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I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Types of Doors
IV. Story
V. Walkthrough

World 1: Vegetable Valley
World 2: Ice Cream Islands
World 3: Butter Building
World 4: Grape Gardens
World 5: Yoghurt Yard
World 6: Orange Ocean
World 7: Rainbow Resort
World 8: Fountain of Dreams
VI. Mini-Games
VII. Powers
VIII. Items
IX. Tips/Secrets
X. Mini-Bosses/Bosses Walkthrough 1, 2
XI. Meta-Knight's Attacks
XII. MetaKnightmare Walkthrough
XIII. Frequently Asked Questions
XIV. Special Thanks
XV. Copyright Info

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Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland FAQ/Walkthrough

By: mario kart toad / AntiGuy / Steven

VI. Mini-Games

End Level Bonus

This is not quite a Mini-game but I didn't know where to put it. =P To play this game, press A when the platform goes at it's lowest point. Here's what you get depending on how successful you are.

1 - 1-UP
2 - 5000 points
3 - 2000 points
4 - 800 points
5 - 300 points
6 - 100 points
7 - Press A!

Quick Draw

This game is about reaction. Press A once you see the "!" sign. My record is 00 seconds hehehe. Yes it is possible but it doesn't mean I'm one of the people with the reflex of a cat. I pressed it by accident and it happened to be right when the "!" appeared. Anyway, here's a table of each level and character's time. Careful though, if you hit the A button too early you'll get a foul and the opponent has a free chance to hit you.

| Characters  |    Level/Time   |
|Waddle Doo   |*|82|**|63|***|18|
|Wheelie      |*|50|**|41|***|14|
|Chef Kawasaki|*|24|**|17|***|12|
|King DeDeDe  |*|17|**|13|***|11|
|Metaknight   |*|14|**|11|***|10|

Bomb Rally
This game is about timing AND reaction. Press A when the bomb gets near you to hit the bomb. To pass it to the opposite direction; press A before the bomb even gets to you then hit it as normal. If you hit it JUST as it is about to explode on you, it's a smash hit as I say. It goes at a low angle and goes fast while hitting it just too early but on the edge of the pan is a high hit which slow and high. Once someone is out, they are replaced by a Blue thingy. This is an automatic kind of thing, it never misses a hit and it usually hits what the last person hits. In other words, if the last character smashed it to the bot, the bot smashes it to the next player. Last one standing is the winner.

Air Grind
My favourite game. This requires quick thinking and timing. Hold A to grind on the rail to go faster. If you see a black rail, let go of A when you are about to hit the black rail then press A again once you pass it. If you let go and pressed A really near the black rail, you get a Good! and attain max speed. If you had ABSOLUTE perfect timing as in, RIGHT next to the black rail and pressed A RIGHT AFTER the black rail, you get a GREAT! which is a little faster than max speed. If you kept on getting GREAT! You would dominate the whole course.

  Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland


kirby dreamland

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