the beginning of this section, you're in a room all the way at the left side of the play area. Clear the orcs from this section and proceed to the right. About halfway down the long hall, you'll see a shrine. This is where you can sell items for gems and purchase skill or attribute points, and it will become very important in this section.

Just beyond the shrine there is a doorway to another room. There are plenty more orcs here, and what looks like a small stage at the front. Look closely on the right side of that stage, and you'll see your first glimpse of Gollum (hunkered down and looking to the right). Gollum doesn't do or say anything to you, he just watches - but what he's looking at is what you're looking for...

There are two important things in this area. One is a switch on the floor, on the right side of the wall that ends just before Gollums stage. You'll have to walk over that at some point to open the doors below.

The second, and most important part of this section (to those who want to level up their character), is just to the right of where Gollum sits, where there is a hole in the wall. Orcs will come out of this hole one or two at a time. THIS is where you can gain all the experience you want, if you have lots of patience and time. All you have to do is stand in front of that hole and kill every orc that comes out (there seems to be a limitless amount of them). In my current game as Frodo, I entered this room at Level 8, and am now at Level 20. I've also been able to purchase 8 skill points and 5 attribute points. As my levels increased, I also found many useful items.

This is how you can increase your level. Depending on your patience and finger strength :-) you can level up as much as you want. As your backpack fills with items, just go back to the shrine and sell off what you don't want for more gems, and then go back to the crack and kill more orcs. Keep buying skill and attribute points each time you have enough gems. I've concentrated mostly on skill points, since they are more expensive, and I wanted to make Frodo as skilled as possible. Also, I find that the passive skills are much more useful because they are always active. Sometimes in a battle it is hard to switch between active skills quickly (I've often accidentally used the Ring when I really wanted to throw a knife at someone).

**Remember to save your game every time you reach a new level, just in case your batteries run low or something.


"If you kill the hero creatures at the beginning several times you will get absolutely great gear from them. I recommend killing them and saving your game right afterwards and quitting and coming back for another round. I received all my unique (green colored) gear from there, and some awesome swords, and even a few red (rare) items."
--- Jarin White

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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