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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

8. Legolas Character Guide

Legolas Walkthrough (3)

Level 9: Moria - Balin's Tomb
Difficulty: Medium, boss: Cave Troll
Quick Hint: Defeat the Cave Troll
Starting Location: SE
Ending Location: Top of the screen
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
This level is a boss level, so be prepared for a fight. After entering this level start going up, use the red pool you pass if you need health. After going up, go to the left until you see some of your comrades by an open tomb. A cutscene will happen and then the Cave Troll will come storming in from the top with several enemies:

Gimli: No! It is as I have feared... Balin has fallen!
Legolas: I am sorry Gimli... I misjudged your people's perseverance...
Gimli: They fought to the finish, no doubt.
Legolas: Defending their home.
Gimli: Poor Balin.
Legolas: Stand fast Gimli, else we suffer Balin's fate!

Defeat him (Look at Bosses section for hints). Once you defeat him, go up through the door where he came from and continue going up until the end of the level.


Level 10: Moria - Flight
Difficulty: Very East
Quick Hint: Leave
Starting Location: Bottom
Ending Location: NW corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide: This level is one of the simplest. After defeating the few enemies that great you as soon as you enter, continue up until you see your allies and enter a cutscene:

Gimli: Let them come! There is one Dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath!
(Enemies surround you but then start fleeing away)
(Ground shaking)
Gimli: What is this devilry?
Gandalf: A Balrog... a demon of the ancient world! Run! To the Bridge of Khazad-dum!

You can either kill them or just leave the level by heading toward the northwest until you exit.


Level 11: Moria - Khazad-dum
Difficulty: Easy
Quick Hint: Go left
Starting Location: NE
Ending Location: NW
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide: Most of this level is pretty easy to go through. Start by heading the only direction you can go and move down the stairways. After going down two stairs, go left onto a thin bridge. The bridge will break and you will be forced to continue left. Go through the gap in the wall and then go up the stairs to the exit. At the end of the level Aragorn will be standing, waiting for you. Once you reach him, there will be a cutscene:

Legolas: Aragorn, where is Gandalf? We cannot leave him behind!
Aragorn: He sent me away. I implored him to follow, but-
Legolas: Aragorn, Gandalf's wisdom is beyond measure... If he says run, we do not ask questions.
Aragorn: Just the answer I expected. Let us leave this place.

Exit the level.


Level 12: East Mountains - Gate
Difficulty: Easy
Quick Hint: Exit the map
Starting Location: Top of the screen
Ending Location:
Shrines: Middle (Forge)

Detailed Guide: Immediately upon entering this level there will be a cutscene mourning Gandalf's death:

Aragorn: There is no time for tears; we have far to go.
Legolas: To Lorien, Aragorn. Galadriel will welcome us if we are cautious.
Gimli: That witch? Cautious of what?
Legolas: It would be unwise to lead a pack of Orcs into the heart of Lorien, Gimli.
Gimli: From the tales I've heard, the Witch of the Woods is likely to do more harm than Orcs.
Legolas: She is strong, indeed. Try not to lose favor with her.

Head down until you have to turn left. (Go around the tree to the right, not the left) If you go down and turn left at the right time, you should see a shrine (Forge). After the shrine go down, turn right, and then go down again. Turn right and continue right until the end. This is a very straightforward level.


Level 13: East Mountains - Rolling Hills
Difficulty: Easy
Quick Hint: Go around... way around
Starting Location: NW corner
Ending Location: SE corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
Head southeast from the starting point until you see a wall. Go to the right, walking along the wall until it terminates at the end of a little raised ridge. Head down from that end of the wall until you reach another wall. Go left along the wall until you can go down and turn to the right along the same wall. Continue going right until the end. This level does have a white pool and a chest, but they aren't essential to your quest or for beating the level.


Level 14: East Mountains - Dimril Dale
Difficulty: Medium - Lengthy
Quick Hint: Go East Young Man
Starting Location: SW corner
Ending Location: SE corner
Shrines: NE corner (Forge)

Detailed Guide: Walk up from the beginning of the level. You will pass a tree sitting a large pool of water with a butterfly circling the tree. Go down along the wall to the right of this tree until you can go around it and start going up. You can follow this wall to reach a shrine that is located in the NE corner of this level, but that takes a long time. If you decide to go the shrine, you can easily reach the exit just by heading straight down. If you don't want to reach the shrine, you still have to go a long way to finish the level. From the wall near the tree (outside the right wall), you have to go up until you reach a wall. From there you have to turn left and follow that wall. When the wall terminates you have to continue going up. Weave through the rubble until you reach even another wall. Go right, following the rubble until it stops. From there you can go straight down to recieve a quest (see below) or you can go SE and down until you reach the exit in the SE corner.

Special Note: In the middle of the level an elf will be standing on a ridge. If you go to him, he will tell you that a great orc brute has waylaid some travellers and stolen their wares, including a strange map (artifact). He tells you that you can keep the treasure if you find them. After this short dialouge, two orcs guarding a chest will spawn in the level. If you haven't yet found Bilbo's Map, then one of the Orcs will drop the artifact.

(This isn't always true. If you find some ruins at the beginning of the level, you won't find this elf.)


Level 15: East Mountains - West Woods
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Go SE
Starting Location: NW corner
Ending Location: SE corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide: Immediately upon entering the level begin going down until you reach the lower boundary of the whole level. From the bottom turn to the right. Go up when you have to. You should now be in an area with a blue pool. Go to the NW corner of this area and go up through the gap. You'll want to turn to the right immediately unless you want to reach a white pool that is directly to the north. As you pass through a grassy passage between to ridges spikes may pop out of the ground and damage you. If they do, just keep moving southeast. Continue going southeast until you reach an elf at the edge of a forest. Aragorn, one of your allies, will be standing by the elf. The elf first tells you to halt but he decides to let you in because Aragorn tells him who he is:

Elf: Halt stranger. You have come to the edge of our wood uninvited.
Aragorn: Haldir of Lorien, I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. We must take shelter with the Lady of the Wood.
Haldir: Aragorn? It has been a long time since we last met. If you wish to visit Lothlorien, walk softly and with speed. Come!


Level 16: Lothlorien - Lothlorien
Difficulty: Extremely Easy
Quick Hint: Press A
Starting Location: none
Ending Location: none
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide: This level is extremely easy. Just sit back and enjoy the cutscenes... or just press A:

Legolas: It fills my heart with joy to see these woods again.
Galadriel: Rest here Legolas. You are among kin.
Legolas: Good night, Lady.
Legolas: Goodbye lady Galadriel.
Galadriel: Legolas, Sauron will be seeking the Ring without rest... if his gaze is not drawn away he will find it.
Legolas: I will not let that happen.
Galadriel: Even if that means making unthinkable sacrifices.
Legolas: If I must, lady.
Galadriel: Good luck, Legolas.


*Screenshot from the movie*


Level 17: Amon Hen - Nen Hithoel
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Go left first, and cross the bridge
Starting Location: Top
Ending Location: SE corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide: This level starts off with a quick dialouge between Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn, who wonder where Frodo and Boromir went:

Aragorn: We will rest here for the day. Mordor is nearer than ever, and orcs patrol the shores.
Legolas: Something draws near, I can feel it.
Gimli: Where is Frodo?
Legolas: And Boromir?
Aragorn: Spread out. Find them!

This level isn't very hard. Be careful not to let birds leave the area to raise your corruption. Go left from the starting point until you are on the raised side of a stone wall. Follow that wall down until you reach a very thin bridge across a very small river. You will see two orcs:

Orc: You cheat!
Orc 1: You gonna stop me?

Cross the bridge and obliterate those arguing orcs. Go southeast, through a gap through two stone walls, and continue until you reach the SE corner of the level. The exit is a little patch of green grass in the very corner.

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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