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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

10. Gandalf Character Guide

Gandalf Walkthrough (5)


Level 31: Helm's Deep - Gorge
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Cross the river
Starting Location: SE corner
Ending Location: NW corner
Shrines: Middle (Forge)

Detailed Guide:
Upon entering this level go left. You will pass some stairs, and it is wise to go up them even though they don't lead to the end of the level. Up the stairs is a room full of enemies, allies, a shrine, chests, and breakable containers. After you loot the room to your satisfaction, go back down the stairs. If you go up you enter a huge area with a white pool. It's better to go left from the stairs and reach the river. If you go down, you will see a path across the river. Cross the river. If you want to immediately go to the next level just follow the edge of the river all the way to the end. You can go left from the river to reach the red pool that is in the raised area.

Level 32: Helm's Deep - Valley
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Go West young man
Starting Location: SE corner
Ending Location: NW corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
Start going to the left. Eventually you will encounter 3 hero creatures at once. After defeating them cross the river unless you are low in health. If you are low in health continue going left (without crossing the river) until you reach the red pool. Either way, you will have to eventually cross the bridge. Kill the three crows you meet on a little island in the middle of the river. Continue crossing the river. Go left from there. The exit of the level looks like a cave enterance.


Level 33: Helm's Deep - Glittering Caves
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Explore around
Starting Location: NE corner
Ending Location: SW corner
Shrines: Middle

Detailed Guide:
You are now in the Glittering Caves. Go down and to the right until you reach a bridge. You have to cross the
bridge. BEWARE, the bridge has several crows on the edges of it. Go southwest from the end of the bridge until you reach another. Cross that one also. You will now have 3 paths to choose from. SW, NE, and SE. To the southwest is a white pool, so I would recommend going there first. The NE path is just a dead end with no special features and only normal enemies. Obviously you have to go to the southeast to beat the level. Go that direction until you see two walls structed like this: --- ---. There will be a shrine (Forge) in front of the second wall. Use the shrine if you want to, either way, go down until you pass a wall. Go southwest from that point on, until you reach a wall. Go west from here, and you will eventually meet with Legolas:

Legolas: Gandalf, you have returned!
Gandalf: And with no time to spare... Follow me!

Go down from Legolas until you reach the bottom of the level. Go left until you reach Aragorn and Eowyn:

Gandalf: Aragorn, the enemy has been driven back moment- arily. Now is our chance for a final assault.
Legolas: Gimli has already tossed himself into battle against the siege weapons. Hurry!
Aragorn: Tend to your people, Eowyn. We will return.


Level 34: Helm's Deep - Hornberg (Round 2)
Difficulty: Hard
Quick Hint: Destroy EVERY seige machine
Starting Location: N edge
Ending Location:
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
This level can be hard or easy depending on how good you are at defeating difficult hero creatures. There are many seige machines scattered throughout this level and each are guarded by two hero creatures. You have to defeat them and destroy each seige machine. This is a great level to find good weapons and to gain experience because of the large number of hero creatures. If you are having trouble finding all of the seige machines, comb the area very carefully, as it's not very big but it is easy to miss areas. There are a total of six seige machines. Once you have broken all of the machines, go to the starting point, where the king of Rohan, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli will be standing:

King: This battle has one more front yet!
Gandalf: Aragorn, fetch the others... we are headed to Isengard!
Aragorn: Aye, Gandalf... we are well on our way.
Gandalf: Be vigilant. Saruman's army may be diminished, but his cunning is not.
Gimli: Is there no time for a moment's rest in this world! Aragorn: Not while Saruman lives, Gimli.

*Ending movie* (Shows scenes from second movie)

Save your game.
Enjoy the credits music (directly from the movies!)


  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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