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Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 12

LEVEL 13 - Wicked Flow

{Part 1}
Get the lum in the air [1] and ride on the platform. Hit the two thistles that hang down in front of you. Get the nearby lum [2], hit two more thistles and blow up the bomb. Hit another thistle and another bomb. Get the lum in the air [3] and duck under the gap. Then get the three lums over the bombs [4-6] and go over the thistle before ducking below the gap. Get the lum [7] and jump over the dark lum. Hit another thistle and get the lum near it [8]. Jump and hit the next thistle before getting the lum near that too [9]. Hit the next thistle and jump over the dark lum. Duck under the next gap and hit another thistle. Go under another gap and climb up on the top of the roots to reach the ~FIRST CAGE~. Get the two lums in the air [10-11] and land on the roots underneath. Hit the zombie chicken and jump right to the stone surface. Get the Green Lum.

Ride on the platform and hang on the vines above. Shoot three zombie chickens one after another. Drop down onto another platform to ride on. Get the lum in the air [12] and jump over another dark lum. Jump and hit the thistle in the air, and hang on the vines towards the right before it reappears. Hit the dark lum from a safe distance. Hang right, shoot the thistle and drop onto the platform. Shoot the zombie chicken, jump over the dark lum and repeat twice. You should face more dark lums coming - jump over the first, duck under the second, ignore the third, jump for the lum in the air [13] while going over the fourth, jump over the fifth and duck under the sixth. Get the lum in the air [14]. More dark lums are coming - ignore the first, try and hit the second, jump over the third and duck under the fourth. Jump for the lum [15] and either dodge or fight the three dark lums close together. Duck under another dark lum. Jump off the platform and get the extra life on another before riding it. Jump and blow up the bomb, and hang on the roots, where three lums lie across it [16-18]. Go left, hit the thistle and go on the edge of the roots to hit the ~SECOND CAGE~. Turn around, hit the thistle again and go right. Go on the rightmost platform to ride it. Duck under the thistle, jump over the dark lum and hit five thistles in a row. Duck under the gap and get the lum in the air [19]. Jump over the dark lum, go right onto the stone surface underneath and fight another green Henchman. Jump over the gap for the final lum [20] and reach the exit.

{Part 2}
Start by going left and swing on the purple lum to a platform with three lums [1-3] and a ~CAGE~. Go back to the start. Jump on the platform with the lum on it [4] to ride it. This kind of platform is different - before it reaches the end of its path its tail starts to burn, meaning that it'll vanish underneath your feet and you'll fall down, whether you're over a platform or a pool of lava. The ride takes you to a bomb to blow up first of all. It should take you up to another lum [5] before burning into ashes. Go onto another platform, marked by another lum [6] and hit the bomb. Duck under the mine, get the lum near it [7] and jump over another mine. Duck under a pair of which, before jumping for the lum in the air [8] and landing on a stone platform, taking down a zombie chicken on it. Go on the next platform and ignore the dark lum. Duck under three mines for another lum [9], hit the thistle and hit the dark lum if you can. Jump onto the next platform, marked by another lum [10]. Duck under two mines, get on another platform with another lum [11], duck under two mines, get the lum near them [12], jump over another mine and go on the next platform. Hit the bomb, jump to another platform and get the lum above the mine [13] before reaching yet another platform. Ride on two more platforms, jumping over a mine each. On the next platform you land on, jump over a column of mines and helicopter to the stone surface to the right to reach the Green Lum.

Ride onto the platform to the right, jump over two spiked hats and swing on the purple lum to another platform. Jump over the mine to land on another one. Repeat. Get the extra life before going on another platform. Go over the mine before ending up on another one. Cross platforms twice. Jump over the column of mines and hit the thistle. Repeat. Jump for the lum [14] and the roots to hang onto. Hit the zombie chicken and hang right before dropping down onto another platform. That should take you to two purple lums, bringing you to a platform with the final lum [15]. Jump over the spiked hat onto the stone platform and the exit is nigh.

{Part 3}
This is the hardest part, hands down. Go on the platform, which takes you up to a bunch of vines to hang on. Blow up the bomb near you. Hang over the moving mine, hit the thistle and blow up another bomb. Go on the roots among the wall and climb to the top for two lums [1-2]. Go down and go on the small stone platform. Climb onto more roots and go to the top for two more lums [3- 4]. Go to the right and hit and throw the two black balls near you. In the gap between them both, drop down to two more lums [5-6] and an extra life. Go right and ride on the platform. Duck under one batch of mines, jump over another, leave the third one alone and jump over the fourth bunch to another platform. Hit the bombs, duck under the mines, hit the thistle, duck under the sole mine and get the lum in the air [7]. Duck under the dark lum and cross platforms. Jump over another dark lum, get the lum in the air [8] and cross platforms again. Duck under another dark lum, go on another platform, jump over another and swing on the purple lum. Get the two lums in the air [9-10] and swing to the roots, where two lums are seen on them [12]. Hang to the right and drop on the platform. Duck under the mines, crawl onto the next platform, and repeat. Jump up for the roots again and go over the moving mines while hanging right. Drop on the platform, jump over the spiked hat and swing on the purple lum towards the roots. Climb up them and hang on the roots to the left to reach two lums [13-14] and the ~CAGE~. Go back on the climbable roots, and swing on three purple lums to the right, dodging two dark lums, before reaching the final lum [15] and a stone surface. Jump over the spiked hats and reach the exit. What, no Green Lum?

If you got all the lums in the world, you can access Mega Havoc 3. After leaving the level, go left onto the chain and cilmb up to the top. Go left to it. If you'd rather try it later, go right to the Teensies, who will let you through to the final world!

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