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1) Introduction
2) Game Play 
1, 2, 3
3) Monster List
4) Item List
5) Walkthrough

  Sub Sections:
  Sol Sanctum
  Going Away...To Vault
  On the Road to Bilbin
  To Kolima/Forest
  Kolima Forest
  Heading North
  Mercury Lighthouse
  Back to Kolima Forest
  Fuschin Temple
  Mogall Forest
  On the Road Again...
  Altin Peak
  Lama Temple
  Lamarkan Desert
  Kalay Docks
  Tolbi Docks
  To Altimer Caves
  Altimer Cave
  To Lupna
  To the Suhulla/Desert
  Suhulla Desert
  Suhulla Gate
  Venus Lighthouse Part 1
  Babi Lighthouse
  Venus Lighthouse Part 2
  What!? We're Backtracking!?
  Crossbone Island  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Venus Lighthouse Part 3
6) Boss Strategies
7) The Arena
8) Leveling and Character Classes
  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
9) *Spoiler* Spelled Backwards: EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG
10) Frequently Asked Questions 
1, 2
11) Credits/Copyright Information

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Golden Sun Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Ikillkenny (Mike Bentley) with a Djinn Guide by Baby M

10) Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - part 2

Q) I saw this code on the GameFAQ's Message Board:
I don't know if this has been found out yet but I'll tell you how to get her. In order to get her to join your party you need the cursed emerald necklace. To get the necklace you need to go to Tolbi springs and win it from the fountain. I would advise you to get as many lucky medals as possible and save before you start tossing them. The odds of getting it are probably less then 1%. It took me about 300-350 tosses(I lost count). When I did win it, the medal bounced 3 times( once of crab and twice of the turtles)and it landed in the middle. Unfortunately this happened to me before and I didn't get so I'm guessing this just increased your chances of getting it. Anyway when you get the cursed emerald necklace, go back to Xian and talk to Feizhi. She will say"Where did you find my necklace?" Give it to her and then she'll join your party. You have to alternate between characters since you can only have four at a time. The best thing about her is she can equip all cursed weapons and she won't be cursed(with or without the clerics ring)!!!!
A) This is a BS code started by an idiot I don't want to give the credit of naming.

Q) I'm having trouble getting across the sand waterfalls. How do I do it?
A) You need to hold the B button (aka run), the direction you're going and up on the D-Pad. This should keep you from falling down.

Q) What is the maximum level that you can get to?
A) You can get to Level 99, but I've only heard of anyone getting to this level with a Gameshark. In theory you could level up this high, but it's not worth it because it would take an insane amount of time and you stop learning spells in the mid-50s.

Q) How do I get the Bastard Sword?
A) You can't get the Bastard Sword as it was changed from its earlier name to the Bandit's Sword. Plus, you don't want it anyways (in the manual there's a screenshot of it doing about 7 damage.)

Q) When I go to load my save, it says "Corrupt Data. Would you like to save from the last sanctum?" What does this mean?
A) This means that somehow the power went out when you were saving the game (either you turned it off or the batteries ran out.) Luckily you can still play (as oppossed to other games where all of yoru data is gone), although you may be missing some of your items potentially.

Q) Is it possible to get to Lemuria or Hesperia in this game?
A) No, you'll just have to wait for the sequel ;-[.

See some other FAQs at my Quick Tips Section:

11) Credits/Copyright Information

=Walkthrough Written By......Mike Bentley=

=Djinn Section By...Baby M=

=Ascii Art...Casagrande ([email protected])=

=My E-Mail [email protected]=

=My Web site......Golden Sun Anonymous=


Instant Message Me.....AIM Screen name: Ikillkenny (Please, this is for quick help only, don't use caps, talk in a legible font, don't talk in bold or very large size type, etc.

Check the FAQ section of this guide and to see if your question has already been answered.

Do not Instant Message me just to chat, as I am very busy.

Failure to comply with these rules results in a blocking that lasts until Jaunary 1st of the following year.


=Your Name Here! Contribute!=

For the most up to date versions of this FAQ please visit either or

If you're not on those sites and have a question that's not answered in this FAQ, please look at these sites before asking a question.

Copyright © 2001 Mike Bentley Feel free to use this FAQ on your web site without getting my permission as long as it isn't altered significantly.

 Golden Sun

Golden Sun

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