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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part B - Extra Levels - 2

WORLD 4 BONUS - Mega Havoc 4

Cross the gap at the start and crawl under the mine to get the lum [1], but that triggers a boulder chase! Here we go again... :P Jump over three mines ahead of you one by one, go over the bombs or blow them up with your fists, go between two more mines for a lum [2], hit the bomb to cross the gap and keep running. Soon, a boulder should come to you from the right, so climb up onto the chain and go to the top, getting a lum [3] and not taking any damage. Go back down, go under the mines and sooner or later another boulder should come from the right. Climb up the chain to the right to dodge it. Then go back down, go right and stand under the blue lum to trigger another boulder chase. Then get it, and use it to fly over the mines. Then go through a straight between them, get the lum [4] and land on the platform at the top right. Crawl under the mine and another chase is triggered. Head down the gap, go over the mine, get the lum [5], blow up the bomb and drop down again. Crawl under the mine and head right towards a chain to climb up to. Go to the top and go right. Get the lum [6], break the bridge and get the blue lum, but be sure to fly immediately. Get the lum down the channel [7], go under the wall and head upwards on its right hand side towards the chain. Go to the top and go right for the Green Lum.

Go along the path and get the lum over the bridge [8]. Then break it, but don't go down just yet. Instead, land safely, and helicopter over to the chain underneath it. Cross onto another on the right, and reach a bridge on a landing to your right. Again, land safely before using your helicopter down the gap to reach a lum [9] and a chain. Go right onto a platform and then onto another chain, climb up and then go on the platform to the right. That triggers several boulders to fall onto a landing underneath the mines and chains ahead of you, so be careful. The safest way to cross is by going through the mines and grabbing the chains on the other side, but you'll lose two hit points at the least. Either way, you'll get two lums while crossing [10-11]. Go on the platform and head right, but... sooner or later, a chase will occur again. Get the blue lum, get the lum near it [12], and fly over three mines. Get another blue lum, get the lum near it [13] and go over six mines, You should reach another lum [14] and a high platform to stand on. Jump over both mines ahead of you and climb on the chain for another lum [15], and keep moving ahead, but another chase will occur. Go back on the chain and wait for it to come back. Then go right and climb on the wall for another lum [16]. Go right again and that triggers two boulders going near a landing underneath you. Get the blue lum on the right and fly under the mines to reach the final three lums [17-19] while going above the boulders. The exit is nigh.

After you get all the lums, you get access to a level with the 1000th lum in it! To get there, start at the Heart of the Ancients. Go left, down the chain, left again, up the web and the challenge should be in sight.

FINAL LEVEL - Lum Challenge

Swing onto the purple lum at the start, onto a slide to the right. Go down it to a blue lum and go up and right. Quickly break down the door, and swing onto the lum before the timer runs out. Go off it onto a path of three ball-and- chain platforms, and land on a punching platform. Charge a punch on the button to go up and over the mine onto a grease platform. Go under the pair of moving sacks, and jump off it before swinging onto a purple lum. Go onto two ball- and-chain platforms; on the second one, you have to be quick with charging your fists onto the door and jumping off onto another punching platform. Use it to go up to the bombs and blow them up. Then use it again to go over onto a ball and chain platform. Cross onto two more and reach for the purple lum before they break. Then go on another platform. Charge your fists, and when you start going down, hit the door and go through onto another one. Use that to reach the punching platform. Charge your fist on the button to go up, then quickly do it again while up to break down the door. Go up on the platform again and swing on the purple lum to the right. Land on the ball-and-chain platform and get the blue lum nearby. Use that to go through the moving sacks at the top and the mines and lava troughs at the bottom to reach another ball- and-chain platform. Swing onto a purple lum on its right, and go on another platform. Hit the bomb and jump off to the right to a slide. Duck under the sacks while sliding. Then jump for the purple lum and swing onto it to a punching platform. Use it to go up to a ball-and-chain platform, and go right to a grease platform. Go onto the platform next to it for the #1000TH LUM# and continue to the exit.

All 1000 lums are yours! Congratulations!

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