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Part A - Normal Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Part B - Extra Levels 1, 2
Part C - Ly's Challenges
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Rayman 3 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Beverley Wooff (online alias "Rexy")

5. Walkthrough

Part A - Normal Levels - 2

LEVEL 2 - Shining Glade

{Part 1}
Go to the left first. You should see a trampoline - jump on it to reach a high vine. Reach the platform and you should fight the first robot Henchman in the game. Either duck or jump over his shots, and fight back by launching your fists. Once he's gone, pick up the first three yellow lums [1-3] and a red lum if you need it. Go back down the vine and cross the blue bridge. Climb in the small gap to get the next two lums [4-5] and use both fists on the large barrel ahead of you to knock it in the water. Jump on it and ride it. Duck under the small gap it passes by, jump over the black spiked ball and grab the lum [6] above it, go over the other one and grab a white lum (extra life) and land on the turf before the barrel sinks. Jump on the trampoline and go on the vine above it, grabbing a lum [7] on the way up. Cross vines and falling barrels, getting another lum [8] while you're at it, and land on the turf. Keep running to the left to another Henchman battle - defeat him, grab the red lum he leaves behind and break the ~FIRST CAGE~. Go back over the vines and falling barrels, and you should reach another turf, and another Henchman. Kill him off, get the red lum if you need it, and you should see the ~SECOND CAGE~. To get that one, you should jump so that you hang on the edge of the turf you're standing on and face the cage. Break it with your fists from there. Jump back up and climb the vines. Go down to the bottom of the third, to see three lums [9-11] on a platform. Jump on there and go on the turf to the right. Climb the vine and get the 2 lums in the air [12-13] before getting the green lum.

Climb up the same vine again, go to the one on the left, and helicopter to the right as far as you can, reaching a turf high in the air, holding a trampoline that takes you to three yellow lums [14-16] and a red one. Go back down, and hit the large barrel with both fists. Jump on it for a ride - get the yellow lum in the air [17], duck under the small gap, get the red lum if you need it, duck under another small gap, jump over a spiked ball, go over another for another yellow lum [18], and at the end climb on the rightmost vine. Climb up and go on the vine on the left of you for two more lums [19-20], another for two more [21-22], and another vine with two more [23-24]. Go on the small floating island, and jump to the turf on the left. Use the trampoline to reach the hanging twigs, and go to the left for the final lum [25]. Drop down at the turf at the end and run to the exit.

{Part 2}
There's another Murfy stone at the start, and this time it tells you how to use barrels. So, let's get to it! Pick up the barrel and go to the left. Throw it on the door there, go through, fight another Henchman, climb on the vines, and cross the platforms on the right for four yellow lums [1-4] and a white lum. You should drop down near the barrel again. Pick it up, and throw it at the door on the right. Go through it and climb the vine, grabbing two lums [5- 6] at the top. Swing on the twigs and get two more lums [7-8] before dropping on a moving red platform. Use that to reach another hanging twig, get another lum [9] and drop down to another platform. Ride it to antoher twig, and drop down at the two lums in a line [10-11] before landing on the turf beneath. Get the lum in the air [12], pick up the barrel, and toss it up at the ~FIRST CAGE~. Then, pick up another barrel and throw it at the door. Go through and get the green lum.

Cross another platform to get two yellow lums [13-14], hit the barrel in the water and ride it - duck under the gap, jump over the two spiked balls that follow, duck under another gap, jump over two more spiked balls getting a red lum in the process, duck under another gap, get the yellow lum in the air [15] and jump on the turf to the right. Crawl under the gap for two more lums [16- 17], climb on the platform above for two more [18-19], reach the vine and jump on the turf for another Henchman battle. After he's gone, get the two lums [20-21] and fight another Henchman. Get the three lums [22-24] behind him. Go back to the vine, and jump back onto the floating island. A red platform should soon come into view - jump on it. Get the three lums [25-27] in the air, return to the floating island and drop down to the right. Run along the turf, cross platforms and jump on the twigs in the air. Hang on them and go the right for another lum [28], drop down, jump to another twig and grab another [29]. Jump on the platform on the right and fight another Henchman. Ever since he's on a higher platform than you, it helps to shoot in mid-air this time. After he's gone, go to the platform on the left for the final yellow lum [30]. Defeat the Henchman that comes down, and then get the ~SECOND CAGE~. Go to the right and cross more platforms before reaching another Henchman. Fight him, and the end is in sight.

Back at the world's map, helicopter to the right to reach a bunch of vines going up. Go to the top then reach the right, for a level that's a change from the usual.

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