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1) Introduction
2) Game Play 
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3) Monster List
4) Item List
5) Walkthrough

  Sub Sections:
  Sol Sanctum
  Going Away...To Vault
  On the Road to Bilbin
  To Kolima/Forest
  Kolima Forest
  Heading North
  Mercury Lighthouse
  Back to Kolima Forest
  Fuschin Temple
  Mogall Forest
  On the Road Again...
  Altin Peak
  Lama Temple
  Lamarkan Desert
  Kalay Docks
  Tolbi Docks
  To Altimer Caves
  Altimer Cave
  To Lupna
  To the Suhulla/Desert
  Suhulla Desert
  Suhulla Gate
  Venus Lighthouse Part 1
  Babi Lighthouse
  Venus Lighthouse Part 2
  What!? We're Backtracking!?
  Crossbone Island  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Venus Lighthouse Part 3
6) Boss Strategies
7) The Arena
8) Leveling and Character Classes
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9) *Spoiler* Spelled Backwards: EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG
10) Frequently Asked Questions 
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11) Credits/Copyright Information

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Golden Sun Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Ikillkenny (Mike Bentley) with a Djinn Guide by Baby M

5) Walkthrough

-Floor 7-

At the door this time will be two Earth Lizards. This time, for a change, try activating all of your Djinn to have your stats boosted up a *ton*. Use Ragnarok with Issac, Attack and Impair with Garret, Plasma and High Impact with Garret and Wish Well with Mia. It will take a lot longer but there's less risk of a character going down thanks to more health and more defense. When you eventually defeat them you'll get some Water of Life and access to the next room.

Location: Northeast part of the screen.
Item: Lucky Medal.
Directions: Head northeast along the hallway and across the gap to the west when you get to it. Keep going west until you reach a small block that you'll have to move all the way to the right and then all of the way north. Now, use the Carry Psynergy that you got in Venus Lighthouse to place to block 1 square north on the ledge. Now, climb up the ladder and keep going east until you reach the chest.
Notes: Head out of the room before attempting Chest 2.
Location: North-center part of the screen up on a large single platform.
Item: Psy Crystal
Directions: Head back to where that small block was when obtaining Chest 1. This time, move the block all of the way to the left without changing its vertical position, and use Carry on it to bring it up the ledge to the left. Now, jump the gap and head up the ladder and down the one to the east of it. Move the block one square to the north and use Carry on it to move it up to the ledge above. Head back up the ladder and jump to the pillar you just made to get the chest.
Notes: Head out of the room before attempting Chest 3.
Location: Almost dead center portion of the screen.
Item: Wicked Mace
Directions: Head back to where that small block was in getting the previous chests. Move it west just like you did in getting Chest 2 and Carry it onto the ledge. Hop the gap and go up the large ladder and then down the small one. Move the block all of the way to the left of the platform and push it off. Now, move the block so that it is 2 squares to the left of the bottom most square of the ledge. Now, go up the large ladder and down the small one and jump across the small pillar to the platform against the west wall. Head southeast on this platform to get the chest.
Notes: None.
Location: East of the exit door.
Item: 777 Coins
Directions: Thanks to Peter Mentink for this information: It's real easy,you can just jump on the ledge where the chest is(jump below the chest).The square you jump to is only not visible because off the walls!
Notes: None.

>From Chest 3 head back across the gap and up and then down the large ladder. Jump across the gap and start heading south at the narrow passageway. Hop to the west when you come to the end of this platform to find another small block. Move this down as far as it will go and then all of the way to the left. Use Carry to place this block on the ledge to the north of it, then climb up the ladder and hop across the gap. Head down the ladder to the west and go south to go out of the door.

-Floor 8-

The next group of enemies are a Poison Toad, and two Thunder Lizards. These guys are pretty tough because they have the ability to stun your entire party which is not very good. I'd go into this with 4 of each type of Djinn on standby with the rest of the active. This is a compromise between stats and having Summons (although you may want to keep all of Mia's Djinn active for Wish Well). Three Level-4 summons will take care of the Thunder Lizards, leaving only the Poison Toad. Here you will probably want to use status changing Djinn that will paralyze or put Poison Toad to sleep. Once he's injured, blast the hell out of it with regular attacks to defat it. On defeating the group you'll earn some Water of Life. If you're running low on PP, instead of wasting Psy Crystals, just run around for a while to restore PP (you don't have to worry about random battles.)

Location: Northeast part of the screen.
Item: Smoke Bomb.
Directions: Head north along the hallway until you reach a white platform with a puddle of water underneath it. Freeze this puddle and head north up the ladder. Once you're up on the cliff, head south to get the chest.
Notes: None.
Location: North-Center part of the screen. This chest is the top one.
Item: 888 coins.
Directions: From Chest 1 head down the ladder and freeze the puddle in your way. Now, head back north and up the ladder. Cross the gap to be right next to this chest.
Notes: Head out of the room before attempting Chest 3.
Location: Directly below Chest 2.
Item: Cleric's Ring
Directions: Make your way to Chest 2, freezing the puddle south of the ladder leading up to the cliff on the east. Do *not* freeze the puddle under the platform or you'll have to start over. From Chest 2, slide down the crevice on the side of the mountain and make your way around the logs so that you can now push the small black rock east. Do so, then head up the ladder northwest of it and back across the gap towards the dragon. Head down the crevice, push the horizontal log down, and freeze the puddle under the white platform. This will now have the dragon burn down the ice pillar in your way to the ladder to the north, so hop across the puddle and refreeze it when you're north of it. Head up the ladder and across the gap. Head down the crevice on this cliff and push the horizontal log down. You can now get up the ladder and get the chest.
Notes: None.
Location: Along the northwest wall.
Item: Potion.
Directions: From Chest 3, head down the ladder and head northwest. Hop over the puddle, then freeze it and go up the ladder. Jump across the ice pillar to the cliff to get the item.
Notes: None.

After you get the 4th Chest, head down the crevice and go out of the room via the door to the south.

 Golden Sun

Golden Sun

Golden Sun 1

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