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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

7. Aragorn Character Guide

Aragorn Walkthrough (6)


Level 33: Gap of Rohan - South River
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Follow the paths
Starting Location: SE corner
Ending Location: NE corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
Start this level by going up and following the path, but be careful. You will encounter a dead horse with several Crebain feeding on it. Make sure to try to kill most if not all of the Crebain. If you follow the path correctly, it will take you onto a bridge and across a small stream. Keep following the path until it ends. When it ends go up into the gap it leads to. Turn right when you enter the area. You will see three Crebain on a rock, and one or a few well thrown sword throws should easily dispose of the birds. Go into that passage that the rock is in. Go southeast into this passage and go to the right when you have to. If you go all the way to the river, going up
along the bank will take you to a red pool. If you go to the red pool, go down and left from it until you see a path leading upwards. Follow the path. There will be two chests to the left of the path, and you should go and open them. Follow the path to the end.


Level 34: Gap of Rohan - North Road
Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Quick Hint: Follow the path
Starting Location: Bottom
Ending Location: Top
Shrines: NE corner (Shrine)

Detailed Guide:
This level can be pretty easy. From the very beginning of the level you want to follow the path. You will weave around and pass through two fences. Continue on along the path until it seems that your path is blocked. It really isn't though, because the three grey plants can be destroyed in only two hits each. If you go left before reaching the three plants and then go up, you will reach a red pool. Continue up the path to the end unless you need to use a shrine or want to use one. If you do, then don't immediately leave this level. Instead, go to the northeast corner of this area and there you will find a Shrine.


Level 35: Gap of Rohan - Vale
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Follow the paths until the second split
Starting Location: SW corner
Ending Location: NE corner
Shrines: NW corner (Forge)

Detailed Guide:
Start off by following the path upwards. Eventually it will split off into two seperate paths. If you want to go the Forge shrine in the northwest corner of this level then you will want to take the left path. Follow the left path until it ends and then just go up until you reach the shrine. If or when you go onto the right path, you will reach another split in the path. Unfortunately, both of the paths are not the ones to take, as they both lead to dead ends. You have to start going left until you reach a tree barrier. Go up and then right from there. If you continue going to the right you should be on the other side of the barrier blocking the path before. Go up to finish the level.


Level 36: Helm's Deep - Hornsberg
Difficulty: Easy
Quick Hint: Enter Hornsberg
Starting Location: SE corner
Ending Location: NW corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
Welcome to Helm's Deep. Follow the darker paved path to the northwest. You will eventually see a bridge and two guards and enter a cutscene:

Guard: Hail, Aragorn. You arrived just in time. Vast armies of Orcs are approaching from the North East. Aragorn: When the last person enters the Hornberg, barricade this door.
Guard: Yes, sir.

Continue towards the building and go across the bridge, where you will see Legolas and Gimli. Follow them into the door.


Level 37: Helm's Deep - Battlements
Difficulty: Hard
Quick Hint: Comb the wall for ladders and destroy them
Starting Location: NW corner
Ending Location: SE corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
This level opens with a cutscene:

(Aragorn talking to Eowyn)
Aragorn: So little time has passed since we began this quest, but so much has transpired. I have the strength to fight still, but I sometimes lack the conviction.
Eowyn: If you do, you hide it well.
Aragorn: But I do not have enough strength for every soldier!
Eowyn: Your men fight by your side because they see your strength, Aragorn - They will not part with you. Aragorn: Thank you, Eowyn. I must speak with your Uncle now. Be safe.
Eowyn: I will.
(Legolas comes running up)
Legolas: Aragorn! Orcs from Isengard - approaching from the east. Hurry!
Aragorn: Hurry Eowyn! Take your sword and go to your people!
(Legolas and Aragorn run to Gimli)
Legolas: The Orcs are making their assault using ladders.
Aragorn: Legolas, Gimli. We must keep them from ascending the Deeping Wall.
Gimli: I've chopped nothing but wood these past few days.
Let me at them!

Now comes the difficult part. You have to go back and forth across this wall destroying ladders until you have destroyed all of them. Some won't spawn until you have destroyed another. The best stragety is to just go back and forth down the wall killing all the enemies and ladders you encounter. Watch out for explosions that hit your character, as they can cause tremendous damage. When you have knocken down all of the ladders, you will enter another cutscene:

Gimli: Aragorn, Orcs have breached the wall further south!
Aragorn: Go Gimli! I'll follow.

The exit is those small stairs at the far right of this wall.


*Screenshot from the movie*


  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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