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5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 7

LEVEL 8 - Prickly Passage

{Part 1}
Here comes a cool part of the game - you ride on walking shells! You can use the Murfy stone here to know how it works if you want. So, let's go! Helicopter to the shell on the right to begin. The first straight holds two platforms to jump across, each with a lum in the air [1-2]. Speed up under the spiked sack and jump over the platform again. Go around the loop-the-loop for three more lums [3-5] and jump to another platform. Then jump up for the turf above the door to reach the ~CAGE~. Drop down for the Green Lum.

Helicopter to the second shell. Jump over to another platform and speed up under a sack and over a larger gap, getting another lum [6]. Speed up under another sac and onto a distant platform, jump over a smaller gap and cross platforms for another lum [7]. It shouldn't be too long until you reach two loop-the-loops on separate platforms one after another, getting three more lums each [8-13]. Cross platforms again, and once again jump for the turf above the door to climb up onto it and reach another lum [14]. Drop down for the Green Lum.

Go for another shell to the right. Speed up under another six batches of sacks and large gaps, two of which with lums [15-16]. Get the lum over a smaller gap [17], go under another sac, and you'll reach another loop-the-loop. Jump over the gap, and jump for the turf above the door for the final three lums. Keep going right to the exit.

{Part 2}
Start by going left to a yellow lum [1], a blue lum (refer to note below) and the ~CAGE~. Then go right to swing on a purple lum to the first shell. Your first obstacle is a sack, but it's moving like a pendulum! Don't panic, speed under it and jump for the next platform, getting another lum [2]. You should face two more gaps like this, one of which with another lum [3]. Go over a smaller gap for another lum [4] and around the loop-the-loop for three [5-7]. Go along the straight with more moving sacks for three more lums [8-10] and jump for the grassy platform. Jump for the turf at the top for two lums [11- 12] and drop for the Green Lum.

Helicopter to the turf, crawl under the moving sack and go right to the shell. Go under two sacks and over a large gap before going around a loop-the-loop with three lums [16-18]. Speed up under a sack, jump over a large gap, get a lum over a smaller gap and repeat [19-20]. Get another lum over another small gap [21] and jump onto another small platform, before speeding up over a larger one, speeding up under another sac and over another gap and keeping a similar fashion towards another turf. Jump for the platform above the door for a single lum [22]. Drop down for the exit.
LUMS 23-25 (Flying ability required) - From the start, go left and get the blue lum. Go straight up towards one of the lums and follow two more in an arc formation. The three should be yours.

After the level's clear, climb down the ladder and when you're halfway down, helicopter to the left towards the first of Ly's Punch Challenges if you want to. Clear that and you get another multiplayer level. From the exit, go back to the ladder and head left a bit, for a return to riding Sssssam.

LEVEL 9 - Swamps of Begoniax 2

This is slightly harder than the previous skiing level, so be careful! Start by swaying to the right and left for the first two lums [1-2]. Jump over the sandbank and grab the three lums while steering clear from the mines [3-5]. Go over the sandbank, get another lum while evading a moving mine and repeat with a pumpkin [6-7]. Go through the mines ahead and get the lums between them [8- 10]. Take the corner and slalom through the mines for another pair of lums [11-12]. Jump over the sandbank and get the lums around the pumpkin [13-14]. Get the lum in the mines ahead [15], and follow the path of three at the end of that section [16-18]. Go over the sandbank again, and get the next pair of lums [19-20], holding right when necessary. Jump over the sandbanks ahead and go through the mines for the two lums [21-22]. Slalom past the pumpkin and through the mines for two more lums [23-24] and follow the pattern of jumping over the sandbanks and holding right, left and right to evade the mines and get two lums on each pass [25-30]. Get the two lums in a straight line [31-32] and hold right to dodge the mines, jump and do the same with the pumpkin. Go through the mines ahead for three lums from a gentle right to left direction [33-35]. Go through the pumpkins and get the lum near the mines [36]. Go over the sandbank and get the lum through the mines [37]. Get the free lum ahead [38] and repeat the process of jumping over sandbanks and going through the mines ahead. Go through the mines and around the pumpkin ahead, jump over the sandbank and go through the mines before jumping over another one. Hold left if you want to get the next four lums [39-42]. Go over the sandbanks and through the mines, and steer for the final few lums in a line [43-45] to finish the level.

After that, climb down the ladder to the left and crawl under the small gap to the right. You should meet back up with the Teensies, whom let you free to the next world.

  Rayman 3

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