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Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part C - Ly's Challenges

CHALLENGE 1 - Ly's Punch Challenge 1

This is located in Haunted Dreams. From Prickly Passage, you climb halfway down the ladder and helicopter to the left to it.

Start by running up the steps, and charge a punch onto the red button on the lift ahead of you. That should take you to a path of balloons to cross to the next lift. Charge your punch again to take you to a single balloon with a red lum if you need it. That should take you to another lift, bringing you to two weighted platforms, a balloon and two more weighted platforms. Reach the lift and charge your fist again to reach a balloon to the left to reach another weighted platform and another balloon to take you to another lift, with a red lum on the way. Use it to go to a balloon, taking you two two lifts to ride on, which will rise towards a path of balloons to the left and unstable platforms to the right. Use the lift at the end to go to an upward path of balloons, holding two red lums and an extra life. At the top balloon, helicopter to the left to reach the exit. Your reward for all that effort? It's an extra multiplayer level.

CHALLENGE 2 - Ly's Punch Challenge 2

This is located in the Pirate Stronghold. From the Heart of the Ancients, go left and climb up to the top of the chain. It should be on the right.

You need to be on your toes for this one. Start by going left and use the lift to go up. Get the red lum, grab a purple lum, swing on it to a balloon and repeat. Get the red lum above the balloon if needed. You should reach another lift to a balloon, then a path of four ball-and-chain platforms, and to another balloon, with a red lum if you need it. Then, swing on the purple lum to the left to another platform. Get the red lum if required, and swing on the purple lum. Go on the balloon, step on the ball-and-chain platform, and repeat. Go on another balloon, get the red lum if required and swing on the purple lum to the right. Use the lift to reach another, which can be punched on to reach a ball-and-chain platform and another punching platform. Go up on it and ride 3 balloons to another purple lum, getting a red lum on the way. Go on the ball-and-chain platform, go on the balloon and swing on another purple lum to the left. Go on the balloon to reach another red lum and a way to a ball-and-chain platform. Then go on another balloon to a purple lum. Go up two punching platforms to a red lum and a balloon to jump on. Then swing on a purple lum to another balloon, punch on the platform when you land on it and go on the ball-and-chain platform to reach the exit. Another extra multiplayer level is yours!

  Rayman 3

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