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I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Types of Doors
IV. Story
V. Walkthrough

World 1: Vegetable Valley
World 2: Ice Cream Islands
World 3: Butter Building
World 4: Grape Gardens
World 5: Yoghurt Yard
World 6: Orange Ocean
World 7: Rainbow Resort
World 8: Fountain of Dreams
VI. Mini-Games
VII. Powers
VIII. Items
IX. Tips/Secrets
X. Mini-Bosses/Bosses Walkthrough 1, 2
XI. Meta-Knight's Attacks
XII. MetaKnightmare Walkthrough
XIII. Frequently Asked Questions
XIV. Special Thanks
XV. Copyright Info

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Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland FAQ/Walkthrough

By: mario kart toad / AntiGuy / Steven

V. Walkthrough

World 7: Rainbow Resort


Discard the Sword power and grab the Laser. Start firing everywhere on the slopes while going forward. Head right and through the door. Discard the Laser and make your way through the star blocks until you get the Beam ability. Start firing until you reach the burning ability. If you fire everywhere, you'll notice some blue blocks are like the star blocks and can be destroyed. Keep going until you see a pack of 3 Waddle Dees. You see those star blocks the Waddle Dees are walking on? Try to break only one or two of those because you need it to reach the door above. Once you defeat the Waddle Dees, stand on top of the star blocks and use the beam to destroy the blocks above you. Once you have a clear path to the grey blocks, get the Burning ability and destroy them. Now go through the door. Hit the switch and go through the door. Use the sliding attack to get to the bottom door. Grab a power like Sword and fly to the top of the screen and keep doing right until you reach the end of the area. Go down and through the door to leave the level.


This is probably the hardest level you'll encounter in the ENTIRE game! This is a like place which holds most of the minibosses! I hope you brought a power and hopefully have full heath before entering. =)

1st floor

Poppy Bro Sr. - Use whatever power you have or spit the bombs back in it's face to defeat it. Now grab the Crash ability.

2nd floor

The Clock Guy (I dunno what it's called) - Use Crash and it should take almost all of it's health. Now, inhale and spit out one of the musical notes and grab Mike ability.

3rd floor

Freezie - Use Mike 3 times. It should be a goner. Now grab Freeze.

4th floor

Bonkers - Use Freeze as a multi-hit. Use the stars and coconuts to your advantage by freezing them and kicking em back. Once you beat it, grab the Hammer ability.

5th floor

Elephant - Use the Hammer to defeat this vile thing. Since Hammer doesn't have alot of range, try to hit it when it's stunned or doing nothing. Now, grab Throw if you want. (I'd prefer it if you do)

6th floor

Buggzy - If you have Throw, use the little bugs it send out to throw it back. If you kept the Hammer, well, attack with when it's charging at you by using it in the air. One you defeat it, keep the Hammer or keep the Throw, whichever one you had for this fight.

Final floor

Lion - When it jumps really high, it sends out a star at either end which you use to throw at him. If you have Hammer, don't get too careless. Once it's defeated, grab Burning ability. An easier way to beat it is to grab the star with Throw but the star is touching the Lion. It damages it quite a bit and when it's heatlh is nearly gone, throw it and you defeated it! (Same goes with Buggzy)

Now, fly all the way up to find a Warp Star. Once you land, only a single Sword enemy blocks a yummy Maxim Tomato. Grab it and head right to the exit!


Get past all of the enemies that have Sleep. You can swollow them if you like. Kirby is SO cute when he got the Ability! :D Anyway, head right and through the door at the end of the area. Becarful here, the floor is slippery and the Bronto Burts here chase after you so have a power ready like the Sword. Head up past the enemies and grab the Maxim Tomato on top, then head to the right and through the door. Run forward and grab the hyper candy. Now, keep running to the door. Then, go through it of course. Now, keep going right. Don't worry about the Bomb Blocks because it's a hassle getting past all of the Shotzo. Go to the door at the end and exit this level.


Ok, this level is a killer as well. At the start, kill all of the enemies you can that's on the screen. Once you see the Tornado, grab it and ZOOM AWAY to the right and through the door there. Once you do, you'll see a door with four enemies. Make way to the the door. You need to do this 4 times. After the 4th time, make your way to the right avoiding the Gordos as you go along. Go in the door at the end. Now, estroy the bomb block in front of you and go up. Then go all the way to the right. Make your way down. Destroy the bomb blocks as you go. One of them open up a passage to the "wind tunnel" which carries you to the exit door!


There are MANY MANY Crash enemies here, so take your time and fly above all of them. Get to the end of the mind field and go in the door but make sure you get one Crash ability. Mini-boss! Destroy the Wheelie with the Crash ability...and spit one wheel back at it. Get the Wheel and through the door. Make your way to the right and take notice of the wind going up and down. Get to the end of the area and through the door. Keep going right and get the Burning Ability. This is the most annoying part of the game but you need to do it if you want 100%. (I think) Now, once there are no enemies on sight, jump and use the Burning Ability to light the fuse but to the right of the fuse so the back of the Fireball lights the fuse. Once you hit the first wall use Burning again and hit the next wall.Once you reach the right side of the small zigzag gaps, run towards the cannon. If you do this right, you'll barely make it into the cannon. Collect the 1-UPs and go through the door. Now go to the right and exit the level.


This my favourite level because it's a remake of the level on Gameboy and the music is catchy! Now, run forward bashing all the enemies you can. Go to the door you'll see at the end of the area. Keep going right in this area until you reach another door. Once you go in, there will be Bronto Burts flying from the sky into you so becarful here! Keep going and you'll reach another door. Here, jump over the Shotzo and get the 1-UP and the Maxim Tomato. Go through the door here. Go right being careful when going over the water because Squishies will jump out of the background. Head right and through the next door. Make your way to the right and go through the door there. Keep going right avoiding the Scarvies that come out of nowhere. Through the door you go! Now, go down then right then up to the star blocks. Break through and fly up. Don't exit the level yet. Instead, fly up a little higher until you see a moon. Press up on that. Hit the switch you'll see and through the door. Now you can exit the level!

BOSS: King DeDeDe
This is one tough enemy unless you know what to do. Before you do fight him, go to Butter Building Museum and get the Hi-Jump. Now, you can fight. Charge into DeDeDe and use the Hi-Jump. Once you clearly are out of danger of touching DeDeDe, press B again. This stops the Jumping from going any higher. Now, watch out when DeDeDe tries to suck you in. Once you beat him, you beat the game! Or did you? >=)

  Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland


kirby dreamland

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