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7. Aragorn Character Guide
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8. Legolas Character Guide
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- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
9. Frodo Character Guide
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10. Gandalf Character Guide
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- Tips and strategies (Magic Using vs. Warrior)
- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
11. Eowyn Character Guide
- Introduction
- Starting Stats and Skills
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- Tips and strategies (Princess of Rohan vs. Double Strike)
- Full Walkthrough 1, 2, 3, 4
12. General Hints and Tips
- Gimli Character Guide (Aznsmarty07)
- Contributed tips, hints, extras
13. Story
- The Story of Middle Earth (summary) [**SPOILERS?**]
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

10. Gandalf Character Guide


Gandalf is the wise magic user who guides the other characters in both the books and the movies. Gandalf has a wide arsenal of spells but can also effectively fight in hand to hand combat (as he does in the movie). He is the wielder of the Flame of Anor.

Starting Stats and Skills

Primary Stats
Strength: 18
Accuracy: 20
Health: 22
Defense: 20
Courage: 30

Starting Skills
Magical Healing (1)


Active Skills

1st Tree

Magical Healing (Level 1) - Heals 20 hit points, +4/level. 8 spirit +2/level.
- Like everyone else's active healing skills, this skill doesn't need to be raised and in fact, raising it can hurt you more than it helps. Raising it doesn't increase this spell's efficency at all. I would recommend that you don't raise this skill from the default 1.

Shield (Level 3) - Absorbs 50 points of damage, +20/level. Corrupt. 10 spirit.
- Awesome skill of Gandalf. This spell will surely save you if you use it. It only lasts a limited time though, so be sure to use it wisely. The corruption that this skill uses is very small, and it's almost meaningless compared to the corruption that Gandalf's other spells can provoke. I would recommend at least 1 point in this skill, but a couple is also wise. Some enemies will blow through it in only one or two hits if you leave at 1.

2nd Tree

Zap (Level 2) - A wizard's basic ranged spell. Does 5 damage +2/level. 3 spirit.
- This is the basic spell of Gandalf and unlocks all of his other damaging active skills. It isn't as good as Fireworks, so I would recommend only putting one point in this ability. You will probably use it early in your adventure but soon you will start using the better abilities.

Sunburst (Level 5) - Stuns opponenets and damages trolls. Higher levels increase damage and stun time. 8 spirit.
- Not a very good skill. I wouldn't recommend putting points into this skill because it only stuns oppenents which isn't that great for a ranged magic user like Gandalf. It only damages trolls, which isn't a large amount of the creatures in this game. It's also too expensive for the meager things it does.

Fireworks (Level 5) - A small area attack. Does 10 damage +2/level. 5 spirit.
- The bread and butter spell of Gandalf's arsenal. It does good damage and doesn't cost too much. It is much smarter to put several points into this rather than putting several into zap. A meager six points into this skill will allow Gandalf to do 20 damage with only 5 spirit. I would recommend putting several points into this skill unless you don't really want to concentrate on magic. One great thing about this skill is that it doesn't corrupt your character like some of his higher level spells.

Summon Eagle (Level 10) - Summons a great eagle to attack foes. Eagle swoops once/level. Corrupt. Outdoors only. 12 spirit.
- Not a very good skill. The damage that the Eagle does isn't spectacular and you can only use this ability outdoors. It's too expensive for the cost and it is also a little slow. I wouldn't recommend putting points into this skill. Another negative is the fact that it corrupts greatly.

Thunderstrike (Level 10) - Massive area effect spell. Does 20 damage +2/level. Corrupt. 20 spirit.
- An awesome ability that will be used often by any magic using Gandalf. The damage that this spell causes is tremendous and it's cost isn't that high considering the fact that you can kill multiple enemies with just this spell. It has corrupt, so if you are going to use this spell a lot you have to remember to put points into Elusion, Gandalf's passive skill that reduces corruption. I would recommend several points be put into this skill.

Passive Skills

1st Tree

Elusion (Level 2) - Reduces corruption by 20% +4%/level.
- A very important skill for a magic using Gandalf because Thunderstrike, one of his best skills causes a lot of corruption. Also, this skill limits the amount of corruption you gain from Crebain and the goblin drummers. At least one point should be put into this skill to unlock Inspire and to gain the large 20% bonus, but I'd put several points into this skill if you like Thunderstrike.

Inspire (Level 5) - Spirit recharges 25% faster/level. 2nd Tree
- This is an awesome ability for any person who uses a lot of spells. Increasing this ability lets your Gandalf cast spells for a longer period of time before having to recharge. If you put enough points into this skill you will never have to recharge, so I'd recommend putting a lot of points into this skill if you use magic spells.

2nd Tree

Wisdom (Level 2) - All damaging spells do +1 damage/level.
- A good ability, but raising the spells that use like to use a lot almost does the same. Put at least one point into this ability to unlock Flame of Anor, but many of the staves that Gandalf finds will give him a nice bonus for this skill. I'd recommend putting more points than one into this skill only if you like to use 3 or more damaging spells. If you use only two, raising each one is equivalent to raising this.

Flame of Anor (Level 12) - When hit points reach 0, Gandalf has 20% chance of reviving, +2%/level.
- Great ability, everyone should at least put one point into this skill. Putting extra points into this skill provide limited returns, but people who want to fight with their Gandalf may want to put several points into this skill.

Tips and strategies

Primary Statistic: Courage
Important Statistics: Health, Defense
Least Important: Accuracy, Strength

The character of Gandalf in the movies doesn't use his magic too often. In this game, you can make a choice to use plenty of magic and keep that as your only stragety, or you can create a Warrior Gandalf, who emphasizes slashing his enemies rather than shooting magic at them.

Magic Using Gandalf
A Gandalf that primarily uses magic and doesn't fight often requires more courage than a warrior Gandalf. One plus of this setup is that points a warrior Gandalf needs in Accuracy can be put into Courage or Health with this Gandalf. The stragety you need to use when fighting creatures and bosses is to stay away from everyone. The best situations are the ones where your enemies are stuck somewhere or on a ledge and you can pummel them with magic. Many of Gandalfs magic spells corrupt, so you have to take care in using too many powerful spells in too short of a time span.

Example Magic-using Gandalf: (30 skill points)

Active Skills:
Magic Healing (1)
Shield (5)
Zap (1)
Fireworks (5) ---------- Bread and butter spell
Thunderstrike (5)

Passive Skills:
Elusion (4)
Inspire (5) --------- Essential if you use a lot of magic
Wisdom (3)
Flame of Anor (1)

Warrior Gandalf
A Gandalf that scorns magic use and primarily uses his weapons in combat will have a tougher time than a magic using Gandalf but can still be a good fighter. If you are going to just fight melee with Gandalf, you have to raise statistics like accuracy and defense as high as you can. Strength also becomes a little more important, as it increases how much damage you do.

Example Warrior Gandalf: (30 skill points)

Active Skills:
Magic Healing (1)
Shield (10)
Zap (1) ----|
Fireworks (1) |---- Just in case.
Thunderstrike (1)----|

Passive Skills:
Elusion (4)
Inspire (1)
Wisdom (1)
Flame of Anor (10) -------- 40% chance of not dying

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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