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11. Eowyn Character Guide
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- The Story of Middle Earth (summary) [**SPOILERS?**]
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers FAQ/Walkthrough

By Zephyrmaster

7. Aragorn Character Guide


Aragorn is the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, and he is a superb ranger. His primary weapon in this game is the sword, and he can even wield two at a time with a certain skill!

Starting Stats and Skills

Primary Stats
Strength: 23
Accuracy: 23
Health: 22
Defense: 24
Courage: 20

Starting Skills
Herbal Remedy (1)


Active Skills

1st Tree:

Herbal Remedy (Level 1) - Heals 25 hit points +5/ level. Herbs are more effective. 8 spirit +2/level.
- A good skill to have, and Aragorn does start off with a point in it. Raising this skill more than a few points is ill-advised, and keeping this skill at level 1 is probably the best choice.

This is a table to show the level and sp usage and hp restoration: (Created by: Unknown Knight)

Level 1: 8sp for 25hp, 3.125hp/sp

Level 2: 10sp for 30hp, 3hp/sp

Level 3: 12sp for 35hp, 2.917hp/sp

Level 4: 14sp for 40hp, 2.857hp/sp

And so on and so forth.
Conclusion, it's a waste of sp for hp, so stick to the original spell. Moreover, it wastes ability points!

Commanding Presence (Level 5) - Stuns foes around Aragorn. Stun time increases per level. 7 spirit +2/level. - Depending on your style of combat, you may or may not want to put points into this skill. Personally I didn't put any points in this skill because it requires too many points to be effective in my opinion. It is popular with many players though, and you should try it to see if you want to use it.

Rage of the North (Level 10) - Rage increases damage +2 per level while in effect. 10 spirit. Corrupt.
- I would recommend against this skill. The corruption that it causes can be limited by the passive skill Numenorean Blood, but the pros of this spell aren't that great. It doesn't last that long, and the damage increase isn't that substantial.

Call Legolas (Level 10) - Legolas appears to fight the enemy with his bow. +1 damage/level. 24 spirit.
- Not worth the cost of spirit for what it does. Calling an ally is fun and can be useful, but the price of this skill will deplete Aragorn's already low amount of spirit points.

2nd Tree:

Sword Throw (Level 2) - Aragorn throws his sword at foes +1 damage/level. 4 spirit.
- Can be useful, but is overshadowed by sweep at higher levels. I would recommend just one point in this skill to help eliminate crows without alerting them to your presence. Can be useful in other select situations also, when an enemy can't hit you but you can hit them with a ranged attack.

Sweep (Level 5) - Spin attack affects all foes around Aragorn, doing +1 damage/level. 8 spirit.
- Good attack that can really prove useful. Hitting multiple enemies with one attack can be extremely useful, and this is a favorite skill of many Aragorn users. You should at least try this attack to see if you like it.

Passive Skills

1st Tree:

Dual Wield (Level 2) - Allows use of two swords. Second blade does half damage, +1 per level.
- When playing Aragorn, you have to make a choice of playing with two swords or a sword and shield. More info on that is in the stragety section for Aragorn. Most players should at least put one point in this skill to try this skill out and to unlock Numenorean Blood, one of Aragorn's better skills.

Numenorean Blood (Level 10) - Lessens corruption by 5%/level and +2 damage to Ringwraiths/level.
- Numenorean Blood is one of Aragorn's best skills. It reduces your corruption and it aids in combat against Ringwraiths. Be careful though. If you want to fight Ringwraiths, don't increase this skill so much that you can't be corrupted! Or you can always play multiplayer.

  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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