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1) Introduction
2) Game Play 
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3) Monster List
4) Item List
5) Walkthrough

  Sub Sections:
  Sol Sanctum
  Going Away...To Vault
  On the Road to Bilbin
  To Kolima/Forest
  Kolima Forest
  Heading North
  Mercury Lighthouse
  Back to Kolima Forest
  Fuschin Temple
  Mogall Forest
  On the Road Again...
  Altin Peak
  Lama Temple
  Lamarkan Desert
  Kalay Docks
  Tolbi Docks
  To Altimer Caves
  Altimer Cave
  To Lupna
  To the Suhulla/Desert
  Suhulla Desert
  Suhulla Gate
  Venus Lighthouse Part 1
  Babi Lighthouse
  Venus Lighthouse Part 2
  What!? We're Backtracking!?
  Crossbone Island  1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Venus Lighthouse Part 3
6) Boss Strategies
7) The Arena
8) Leveling and Character Classes
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9) *Spoiler* Spelled Backwards: EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG
10) Frequently Asked Questions 
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11) Credits/Copyright Information

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Golden Sun Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough

By: Ikillkenny (Mike Bentley) with a Djinn Guide by Baby M

5) Walkthrough

Venus Lighthouse Part 3

Go through the Babi Lighthouse entrance to the tower. Now, keep making your way through the tower using the guide earlier in this game. For the most part, you're going to have to re-do all of the puzzles in the tower. When you *finally* make your way to the top room, save your game, heal all of your characters and grab the Psy Crystal. Put 4 Djinn on standby for everyone but Mia just like you did with Deathbeard, and slide down the crevice.

You'll now get an elevator ride up to the top of the lighthouse where you'll find Menardi and Saturos talking about lighting the beacon. Suddenly, Felix will come up and get in a fight with Saturous and Menardi. He talks about how he doesn't trust them with Sheba (remember her?) When you finally get your command back, SAVE YOUR GAME BUT WITH A DIFFERENT SAVE FILE THAN THE ONE YOU SAVED BEFORE GOING DOWN THE CREVICE! You'll thank me later! Make any final adjustments and head over the blue and white gaps, up the stairs and get ready to find Saturos and Menardi! Well, after 3 minutes of conversation at least ;-]

In this battle, don't be afraid to use any valuable items that you may be saving, as this is the final battle. Cast all of your summons at the beginning and have Mia use Wish Well throughout the battle. You're the most vulnerable at the beginning of this battle because characters such as Ivan will have very little HP until he regains some of his HP. If he goes down at any point, use Water of Life or Revive with Issac to bring him back to life. Otherwise, use Ragnarok with Ivan, Flash each turn with Garret (be it summoning or using), and High Impact and Ivan's most expensive attack PP wise for each round. Saturos and Menardi will start to become less and less effective against you, and eventually you'll destroy them.

Once Saturos and Menardi go down, Felix will mysteriously not let Sheba go and mention that he himself wants to light all of the towers. Then, out of nowhere, Saturos and Menardi will get up and throw an elemental stone into the tower. Felix will leave and Saturos and Menardi will merge into one GIANT Fusion Dragon. This Fusion Dragon really isn't as difficult as it seems, and the same strategy that you used against Saturos and Menardi will work very well against this boss. The only problem is that you don't have any Summons this time, so it will take much longer to kill this guy. After about 20 minutes of fighting you'll finally be able to defeat the dragon if you've stuck to the strategy. Saturos and Menardi will fall into the Lighthouse (not much of a death, I bet they'll be back.) You'll talk with Felix again and suddenly the Lighthouse will break in half. Sheba will fall to here death and Felix will jump after her.


You'll find yourself somewhere in Lalivero talking with Iodem. In here you'll learn that Sheba and Jenna have not been found, and that Idejema has been washed out to see along with Sheba and the rest (apparently Sheba didn't die.) You'll all say your farewells, although Iodem will want to talk to you a little more. Head out of the house to have Iodem come and talk to you about how you saw Iodem. He'll give you the Black Orb that has the power to raise the sunken ship from the sea. Once you get command back, head to the northwest part of the town to the building where the soldier is guarding. Talk to him and he'll let you through. Head west along the bottom ledge and north along the dock. Use the Black Orb when you get to the northern most part of the dock to raise the Ship from the sea. Your friends will start talking about how this is the Lemurian Ship and that the quests are just beginning. The ship will set sail and the credits will start to roll. Once they're all done a To Be Continued message will appear. What does this mean? It means that another Golden Sun is on the way for GameBoy Advance and it's coming out by Christmas 2002.

This walkthrough is now complete, but it will still be revised and there are many more sections to do so stay tuned!

 Golden Sun

Golden Sun

Golden Sun 1

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