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Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 3

LEVEL 3 - Swamps of Begoniax

This level involves you waterskiing with Sssssam, a serpant friend of Rayman, through a marsh. It sounds easy enough, but one hit on the bombs and pumpkins around the level and you're gone. On top of that, end up on the sand banks and you'll lose a hit. The first lum [1] is on the right of two bombs at the start. Jump over a sand bank, swing to the left, jump over another, and swing to the right for two more [2-3]. Then, swing to the right and left of the next set of bombs for another pair [4-5]. When going around the bend, hold right to grab the sixth [6] in line. You should see bombs falling down - get the lums on the left, right, and right of them respectively [7-9], jump over the sand bank, get another lum [10], jump over another bank and get another lum [11]. More bombs should fall, but don't panic - go in the middle of the pair for another lum [12], jump over the sandbank, land for another lum and steer to the right of the bombs for another [13-14], and go around the bend. Moving bombs are here - grab the lums here while evading them [15-17], jump over the sand bank and grab another. Dodge the moving mine, go through the middle of a pair and dodge another before jumping over another sandbank, getting four lums while doing so [18-21]. Dodge the next moving bomb, go through the middle of another pair and keep going, getting three more lums [22-24]. Go around the corner, and hold right when going up the next straight, dodging more bombs and grabbing six lums in a line [25-30]. Get another lum nearby [31], jump over a sand bank, and swing to the right, left, right and left of the pairs of bombs ahead for four more [32-35]. Go over the sand bank, get the lum, go to the left to dodge the pumpkin, and repeat the process [36-37]. Jump over another sand bank, get the lum, go to the right of the pumpkin to dodge it and repeat again twice [38-40]. Go around the corner and go through the middle of the pairs of bombs ahead for three more lums [41-43]. Another minefield lies ahead - follow the path of the final few lums [444-50] and you'll survive the level just fine.

You're back at the world map. Go to the left, swing on the twigs and drop down. Go to the left for the first boss! O.O Please refer to that in the bosses section. After defeating him, Ly gives you the power to swing on purple lums. You can use this to get the remaining lums at Wanderwood Forest if you want, before going to the trampoline on the left, using your helicopter to a vine on the left, climbing up, landing on a floating island, swinging on a purple lum and running along the path to the next level.

  Rayman 3

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