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I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Types of Doors
IV. Story
V. Walkthrough

World 1: Vegetable Valley
World 2: Ice Cream Islands
World 3: Butter Building
World 4: Grape Gardens
World 5: Yoghurt Yard
World 6: Orange Ocean
World 7: Rainbow Resort
World 8: Fountain of Dreams
VI. Mini-Games
VII. Powers
VIII. Items
IX. Tips/Secrets
X. Mini-Bosses/Bosses Walkthrough 1, 2
XI. Meta-Knight's Attacks
XII. MetaKnightmare Walkthrough
XIII. Frequently Asked Questions
XIV. Special Thanks
XV. Copyright Info

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Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland FAQ/Walkthrough

By: mario kart toad / AntiGuy / Steven

V. Walkthrough

World 4: Grape Gardens


Discard any power you have and go right avoiding any Gordos and enemies. Go through the door you'll see. Now, go up and up until you get to another door. Get ready cause a UFO will be heading your way! Get it and have fun! Go very low and head right. You'll see another UFO attempting to crash into you. Go through the door at the end of the area. Becarful here since the Ball enemies fall from above, bird enemies chasing you and Gordos moving around, get to the place where there are many star blocks. You should see a Star block that is not following the pattern. Smash that block and you'll see a red dot. Press up and you'll see a hidden switch! Hit it and go back out. Now go through the door. Since you will lose your UFO power, discard it and nab a Toranado. Watch out because there's another one and when it is attacking, it's hard to see where it is. Head to the right and get to the door there and exit.


Run forward and use the Tornado to bust through the enemies and go on top of roofs to get to the right. Destroy the bomb block there and go through the door. Up the ladder and through the door. Follow the path around until you get into the water. Go right and destroy the star blocks you'll see. You'll see a huge tower of star blocks. Destroy the bottom blocks to reveal a door. Go through and grab the Maxim tomato then get out of the area. Now, go up and right to the door and go through it. Now, don't use the Tornado AT ALL! Go right until you reach a fork, take the bottom path since one oxygen bottle isn't worth the hassel of getting there. Now take the top path once you reach the next fork then go through the door. Mini-boss time! Now it's 2 Poppy Bros. Use your Tornado to take one out. Then take out the other one. Go through the door to exit.


Swollow the Fire enemy and light the fuse. Now jump into the cannon. Once it launches you, take the 1-UP and through the door. Now go through the other door. Discard the Fire power and stay on the top heading right. Swollow the Parasol power once you see is and keep heading right using the Parasol to make the travelling easier. Once you reach the end, go down and you'll see a door in mid air. Go in and hit the switch. Now, go back through the door and head left. Go through the first door you'll see. Go right destroying the enemies you see. Grab the oxygen tank if you need to. Ride the Warp Star you'll find at the end. Start flying up and head to the door and exit this level.


Grab the sword power. Run to the right and slice the enemies you'll encounter. Go through the door you'll see. Now, run across the platforms killing the bird enemies you'll see. Go through the door at the end. Now, discard and power you have and take the Wheel. Use the Wheel power and hit the Bomb block. Keep going downwards try to not stuff up here but it's not neccessary for this to get 100% Keep going and once you reach the end, get the 1-UP before it gets blocked off. Enter the door, discard your Wheel and take the Beam. Mini-boss time! This time it's an Elephant. (O.o It was a Turtle in the NES version.) Use the Beam to destroy it. Like Buggzy, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT! If you see it rolling, get ready to jump. Once you destroy it, take the new power, Throw! Mwahahah! So fun this power. Now fly over the wall on the right and through the door. Use the Throw to bust your way through enemies and star blocks to get to the end. Go through that door to exit the level.


Grab the Hyper Candy and get to the right as fast as possible and keep running until you see some spikes. After you get past that, fall down the next chasm and destroy the Bomb block there. Grab the Max Tomato and fly up again to the right. Head right until you reach a door. Go in. Now head right and grab the Sword power. Go through the doors. Now you'll encounter another Metaknight Mini-Boss. Destroy the enemies and go through the door that appears. Swollow the enemy that gives you Burning. Now head right busting enemies. Go through the door you'll see. Go through the maze. Watch out for Gordos! You'll reach a door that will lead you outta there!


Break the bomb blocks and make your way down into the water. Swim around and make your way to the other side. Get the oxygen tank if you wish. Now, grab the Sword power and get to the door on the right. Mini-boss time! It's the clock again. Just hit it with the sword at the right time and keep your distance. Get the Mike power and through the door that appears. Use Mike staright away when you see three Bronto Burts charging at you. Once you jump over the first wall thingy, stand on the right side of it and press up. Hit the switch there and go back out. Use Mike again to kill the Bronto Burts. Make your way through the dark area. Once you reach the door, go through and you'll end up in the first area again. Break the bomb block and go through the door. Get the Stone power and break the first peg, then the bottom peg, then the middle peg. Take the 1-UP and go through the door. Discard the Stone power. Go up the ladder and take the Hi-Jump power. (Yellow guy that is flying) Take the oxygen bottle if you wish and exit the level.

BOSS: Kracko

There's two choices. If you have taken the Hi-Jump power, it's easy but Kracko will take longer to kill. If you get the Tornado power, it's hard at the start but it's easier to kill Kracko. You decide. At the start, it's like a little race. Start flying up, (Or use Hi-Jump hehe) if you have chosen Tornado, fly up and once Kracko is visable on the screen, use Tornado because you go higher if you hold B and you'll not get hit by Kracko. Anyway, Once you get to the top, Kracko will become his true form. Attack him all the time but watch out when he flies around the screen or goes across the screen firing a constant lightning bolt. Once you defeat this foe you'll get the fourth Star Rod piece! It's not time to party yet! Get the last 3 pieces!

  Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland


kirby dreamland

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