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Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 1

LEVEL 1 - Wanderwood Forest

{Part 1}
From the start, jump up to the small platform on the left, and grab onto the vines for the first three [1-3] lums. Jump on the one next to it for the fourth [4] lum in line. Land on the platform nearby, and you should see three lums [5-7] in the air. Jump and grab them. You should hang onto a platform with the eighth [8] lum in the process. Helicopter to the line of three lums [9-11] to another platform and your first meeting with Murfy. All he basically does is tells you how to use his stones for help later on. To the right is a moving platform. Jump on it and grab the next three lums [12-14]. Reach the next platform for the ~CAGE~ in the level. Use your fists twice to break it. Jump onto the vines next ot it and find the fifteenth [15] lum. Climb down for the sixteenth [16] and jump to the vine on the right for two more [17-18]. Jump on the platform, and make your way on the next, go on the moving platform and swing your way onto the twigs at the top of the screen. You should end up with four lums [19-22] while doing so. Land on the platform, and grab the vines for the next lum [23]. Climb down for the next [24], climb back up, and helicopter your way to the final lum [25] in the air. Then run to the exit.

{Part 2}
Run to the red platform at the start. Jump on it and it should take you up to another platform. Jump for the lum in the air [1] and land on the platform. While running across it, grab the three lums [2-4] ahead of you. Another Murfy stone lies there too, telling you that swimming is "not advised". Go onto the red platform, and that should take you down to the water. Jump to the left and you should see another red platform and three lums [5-7]. Grab them. Go back to the right. Jump on the red platforms and land on the blue bridge to the right. At the other side there should be two more red platforms, and while crossing them you should get another lum [8] before reaching the turf at the other side. Cross the platforms that follow, without getting bit by the piranhas (!). Soon you should reach a vine and another lum [9]. Get it and go up, then start climbing to the left. While crossing vines you should grab two more in mid-air [10-11]. Jump on the red platform to the left of the third vine and go on the next that follows. That should take you to the ~FIRST CAGE~. Go back to the rightmost vine and climb down to the Murfy statue, which tells you what green lums are for.

Grab it, then jump on the red platform to the right and reach the vines, grabbing 3 lums [12-14] on there. Climb to the top and get the three lums [15- 17] on a platform on the left. Jump back on the vines and climb to the one on the right for another lum [18]. Reach the top and start climbing more vines for three more lums [19-21]. Go back to the rightmost vine and helicopter to the three lums [22-24] in the air. You should reach another platform and a Murfy statue telling you how red lums work. If you're not full on health, grab it to replenish it. Jump on the vine to the right, climb down, land on the red platform and ride it to the next vine, getting two more lums [25-26]. Climb up the vine, and destroy the ~SECOND CAGE~. Climb to the top and there's the exit.
LUMS 27-30 (Swinging ability required) - From the Green Lum, go on the vine and cross them to the left. Go on the red platform and then to its partner. It should start moving you up to a turf. But you should wait until it moves back down - jump off, and swing onto a purple lum, which should take you to another and then to a turf. Turn to the right and you'll see a purple lum with four yellow lums on it. Swing onto it and they're all yours.
After that you should see Ly, who will give you a power to launch both fists by tapping the B button twice. Then, you should end up in the main world. Run to the right, jump on the platform and cross two more turfs to reach the curtain for the next level.

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