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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

11. Eowyn Character Guide

Eowyn Walkthrough (2)

Level 7 - Rohan Village - Village Residences
Difficulty: Easy
Quick Hint: Exit the level
Starting Location: NE corner
Ending Location:
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
Follow the dirt path southwest. Watch out for tough bad- guys and many Crebain. Eventually you will reach the villager again:

Eowyn: Your village's aid may save Theodred's life. Thank you.
Villager: I only pray our village can withstand these attacks. I hope your brother's journey back to Edoras is a safe one.
Eowyn: As do I... I am sure the King would also thank you for your kindness.
Villager: Pardon, Lady, but there are rumors that King Theoden is ill these days... is this so?
Eowyn: Not ill, no... Weary perhaps but-
(Troop runs up)
Troop: ORCS! ORCS are attacking the village!
Eowyn: More Orcs? This far west?
Troop: Big orcs! With White hand prints across their faces!
Eowyn: Gather everyone together! Hurry!

To finish the level just go down through the open

*Screenshot from movie* (Orcs are ransacking a Rohan

Level 8 - Rohan Village - Village Square
Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Quick Hint: Enter the Town Hall building
Starting Location: NE corner
Ending Location: Town Hall door
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
The level opens with a cutscene:

Villager: There are too many of them, Lady! They have taken over the Town Hall!
Eowyn: Where is the Town Hall?
Villager: The largest building, south of here.

Go down, following the dirt path. Eventually you will reach a large building that you will realize is the Town Hall. Enter it through the open door.


Level 9 - Rohan Village - Village Town Hall
Difficulty: Medium to HARD (Difficult enemies)
Quick Hint: Kill all the enemies
Starting Location: SE corner
Ending Location: SE coner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
Kill everything in the level. You need to kill:

- One archer
- One red hero Uruk-Hai
- Two normal Uruk-Hai

After killing these enemies, return to the front door of the building, where you will again find the villager:

Villager: Now it is we who must thank you. You save our village.
Eowyn: I don't think I have. Those Orcs were no raiders. They were bent on destruction.
Villager: What are you suggesting, Lady?
Eowyn: Evacuate the village. We are going to Edoras.


Eowyn: Uncle! What has happened here?
Theoden: My son is dead, my nephew has deserted me, and my kingdom is crumbling! All is falling into ruin!
Eowyn: Theodred Dead?! Eomer gone?! Uncle, refugess from nearby villages are pouring in. There is a new breed of Orcs roaming Rohan.
(Fellowship runs up)
Gandalf: Those are Saruman's agents. The Uruk Hai. Saruman has been breeding this army for many months.
Theoden: Gandalf... Wise wizard, what do you suggest?
Eowyn: Uncle, what is going on? Who are these people?
Theoden: I will explain shortly, Eowyn. Let us retire to my hall, for this cemetery is crushing my spirit.
---Fades to black---
Theoden: ...And so, with Gandalf's aid, I was brought back to reason. Saruman holds no sway over me anymore.
Eowyn: This is joyous news. Your people were worried about you. They were beginning to suspect the worst.
Gandalf: Let there be no doubt now. Theoden, rise and lead your people!
Theoden: The fact of my son's death weighs heavy on me, Gandalf. My mind is scattered.
Theoden: Rohan is beset... but I will not risk open war.
Aragorn: Open war lies before you - whether you would risk it or not.
Theoden: The last time I looked, Theoden, not Aragorn, was King of Rohan.
Gandalf: Then what is the King's decision?
Theoden: ...
Eowyn: Uncle?
Theoden: We make for Helm's Deep. Eowyn, it will be your responsibility to lead the Refugees to safety.

*Screenshot from movie* (Eowyn leading the refugees toward Helms Deep)

Level 10 - Mountain Pass - Mountain Pass South
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Find the gaps
Starting Location: SE corner
Ending Location: NW corner
Shrines: NW corner (Shrine)

Detailed Guide:
Another level, another opening cutscene:

Eowyn: We're ready to head north. This pass is safer than taking the road, but danger still lurks. I will scout ahead and clear a path.
Villager: What would you have us do lady?
Eowyn: Keep toghter, and stay behind me.
Villager: Be safe, Lady Eowyn.

Go up to the wall above you and walk along it towards the left. Keep following along it, even when it turns upwards. Eventually, you will reach a gap in the wall. Go through the gap and go up. You may encounter some rocks. If you do, go to the right until you can go up. Go as far up as you can until you reach a wall. Walk along the wall to the right. You'll eventually reach a gap and it will start snowing. Go through the gap and then go up until you reach a wall. Walk along the wall to the left. If you continue in this fashion, you will eventually beat the level. If you want to use a shrine, don't follow the wall, just go to the left. You'll eventually reach a Shrine.


Level 11 - Mountain Pass - Mountain Pass Steppe
Difficulty: Medium
Quick Hint: Go through the passage
Starting Location: SE corner
Ending Location: NE corner
Shrines: None

Detailed Guide:
From the beginning of the level go straight up. You should see a gap that you will want to go through. After going through the gap, you will presented with three paths. The one to the right leads to nothing, the one to the left leads to a red pool, and the one up is the one you need to take to beat the level. Go up until you have to turn to the left. You should pass through a little gap and start going down a southwest passage. The passage will turn upwards, and you have to continue foward. Eventually you will notice a dead body. Start going to the right. The passage will start going northeast and then change back to just going right. Eventually you will reach the end of it and have a choice to go down or up. Don't go down, there is nothing down there. Instead, start going up. You will hit a wall. Walk left along the wall until it starts going up and you see a gap. Walk straight up, through the gap, until you hit a wall. Walk right along the wall, and you will eventually reach the end of the level.

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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