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1) Introduction
2) Game Play 
1, 2, 3
3) Monster List
4) Item List
5) Walkthrough

  Sub Sections:
  Sol Sanctum
  Going Away...To Vault
  On the Road to Bilbin
  To Kolima/Forest
  Kolima Forest
  Heading North
  Mercury Lighthouse
  Back to Kolima Forest
  Fuschin Temple
  Mogall Forest
  On the Road Again...
  Altin Peak
  Lama Temple
  Lamarkan Desert
  Kalay Docks
  Tolbi Docks
  To Altimer Caves
  Altimer Cave
  To Lupna
  To the Suhulla/Desert
  Suhulla Desert
  Suhulla Gate
  Venus Lighthouse Part 1
  Babi Lighthouse
  Venus Lighthouse Part 2
  What!? We're Backtracking!?
  Crossbone Island  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Venus Lighthouse Part 3
6) Boss Strategies
7) The Arena
8) Leveling and Character Classes
  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
9) *Spoiler* Spelled Backwards: EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG
10) Frequently Asked Questions 
1, 2
11) Credits/Copyright Information

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Golden Sun Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Ikillkenny (Mike Bentley) with a Djinn Guide by Baby M

2) Game Play

Earth Djinn

1.) Summon
1 Earth=Venus
2 Earth=Ramses
3 Earth=Cybele
4 Earth=Judgment
2.) Set
Name-Ability-Setting Effects-Location
Flint-Swift Strike-HP+8, PSY+4, ATK+3-When you leave Vale, he’ll come right up to you (just walk forward on the world map).
Granite-Reduce Damage-HP+9, DEF+2, AGL+2, LUCK+1-In Kolima Village, you’ll see him behind a fence. Walk directly into the back of the house the fence is connected to (you can’t see the door, camera angle). Follow that secret passage and you’ll come out to him.
Quartz-Revival-HP+10, PSY+3, AGL+3-In Mogall Forest, you’ll eventually see an Earth Djinni. There is a puzzle involving moving a rock into a hole, pushing logs, etc. to get to him.
Vine-Lower Foe’s Agility-HP+12, PSY+4, DEF+3, LUCK+1-At the end of Lamakan Desert, go north then left over a bridge to a central island in the middle of a circle river. Keep walking around and battling here until a Djinni attacks you.
Sap-Steal Enemy HP-HP+10, ATK+3, LUCK+1-Revisit Vault when you have Reveal. Go up to the bell tower and ring the bell. A Djinni will run to a certain spot. Go to the west side and climb the stairs. Now go around until you find a dog with a bunch of tombstones. Use Reveal, and then go into the cave and on the other side will be the precious Djinni.
Ground-Stun Enemy-???-He’s above the mudslide at Kalay Docks. To get him, you’ll have to sail across the sea to Tolbi, and then walk back (top of sea) to the docks. You will be only accessible to the mudslide platform, but that’s all you need! Grab that Djinni!
Bane-Attacks w/ Venom-???-He’s in Crossbones Isle Cave. You will need the Cloak Ball, and several other things. First, go to the place where you got Flash, the Fire Djinni. Go into the cave, which ends at a pink tornado. Let it suck you up, it’ll transport you to an off-map place…go under the mountains and then into the gap to get into Crossbones Isle.
*WARNING-Dousing the cloud will cause a fight with the Tempest Lizard-a monster you may not be ready for yet!*

Fire Djinn

1). Summon
1 Fire=Mars
2 Fire=Kirin
3 Fire=Tiamat
4 Fire=Meteor
2.) Set
Name-Ability-Setting Effects-Location
Forge-Raise Attack-HP+10, ATK+2, AGL+2, LUCK+2-In Goma Cave, he’s on a ledge above a man. You’ll have to Move a bottom pillar so you can jump over later. Fever-Delude Enemies-HP+12, ATK+3, LUCK+1-In the Northern part of Imil (top floor), you will see a snowman. Move it with your Psynergy onto the ice. Now go down to the ice and slide around until you get into the waterfall, where you will find Fever.

Corona-Increase Defense-HP+12, ???+3, DEF+3, LUCK+1-When you leave Xian, head North past a bridge. A Djinni should be around.
Scorch-Stun Enemy-HP+8, ATK+3-Go to the top right part of Kalay and go up on the two story house. Jump onto the grass and head North. Move the statue to get
into a tunnel. Block the water pipe with a statue and get the Djinni.
Ember-Recover PP-HP+9, PSY+4, ATK+2, AGL+2-In the southernmost part of Tolbi, squeeze right and grow the vine, freeze the puddle and then go to the inn, jump across using the ice pillar and get the Djinni.
Torch-Lowers Defense-???-In Lavilero, look for a house on the east side with a ladder going to the roof. Go into the house and climb the ladder, then jump on the wall, jump to the roof with a Djinni on it.
Flash-Block Damage-???-In Suhalla Desert, you’ll come to a ridge (before the big storm tornado). At the beginning of it (when you come out of the narrow crevices) use reveal to show a stump. Jump across and climb down to the Djinni.

Wind Djinn

1.) Summon
1 Wind=Jupiter
2 Wind=Atalanta
3 Wind=Procne
4 Wind=Thor
2.) Set
Gust-Repeated Wind Attack-HP+9, ATK+2, AGL+2-Climb the stairs on the right side of the town, and walk south to get onto the fence. Whirlwind the vines and enter the cave. Move the statue inside to get the Djinni.
Breeze-Element Resist Up-HP+12, PSY+5, DEF+2, LUCK+1-He’s hiding on the highest branch on the right at Tret Tree.
Zephyr-Raise Agility-HP+11, PSY+3, AGL+2, LUCK+1-In Fuchin Temple, there is a puzzle you can solve to get the Djinni.
Smog-Delude Enemies-HP+9, ATK+3-At the top of the second screen in Lamakan Desert, one of the circles of stones will have a Djinni in it (use Reveal to see it).
Kite-Move Twice-HP+8, PSY+4, AGL+3-When you have Lift, go to vale and Lift the boulder near where you met Kraden. Inside the small cave beyond you’ll get the Halt psynergy after solving a puzzle, which you must use on the Djinni to catch it.
Squall-Paralyze Foe-???-I forgot how I got this one…^_^; its in Altmiller Cave though.
Luff-Seal Psynergy-???-At the entrance to Babi Lighthouse, there are two ladders. Go down the left one and Move the pillar. Now go to the one on the right and Move the other pillar. Jump across and go outside, grow the vine, go through the door, and jump down the slide.

 Golden Sun

Golden Sun

Golden Sun 1

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