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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

8. Legolas Character Guide


Legolas is a noble and skilled Elven prince. His primary weapon is the bow, but he has elven blades also for short range melee combat.

Starting Stats and Skills

Primary Stats
Strength: 18
Accuracy: 30
Health: 20
Defense: 22
Courage: 20

Starting Skills
Meditation (1)


Active Skills

1st Tree

Overdraw (Level 2) - Hold down the A button for massive arrow damage, increasing per level. 6 spirit.
- One of the best skills for Legolas and my personal favorite. This cheap attack will release a charged arrow that can plow through multiple enemies with ease. Even just lightly charging Overdraw will release an arrow that will kill most enemies. The 6 spirit cost is very reasonable, and the damage increases without the cost increasing, which is a plus.

Suppress (Level 5) - A magical attack that has 25% chance of knocking foes backwards, +5%/level. 3 spirit.
- Poor choice of an active skill. Overdraw and Spread Fire are far superior to this skill. A small chance for knockback isn't worth 3 spirit a shot in most cases. To get 100% knockback, you would have to put 15 points into this almost useless skill. I would recommend against putting any points in this skill.

Spread Fire (Level 12) - Shoot 2 arrows (+1/4 levels) for extra accuracy per level. 9 spirit.
- Another good attack for Legolas but not as good as Overdraw. Some Legolas characters are built around this skill, but to effectively create a character based on this skill you have to pour a tremendous amount of points into it for the maximum number of arrows. The cost is also a little high, and any Legolas using this skill will probably need to increase their courage.

2nd Tree

White Knives (Level 2) - Slash enemies with elven blades. Damage 4 + 1/level. 2 spirit.
- One of the most useless skills of Legolas. The meager damage that you can deal out with this skill is far less then the damage Legolas will make with any bow. Legolas isn't meant to be a melee fighter and this skill doesn't match up with his bow using behavior. The only way that this ability could be effective is if you put dozens of points into this ability, but that is a waste. You may want to put in a point to unlock to other skills in this tree, but I didn't do that with my second Legolas.

Forest Friend (Level 3) - Call hawks to distract and injure foes. Additional hawks and stun per level. Outdoors only. 12 spirit.
- An expensive and unecessary skill. This skill costs a whopping 12 spirit to use, and at it's lower levels only a few hawks will come and strike your enemies. They don't do enough damage to kill most enemies and their stun is pathetic. The cost of it is exorbinant, and I wouldn't put a point into this skill.

Summon Gimli (Level 12) - Summon a friend to fight beside you. Does +1 damage/level, and stays longer. 25 spirit.
- This is an expensive special skill. It is fun to use and to see Gimli fight next to you, but it's cons outweigh the pros in my opinion. The cost is very high, 25 spirit is substantial for a character like Legolas. He doesn't do much damage, and increasing the level of the skill doesn't increase the damage by very much. You have to increase this skill very high for Gimli to stay for a long time, which isn't that great in the first place because on the battlefield he seems confused and rarely attacks your foes. I wouldn't recommend putting any points into this skill unless you really want to see Gimli fight and you can't wait until the battle at Helmsdeep.

Passive Skills

1st Tree

Meditation (Level 1) - Legolas gains health by being motionless. Quicker recharge per level.
- The only option for Legolas in the category of healing skills, the amount of points that you put into this skill will probably depend on your patience. If you feel like waiting minutes (if your character is a very high level), then putting no points into this is okay. Putting more points into this really only quickens your play, so it's your decision.

Fleet of Foot (Level 5) - Increases footspeed 3%/level.
- A valuable skill in some people's opinions and not needed in others. Personally I like this skill because if you raise it up, Legolas will be able to escape danger much easier than he would normally. Hit and run tactics are also much easier to preform when you are much faster than your enemies.

Orc Slayer (Level 8) - +2 damage to orcs/level.
- Good skill, and some people will get it and some won't. I always put in a few points into this skill because the bonus is pretty good and Orcs are common. I would recommend a few points in this, but more than 5 isn't necessary.

2nd Tree

Hawk Eye (Level 2) - Increases bow damage +1/level.
- Good skill, which cheaply increases the damage that your Legolas does with his bow. Everyone should put a few points into this skill because it helps. This isn't a skill that I would max out, but putting several points into this skill isn't a bad idea for anybody.

Critical Shot (Level 3) - Increases chance of critical hit 10%, +2%/level.
- Awesome skill. Everyone who plays Legolas has to put at least one point into this skill to get the 10% critical hit bonus. I would recommend 5 or more levels, where your character will be scoring critical hits a fourth of the time. You never know when a lucky hit that defeats a normally strong enemy could save your character.

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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